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12/28/18 NOTE: Dusted off this ole thing with all the Tumblr drama. Cleaned up some follows and permissions. Let me know if you would like access so you can hear me ramble on about my day job or other boring personal stuff.

Old AF Yuletide letters )
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I realized I never posted anywhere that wrote this for Yuletide:

Every Story Worth Telling is a Love Story
Fandom: Young Guns (AU: Westworld Fusion without being darkgrim)
Relationships: Dick Brewer/Josiah "Doc" Scurlock/Jose Chavez y Chavez
Summary: Dick Brewer has only ever been a fair-weather believer in the Almighty, but on occasion he's given reason to wonder if there truly is some grand plan behind everything. It’s a nice thought out here where life is, at times, more than a little rough.

...and also realized when I was going to try a 2018 retrospective that even though I'd been writing a good amount for the past few years, I haven't really been finishing anything that isn't for Yuletide. So, I am putting a reverse fic request or well, a reverse kinkmeme I guess? If you're inclined, look through the comments at all the shit that I Really Should Finish, and if anything on the list makes you go I WANT IT, please claim it or egg me on so I can write it FOR YOU. There is way more than I thought there was, and I've noted which are closest to "done" or ones that could go a few different directions.
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If anyone knows folx who are looking to get into the publishing industry, applications for a summer marketing internship in my department are open: http://app.jobvite.com/m?3T7MhkwS

Cover letter/resume required. Located in Berkeley, but several of our former interns have gone on to work in NY.

The job description for this isn't 100% accurate since HR wrote it, and our imprint is a little different in the way it operates vs a trade imprint, but if anyone knows folx who might be interested, please send them the link.
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HELLO! I expect to be hanging out around here again to some extent. How ya'll been? I've uh forgotten what post-length etiquette looks like, so here are some recs outside of a cut like a heathen:

Breakfast Club - Apocalypse Whoa - Brian/Bender - Post-apocalypse

Like the requester, while I have enjoyed all the Brian/Bender that has become a mainstay of Yuletide over the past years, seeing something different with this ship was just what I wanted. Still the perfect archetype match that makes it SO GOOD, but now with a side of “cozy apocalypse” as the tag says to keep it interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this, and really loved the author’s characterization for the two!

(Hoping though that someone also writes a BC/Stranger Things crossover based on this recipient’s other suggested plot bunny, because that would be equal parts awesome.)

Deadpool (movie) - Vanessa and Wade’s Annual Welcome Back to Life Ho-Down, ft. Cable - Wade/Vanessa/Nathan

This is equal parts hilarious and hot, and the author’s Wade is maybe TOO PERFECT. Usually first person is hard for me to read because of voice, but the author NAILED IT and there’s no way this could be done any other way and it’s so, damn good. It made me laugh more than once and Wade’s external internal monologue is A+.

Flatliners - La Festa del Tacchino - David/Nelson

This is the David/Nelson get-together I’ve always wanted to read. It’s like the perfect cozy holiday read with the bonus of being tagged “oh no, one bed, what do?” and it oh my god this fic DELIVERS. Sweet and romantic and just 1000% swoonworthy. Give me all the David breaking down Nelson’s self-imposed barriers forever.

RockNRolla - Versio Gallicana - Archy/Johnny (also mentions of Archy/Handsome Bob, Handsome Bob/One Two)

This is another one of those fandoms where getting the right voice and mood seems so difficult, but this author, you guys. Johnny Quid coming into his own but still the right amount of fucked up and ARCHY. Just. An. Amazing. Archy. I can’t even write a proper rec for this because it’s too good.

(Also, while you’re reading RockNRolla, here’s a bonus throwback Yuletide rec: Acts of Kindness by Trojie - Mumbles/Handsome Bob)

Tiger & Bunny - The More Things Change The More Things Stay The Same Kotetsu Kaburagi/Barnaby Brooks

I feel like sometimes it’s tough to get the right tone writing for a show like this which often has a lot of comedic moments, so reading this was an absolute DELIGHT. You get the moment of Kotetsu being a complete dumbass in the right ways that just make him adorable, alongside a solid look at what the end of the series means for his career as a Hero. Altogether, a super satisfying get together.

Oxenfree - DILEMMA Gen: Alex, Jonas

Having a chance to play this Yuletide Treat is what finally kickstarted me into writing up this rec set. Someone made a goddamn fangame for Yuletide and it is amazing. It’s an interactive text game (with very game appropriate sound!!!!) and it’s SO GOOD. I loved Oxenfree when I played it a couple years ago and this anon brought all those feelings rushing back. I could PICTURE the game as I went through the story and it’s just so clever and so good. It fits amazingly into the canon. I just love it.
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I am consistently astonished by how each year I manage to receive the most amazing fics in Yuletide. I've historically requested Spy Game more often than any other Redford film, but this year I opted to go for Butch & Sundance and oh god, I am so glad I did because this is SO GOOD. It's an amazing blend of fix-it and partners to lovers and everything I have ever wanted out of fic for these two. The bits of Etta/Sundance are perfect and it's one of those fics that I wanted to just quote back in its entirety when I was trying to leave a coherent comment. SO, SO GOOD.

And The History Books Forgot About Us
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Butch Cassidy/The Sundance Kid
Characters: Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid
Additional Tags: Post-Movie(s), Fix-It, Past Etta/Sundance, Domestic, Pining

Sundance thinks about shaving off his moustache – it gives him away, always has. But he looks at his drawn face in the dirty mirror, and can't quite manage it. Gotta be something there to recognise, something of the famous old days.

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Catching up on a billion things during my time off. Including lots and lots of TV. My brain is still like 90% Pacific Rim/Max Martini&Idris Elba, but Almost Human hits so many buttons for me. The carguments might even be better than early H50.

I have two more days off, and tomorrow I'm hoping to poke at my site a bit. Since AO3 is being slow it's giving me the kick in the butt to actually catch up with posting stuff on my personal archive. Also maybe I will do some much-needed sewing so I can put the machine away!

Almost Human - Dorian/John sketch )
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J and I drove up to Sonoma today. There was a plein air painting festival in the plaza. It was rainy, but not so bad that they had to close down, so we saw neat paintings and walked around looking at cute buildings and nifty shops.

I napped most of the afternoon away, which was pretty fabulous. Now I am making pot roast for the first time in ages. The apartment smells amazing.

I'm undecided how I feel about Sleepy Hollow. I loved Abbie and a few minor things, but in general I didn't feel engaged and the fish out of water thing was a little tiresome in places. I'll give it a few more episodes anyway. I also watched the pilot for Ironside which I didn't think I'd like based on the first few minutes, but as it got more into the characters I got drawn in. Not sure I'll keep with it yet, either. We shall see! I'm looking forward to Elementary coming back. And also catching up on White Collar.
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I went to spin class this morning since the gym wasn’t closing for the holiday and it was the best worst idea ever. My body feels great, but I had to nap around 11ish since I'd woken up so early (it was a 7am class and I didn't get to bed until quite late). The apartment right now is like PERFECT napping temperature and I keep having to resist cuddling up for a second nap. So comfy, but I'd like my sleep schedule not to be completely fucked.

Since CBS has been streaming all of S1 Elementary, I've been going through a rewatch. I'm on the last three eps. There's a part of me that really wants to read fic, but the vast majority of me is just so thoroughly satisfied that fic-reading is probably not going to happen.

I'm super pleased though about my progress on the Losers Big Bang. I didn't think I'd get nearly as far as I'm at right now (5 fully inked pages!) and it's making me excited at the thought of actually getting something to print again. I have some thoughts, and a whole lot of PTO saved up for around the holidays. I feel somewhat unprepared for the workweek, as I'm taking some time off the following, so there's a lot to do in four days. I'm hoping also that we'll be reviewing resumes somewhat earlier in the week and not later since I am dead curious what the trimmed down version of our applicant pool looks like.

In other news, more Pacific Rim arts, this time for Hot Dads Awareness Week.

Stacker/Herc fanart )
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So this conversation happened...

Wait. Are you seriously telling me that Trespasser went through the bridge, down south into San Francisco….and then up north to fucking Concord?

Also, the movie narration says that it got 35 miles inland. That barely even takes it to Vallejo, let alone Sacramento, let alone back down again to Oakland. Seriously guys, look at a fucking map before you let your Kaiju rampage nonsensically over the Bay Area.

Fucking tourists never know where they’re going. If I get stuck behind one more kaiju trying to drive a GoCar down Market…

If ever there was a reason to doodle, this was it. )

Also, guys now that I have gotten to the cleanup phase I am SO EXCITED about the Losers Big Bang. It's turning out so much better than I'd hoped (best scriptwriters ever!)

I really hope I get both comics to the same level of polish by reveal time. This is likely, I think. I may have to submit with a few really sketchy pages and then keep working, but I may otherwise print out my digital drafts and start doing cleaner lines at work during my lunch hour. We shall see.

But mostly gah, Aisha is the best. I love her so much.

In other news, I really, really need to get caught up on White Collar. I had to take a break mid-season because of all the Elizabeth vs Neal tension but now I feel like I can wade back in. The set pictures of the new season are making me get all flaily about the show. I miss it dearly.
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My thoughts on the teen wolf finale: what did I just watch; Scott you remain the best ever; Peter=lol forever; I should probably read fic.

I have to say I’m pretty glad I spoil myself for this show because I’m not sure I could manage the various levels of wtf if I didn’t. I still fail to care at all about Peter. My love for Scott just grows and grows though.

On the RL end of things, work is going well. I got thrust in rather abruptly to handle one of the pieces of my new position that I had zero experience in, but despite needing to figure out and wrangle some answers for in-house processes, it was easier and more intuitive than I expected. It's exciting to learn new stuff. I was also on a call with our outside SEO dude and confirmed that everything I'd put in place since the relaunch was spot on, which means he can advise on outside strategy and do the legwork for all that and that leaves me free to continue with migration efforts.

Reminder that my department is hiring. We'll be accepting resumes through the end of this week, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply!
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  • Eat French Toast for breakfast

  • Unfuck some key areas of the apartment

  • Attend a corgi’s birthday party

  • Go to the comic book store

  • Rework some page layout on this Losers big bang

  • Finish tailoring a couple shirts

That last one probably isn’t going to happen, but I have high hopes for the other four.
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So over this weekend I participated in a Jaegercon meetup in SF which drew almost 50 people. I met some pretty amazing folks there, and it was such a great spread of fannish energy and interests. It was fantastic, though I bowed out fairly early since I'd been up early. I was pretty proud that I managed some halfway decent closet cosplay with zero preparation time. On Sunday I met up with [personal profile] mrkinch and we took the train for a visit with a much smaller and intimate group which was amazingly lovely and A++ company.

Today my former boss offered me a senior position at the company he now works for. It's really tempting and also not. I loved working for him and with a supportive owner we make an unstoppable team. The starting pay is very generous, and I've been thinking about it all day, but I'm probably going to decline. I would be a lot more tempted if I didn't get along so well with my (soon to be growing!) team and if I hadn't just accepted a promotion on Friday. I like both industries quite a lot, but the main things are that I don't think I'm ready again to shoulder the sort of demands that a top position at a smaller company requires, and the changes I /can/ and have influenced in the way my company approaches their web properties is pretty huge and can potentially shift the way our greater publisher network does things in a very positive way.
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I’d forgotten that I opened a google hangout with myself to webcam my hand for reference and then scared myself when I leaned back in my chair and was suddenly in frame again. I should probably head to bed and see if I can wind down to sleep sometime soon.

But four pages done on Team American Classic's Losers Big Bang Comic and only eight more to go. The sketches are a whole lot cleaner than I’d expected with how rough my thumbnails were. Having a team relying on me to get this shit done is pretty damn motivational, I have to say. It's also doing what I'd hoped in terms of being a good learning experience. While I have one printed fancomic to my name, all the others I've attempted I've failed at completing. Some of those have been because of having difficulty translating a very motion oriented script to static panels, but also some of it is simply not being very good at the thumbnailing stage. Doing several rounds of thumbnails for this has been difficult, but now that I'm at rough sketches it's helped so, so much.
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I finally own a blender again. Berkeley is continuing to be chilly though so instead of smoothies I am making biscuits. I will probably break the blender in tomorrow after yoga.

This week kinda flew by. Thursday night we made sushi with friends, and last night, J and I went and saw The Wolverine. I really enjoyed it, a lot more than I expected since the trailers weren't really doing much for me. Ending credit scene though made me flail like crazy.

Drawing is on the agenda for today and tomorrow. I need to get from thumbnails to raw lines by next weekend on this comic, or else!
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I made enchiladas yesterday with sauce out of a can and it turned out pretty tasty, but they were even better today. The rice I'd made seemed super spicy when it was fresh but seems to have mellowed out overnight, too. I love cooking dishes that actually make decent leftovers, and I think I'll add these into my rotation of typical dinner foods a little more frequently. I haven't made them in several years, and not since I was cooking for more people than just two, so it was a nice change. Also next time I think I'll freeze some so I have a lazy microwaveable meal when I just don't even want to look at the stove.

After coming home from the gym I shaved my head again. I'd pretty much let my mohawk grow out on the top and then just kept trimming the sides and then eventually the back. My work bestie just got a new cut that's not quite an undercut but goes from pixie short on one side to chin-length bob on the other, and since my hair is so thick and grows so quickly, from some angles it was looking similar. I figured I'd just buzz it all down so that her new style stands out more, and this way by the time October comes around I'll have a decent length to spike up if I feel like cosplaying some Teen Wolf.

In big bang news, apparently I can't draw a kitten that doesn't look like a doll. Getting there, but getting there sloooowly. I've been doing all my sketches traditionally, and set up at the kitchen table, which makes me feel like I'm doing homework since that was my default spot when working on painting assignments. The only difference is that now I'm listening to Welcome to Night Vale instead of watching Top Gear. I'm pretty hooked on Night Vale. At first I felt like it was a little too absurdist, but I've really gotten into the rhythm of it now. It's making me want to try my hand at podficcing again, but I need to find a new piece I think I could reasonable tackle in after the last author I wanted to podfic never answered me about permission. The obvious solution is podficcing my own work, but that seems less exciting!
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Saturday: Saw Pacific Rim. Promptly died of excitement. Wanted ALL the pilot AUs. Walked downtown and spent the evening with friends, drinking sake and tasting a ton of different dishes at Ippuku. Had an excellent time, and was very glad I didn't look at their hilarious awful website before going.

Sunday: Still thinking about Pacific Rim and still wanting all the AUs. I also read a bit, made it to the gym, and worked on my part of the Losers big bang team effort. I've gotten from teeny thumbnails to larger panel roughs though and now it's time to assemble reference for the specific details. I'm trying very hard not to care what it looks like at this point and to not be hyper-critical of every panel. I am...almost succeeding. It would be easier probably if every single thumbnail of Jensen didn't look remarkably like Vash. Buh.
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Recently I've gotten used to actually unhooking my gaming laptop from its ridiculous nest of cables on my desk so this weekend I finally dusted off my sewing machine and got working on my dwarf costume. So far, so good, though I still hate sleeves. Why so hard, sleeves? I expected to feel pretty rusty seeing as I haven't sewn a costume in a few years, but it's been pretty straightforward so far.

Other things:

J is using dialogue from Leverage for his animation project this semester. I love it. It's a clip of Parker from the jury episode, and it makes me laugh every single time no matter how often he has to replay the scene. Last semester he noticed that the only students including women in their assignments were the (very few) women, so he's making an effort to buck the trend. Best husband.

After some epic reading on lazy weekend afternoons, I finally made it through my current reading list. I just finished Richard Kadrey's Aloha From Hell. I like the first book in the series the best (Sandman Slim) since the protagonist's goal was really defined, while the other two feel more like he's being dragged along by circumstance. Fun reads though, and I love the way the world works.

I'm now slowly making my way through my company's titles. I started reading Bi today since I was actually scanning through pulling out snippets for marketing. In a lot of ways it reads very much like someone's thesis, but I'm finding it a lot more engaging than the last academics-slanted title I'd snagged from the shelves. So far, the author does a really good job of breaking down the bigger concepts and making them accessible.


My excitement for Pacific Rim is epic. I want it now.
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Any Bay Area folks interested or know someone interested in a summer publishing internship (web/marketing with some editorial)? It’s unpaid sadly, but super flex hours (16-24) and we also have a strong record of hiring from the intern pool. Hit me up for more info if you know anyone. :)

Read: I really want a fannish hivemind here. Just sayin'.
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I've had a crazy couple of months. I still have every intention of posting about our road trip, but between that and last weekend in the Tahoe forest, most every ounce of my free time has been recovering from all the travel and also all the mental energy I've been using up at work.

I went to lunch with [personal profile] mrkinch on Friday, which was super lovely, and the perfect thing to force me out of the office and start my weekend. I'm on half-day Fridays now for the summer, but my department just relaunched our imprint's website. It was a pretty huge undertaking, and we essentially managed a complete overhaul and significant migration of content in a little over three weeks. I didn't sleep much this last week and ended up working a lot of overtime, but shockingly it wasn't really a stressful project. There's a lot more to do as far as migration and optimization in the weeks and months to come, but overall, it was a damn successful launch.

House-hunting for J and I is on a bit of a pause. My mom has finally gotten into a headspace to move and spoke with a realtor for a spot appraisal, so finding a property with an in-law or two homes on a single lot is back on the table. I went down to her place yesterday to help clean out the house and it went a hundred times better than I expected. We got one and a half rooms completely cleared, and now there's really only one more room and the garage that needs a ton of work to sort through. Because of the remodeling that she did a couple years ago, the main living and family rooms are essentially just bookshelves full of books and papers which will be easy to box up and/or shred. I'll probably end up going down every other weekend to continue helping clean and box things up, but aside from the loft in the garage which is going to need J's help, I think she and I can do the house ourselves, and then look at hiring someone to haul away everything that's in the barn and shed.

The week to come feels pretty excellent with no more mental space being taken up by managing such a large work project. With help from J, I also got around to modding my new bike helmet today, so that's one more thing off my plate!

I want a new bike now to match. In Iron Man colors. )
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My day job needs a quick turnaround (preferably end of this week) on a 1.5-2min project. Footage is pretty clean. It doesn't need a lot of cuts to edit together the scenes mostly just trimming the ends of the separate clips, but will require some minor sound/lighting adjustments, and a simple intro/outro with logos and credits. My team has a budget of around $300 negotiable.

If you're interested and have an example of your editing work (like a fanvid!) please message me or email me at kimi@foundcake.com. I need someone lined up by end of day Tuesday.

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