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Mar. 22nd, 2017 10:26 am
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(because I still loose them rapidly if I can't get them down, the brain is unreliable, so I'm going to take notes while I can, before they slip away again)

1) Pandaren male (Ren) seen at a three quarters angle, from slightly above or below. Indoors, Stormwind architecture, a smallish room with a cluttered table top, papers and ink everywhere. Ren is in casual robes, loosely belted, one cub tucked in a sling against his chest, the other two at his hips. He is caught in shadow, backlit against the leaded glass window behind him, his face turned down, shoulders slumped, one hand cradling the cub against his chest, the other holding a crumpled and tattered piece of paper.

2) Ren, in traveling clothes/armor. Portrait seen from below, head turned up, against the backdrop of the snow covered Kun-Lai peaks. ALTERNATE - landscape, the monk temple at Serenity, Ren is a small-ish figure with a staff climbing the stairs to the main hall.

3) Two Pandaren (Ren and Hardwire) seated across from each other at a table, bowls and mugs spread out between them. Ren is highlighted by the light from a fireplace behind him, the room otherwise dark-ish. On the table, both have reached partway across, Hardwire's hand on Ren's wrist.

4) A scrying link (as seen in the MoP intro cut scene, Taylor's message to Varian) on a wooden table. Anduin's image is projected in it; from mid-chest up, in a half laced shirt, his hair loose, like he's been dragged out of bed. His expression is serious, unhappy, his eyes focused on something out of the panel; on the table Ren's hand can just be seen beside the link apparatus, fingers curled to dig the tips of his claws into the wood.

(These would be chapter heading images for the fic that's almost done, just quick sketches/speed paints. I don't know if I'll actually manage to do them.)


Mar. 22nd, 2017 06:33 pm
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1. Today I did everything on my to-do list. (I didn't complete everything, but I made significant progress on all the things.) This feels like progress.

I should put "close some tabs" on tomorrow's to-do list.

2. I've reached the stage of fannish language learning where I'm memorising the sappy lyrics of Kdrama theme songs (specifically "Because It's You" from Big, and "White Love Story" from Coffee Prince). I don't understand all the grammar, but I understand some, and it's expanding my vocab with such useful expressions as "I can bear it a few times" and "laugh and cry for no reason" and "sigh" and "greedy" and "flustered". \o?

The boring life I wanted

Mar. 21st, 2017 07:28 pm
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Follow-up just for the friends commenting on my complaint re: bodies; I did make it... )

2152 / Supergirl, 2.16

Mar. 21st, 2017 04:27 pm
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I had to take a sick day. :( Oof, my respiratory system.

Supergirl, 2.16, Star-Crossed )

game recs?

Mar. 21st, 2017 09:29 am
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I know a lot of us play clicky games for assorted reasons. I'm wondering if anyone has (preferably iOS compatible) recs? I'm looking for puzzles, I love matching ones, but here's the thing - I hate it when the levels get increasingly harder BUT they give you limited lives (in order to monetize it so you have to either wait, or buy more lives). Gate your gameplay, in other words. I want something like the old Bejeweled 2 zen mode, where the game wouldn't limit how long you can play.

Other options are CCGs, but I'd want to play offline against an AI, not PvP. Or things that just involve clicking for some reason and an easy reward, really - Tap Tap Fish is a favorite for me right now as a bedtime quick brain soother.

grump and not grump

Mar. 21st, 2017 08:40 am
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I have had a knot in my back, over my right shoulder blade, since sunday. It's annoying as fuck, it hurts like hell, it siezes up at inopportune moments and spasms, and occasionally it makes my entire right arm go numb in flashes (yeah, it's right on a nerve). I'm dosing with muscle relaxers and spending most of my waking time trying to find a position to sit in that doesn't hurt. This morning it shifted enough that it was right under my bra strap and ahhahahahahahaha fuck no I wasn't going to sit in agony for 10 hours of work/commute. fuck that noise. So today is a bra free day, three cheers for being small chested and it being winter so I can just layer on the layers and no one should notice.

My iMac went into the shop yesterday. Failed the video card check with flying colors (yay! that's what we all thought was wrong with it, glad that's it) the repair bill is perfectly doable, and instead of the 2 days they quoted they had it done in under 12 hours. Now I just have to go pick it up and I can be back on my normal computer with my normal keyboard and normal software. Wheeee! Though I've gotten quite fond of Paintstorm Studio and I think I'll just copy my brush set and UI settings over and continue using it, instead of Photoshop.

I've managed an average of 720 words a day this month, despite taking saturdays or the whole weekend off. The fic that doesn't have a name yet is ALMOST DONE. So almost I can taste it, and then I can start POSTING it finally, probably a chapter a day while I do final edits and clean up my inconsistent spellcheck. (For some reason, gdocs on the iPad and gdocs in the browser do not have the same spellcheck. Like, they catch different words. It's weird.) I will be happy to have this one done, and then torn about continuing Not a Romance, doing the shorter one that comes right before the unnamed one, or the longer one that comes right after the unnamed one.... hmmm. Have to see what I have words for. You know, it's kind of liberating, writing just for ME, really, and my dragon, because it's our headcanon, and god knows the greater WoW fandom doesn't give a damn.

I haven't done my sketch-a-day project this month, but I'm okay with that. I have, instead, turned back to digital art, spending most of the month practicing inking and now painting one picture. Slow as hell, but that's okay too. Got to get the hand muscles back into shape.

Had a somewhat amusing phone conversation with my Dad, the ER doctor, about the new prescription. Read more... )

*snerk* He was all geared up to give me the "you don't need a chemical dependency, you're fine the way you are" speech (Dad, despite his recent heart problems, has been Ridiculously Healthy for every other aspect of his life, has never needed to take daily pills, has never been chronically sick, and is a Medical Professional who I'm convinced has chains of alerts go off in his head for every pharmaceutical with side effects/interactions/etc) and in one sentence I managed to sum up why I needed it and he got it, presumably because he's seen those symptoms before but hasn't spent any extended time around me since I was a kid where he would have seen them in ME. I'm just vaguely amused by the whole interaction.

The Adderall continues to do well. The 15mg is keeping me up later then I probably should be up, sleep wise, but I expect as I get used to it that it'll drop back, and it does vastly increase my ability to be an adult when other circumstances are rapidly removing my ability to be the same. Focus is still a bit dicey sometimes - omg LOL, someone on tumblr described it perfectly, it's in a game when your attacks and abilities are all on cool down and you're button mashing and nothing is happening and your character keeps telling you "I can't do that. That spell is recharging. I can't do that right now." and THIS IS MY BRAIN when I literally can't make myself do or look at something, yes. But while it still happens it's not "this is the majority of every day" now. Ditto for the fog (which feels a lot like the interminable wait for a loading screen when gaming in windows 10, actually. =P)

Better is good. Better means more spoons for dealing with it when it's not working. And hey - 700+ words a day, and I'm drawing. I can't complain.

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Mar. 20th, 2017 09:49 pm
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I got back into neopets this week. I haven't played neopets in over 10 years and I couldn't remember my original username and password, so I made a new account. It's still as one player as it was before with not much interaction with other people, which sucks, but this time around, I have way more neopoints than I had on my original account. Like, I found 23k neopoints on a random event and I just won a 5k jackpot on dice-a-roo.

I definitely need more neopoints in order to hoard the way I want to, like I did in Glitch. I miss Glitch and having my home to hoard in and wandering around the Glitch world gathering materials to sell or keep. In neopets, pretty much the only way to make money is through games and I suck at the games.

In real life though, I'm trying to clear out stuff and organize what I have. It's weird to say, but I need more stuff to put stuff in. How can I clear out my cardboard boxes without drawers or shelving to put those stuff on/in? The few plastic drawers I do have, I'm trying to figure out how to organize them that isn't clothes and food like what I usually see on pinterest pins. I don't want to just fill a drawer with random stuff because how else would I find what I want? Decisions, decisions.
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I saw a book title this morning that I misread as “Sampire” (I think it was a really fancy “Empire”) and I thought, haha, yes I rise before dawn to prey on those still awake from the night before. I am the dark hipster, the sampire.

And then I thought, what would you call a hipster vampire, and it came to me, hot sauce dripping off its fangs: 


from Tumblr

2151 / Elementary, 5.17

Mar. 20th, 2017 10:18 am
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Well, I made it home finally, just in time for the combination of Newark airport's frigid temperatures and small children sneezing in my face on airplanes to give me my second upper respiratory infection/cold inside of a month. I've spent the whole weekend sick in bed and still feel really miserable. My goals for today are to stay upright long enough to get enough groceries to see me through tomorrow, change my bedding, and shower. Then I'm going to give myself permission to be blessedly horizontal while I grade and lesson plan for tomorrow. You know, the things I'd have been able to do last week if I hadn't ended up on a grand tour of United Airlines airport terminals.

What a miserable Spring Break/St Patrick's Day—something not helped by the fact that so many people I know have been reblogging/posting to Facebook about how great Enda Kenny ("the Irish Prime Minister") is for dragging Trump in that speech he gave. He's a bland maintainer of the centre-right status quo whose political career is down to nepotism and connections. (His father before him was a TD; Kenny's essentially a Bush scion without the military might.) Kenny doesn't give flying crap about refugees or really going toe to toe with Trump on his racist BS, and has indeed been known to say some foul things himself. (Don't even get me started on that tool Aodhán Ó Ríordáin doing the rounds of the US media and presenting himself as a great anti-fascist hope. My eyes about rolled out of my head when I saw that.)

Elementary, 5.17, The Ballad of Lady Frances )

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Mar. 20th, 2017 08:42 am
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Good morning everyone, and welcome to Radio Free Monday!

I had an unusually quiet RFM this week, which sometimes happens, but just in case -- if you submitted an item and don't see it below, please get in touch! I can do a second RFM post if it turns out that like, something ate all of this week's responses or something.

Ways to Give:

Ursula is an aide to a research chemistry professor with physical disabilities who uses a wheelchair. Her professor has been invited to present at a prestigious conference in April, but the University isn't willing to pay for disability accommodations (such as her aide traveling with her). They have a gofundme up to raise funds so that they can both attend; you can read more and support the fundraiser here.

[ profile] rilee16 is still struggling to cover medical expenses after two head injuries last year, and hasn't been cleared to return to work, thus can't earn money to cover basic living costs, let alone the bills they've received, including a recent rent increase. They literally have no money left until their next worker's comp check comes, which means no gas money for their car, so they can't get anywhere to do odd jobs for bill money. You can read more and help out here.

Help For Free:

[ profile] kitrona is in her last semester of college before graduation, and for her capstone is researching the hypothesis that social support can ease mental health issues that trans* and nonbinary people face. She has a survey up and would appreciate trans* and nonbinary people participating; the survey doesn't collect any identifying information and she is happy to share the resulting paper with people if they're interested. She's planning to specialize in trans* issues, so this is not simply a class project but a foundation for future work in the field. You can take the survey here and please feel free to pass it on to people who could help contribute!


[ profile] tzikeh is looking for a new roommate to share a 2br/2ba condo in Chicago's Uptown neighborhood, available May 1. You can read more and reblog here or check out the Craigslist post here.

And this has been Radio Free Monday! Thank you for your time. You can post items for my attention at the Radio Free Monday submissions form. If you're not sure how to proceed, here is a little more about what I do and how you can help (or ask for help!). If you're new to fundraising, you may want to check out my guide to fundraising here.

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