3x07: The Abducted

Oct. 24th, 2014 11:05 am
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There are aspects of this episode that bothered me. The idea of a doctor turned minister who abducts little children and steals their youth for the "greater good"? Really, Fringe? But overall I liked it just because I like watching Olivia do her thing. We don't get to see Altlivia be a Fringe agent because she's too busy pretending to be Olivia in order to carry out her nefarious schemes. But other than trying to survive and get home, Olivia doesn't have a secret agenda so she carries on and works the cases. In the process of catching the bad guys and saving lives, including the life of Colonel Broyles's son, Christopher, Olivia earns the respect and trust of Broyles, who will soon prove an invaluable ally.

 photo 3x07TheAbductededit_zps9019224e.jpg

Writer: Graham Roland and David Wilcox
Director: Chuck Russell
Originally aired: 18 November 2010

When the Candy Man, a serial child kidnapper, resurfaces and takes another victim, Colonel Broyles assigns Olivia, Charlie and Lincoln to the investigation. Convinced she is no longer safe, Olivia contacts Henry and devises a plan to return to her universe.

Most Memorable Quote:
COLONEL BROYLES: Dunham...the FBI ceased to exist over a decade ago...at least on this side it did. You know who you are, don't you?
OLIVIA: What happens now?
COLONEL BROYLES: (pauses) Now...I'm going home.

Polite Dissent
The A.V. Club
Entertainment Weekly
Sarah Stegall

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Oct. 24th, 2014 02:38 pm
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So, I finally found out what the hell's been wrong with my knee. Apparently, when it first stared hurting (at the back of the knee)back in late September, that was because I'd strained my ACL. Then, when the pain shifted after about a week to the top and outside of my knee, it was because the weak ACL combined with the way I was sitting with my knees bent and feet tucked under me at work (because my desk is badly designed and has no space under it for my legs) pushed my kneecap out of alignment.

Apparently it's a common runner's injury and they can fix it with therapy/exercises. Joy. (But I do get bright blue tape around my knee to prove to my employers that I totally had a reason for that doctor's appointment - not that it's stopped anybody from sending me out to run errands/sending me running up and down the stairs at work repeatedly, but the sprained ankle I had a couple years ago didn't either)


Oct. 24th, 2014 02:44 pm
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Working working working. Decanting decanting decanting. The cooking tv shows I'm watching in the background are making me hungry.

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Three new stories

Oct. 24th, 2014 12:05 pm
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Here are links to three stories, each one related to an episode: Listen, The Caretaker, and Flatline.

Four ways it didn't happen and one way it did
2096 words
Twelfth Doctor/ Clara Oswin Oswald
set immediately after S4 x 06, "Listen"

"Don't think anything rude," he said, as he guided her hands into the TARDIS.

"Why not?"

"It might end up on all the screens."

Who knows you by heart
3775 words
Twelfth Doctor/ River Song
set immediately after S8 x 06, "The Caretaker"

Standing in the open door, wearing a deep gold dressing gown and holding a mug in her hand, was a sleepy-looking and tousled River Song. "Hello, sweetie," she said.

Come Along
1382 words
Clara Oswin Oswald / Danny Pink
set immediately after S8 x 09, "Flatline"

"You could try it too," Clara said, impulsively.

Danny looked startled. "What?"

Okay, she probably should have run this by the Doctor before offering it, but there was nothing she could do about that now.

All feedback welcome!
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...right now, I do not have anything left in the gas tank for getting that frustration out (I have to get through another 60-70 hour work week and then my nephews are down for the weekend). Just... yeah. So many feels.

I also have several pictures and links of amusing things that I've not gotten to posting, and I've written fic I haven't said anything about over here.

Just too much on my plate right now. Less stressful than last week, but not by much, and next week is right back on that stress treadmill, the week after should be an absolute nightmare. Found out yesterday that not only am I not rolling off this gig in mid-November, I might actually be there through the end of the year. At this point, I'm thinking Cornell won't even want me when I become available, and I'll miss out completely on being there, which would absolutely suck. Fuck this place, I'm so done with it.

So any way, that's the state of me. Good thing: I am writing in the mornings because the stress isn't allowing me to get full nights of sleep. That's one way to get the words out, I guess.

Review: Doctor Who, Flatline

Oct. 24th, 2014 03:23 am
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Flatline falls short

Image: The Doctor looks out through a tiny Tardis door. Screenshot from 'Flatline'.

I did it again. Made the mistake of watching a recent episode of Doctor Who a second time.

I really enjoyed "Flatline" the first time around. I barked delighted laughter and might even have gasped in surprise a time or two. I found Rigsy charming and Clara on her own a small revelation.

But when I queued up the story for a second go-through, things were not so good. Not terrible, but too obvious by half and derivative without improving on the inspiration.

My full review, as always, includes spoilers along with my keen analysis (or so I like to believe) and charming nervous exhaustion. This time, there's also a poll! Click here for the full story.

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Hi folks.

So we mods just got a friendly note in our inboxes asking whether the exchange was going to happen again this year.


There's some admin work that needs to be done, but we'll be running on roughly the same timeline as last year, with due dates the end of January and posting early February (-ish... until we can look at the calendar, those are not set in stone).

However - The Losers is an eligible fandom for both Yuletide and Festivids, so consider signing up for those exchanges as well - both of which (I think?) have Christmas-time deadlines, unlike us. The more Losers fanworks, the better, is what we think. :D

Questions? Comments? Comment here or Contact A Mod.
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Or these?

What would you do if I said these are now all the same thing?

Here's the thing - I've been slogging for YEARS with Ghosts. I love the world, I love the characters. The story... is wrong. It's unremitting angst and pain and hurt, the middle is nothing but vague and dragging and boring, the end is nonexistent. I realize that there's a place for stories that are unrelenting grim dark, but a) I don't like them and don't feel qualified to write them, and b) the lack of middle and end are detrimental to going anywhere with it.

Recently the muses have coughed up an alternative - go with the flow. Take the one half step to the left. Tell the story where there's support, where there's a more robust cast, where the main theme is still 'family' but it's broadened to encompass more than just the singular brother set against the world. Where it's set solely in the Reich, where the war marches on, where these things are important and not just offhand notes at the beginning.

It's given me a beginning and a middle and the promise of an end. It's a road of recovery, with ups and downs and backslides, the way you do. It's finding things out slow, instead of having it all shoved at you at once. It takes time off to enjoy the slice of life, and then romps back into action again. It feels, to me, like a much more solid story.

It's still gelling in my head, but I'm starting to write out scripts right now, with page thumbnails and ideas. I think I might be ready to start telling it again.

I'm also playing with the idea of a patreon account - yes, I'm employed and have a good job. I also have a crippling amount of student debt that's come due, and until I can shove my finances into better order next year after taxes I'm currently on the "can I eat for $20 a week?" budget (yes, I can, but it's getting repetitive). A patreon tip jar would both encourage me to keep on schedule with a comic and seriously, every little bit helps right now. I'd do it on a per page basis - ie, if I don't do anything, nobody has to pay anything. Thoughts?

la la la...

Oct. 23rd, 2014 05:01 pm
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Having visitors this weekend, but taking a break from cleaning to say:

- Flat 3 is a New Zealand webseries about three women flatting together in Auckland. Funny, well-scripted and -characterised. Episodes are mostly ~7 min long.

- The Boxtrolls was beeeyewtiful.

- Kim Sam Soooooooooon!

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Oct. 22nd, 2014 04:04 pm
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I have been a busy bee and will continue to be so for the rest of this semester. Spring semester classes are now available for viewing so I planned out my schedule. Yay, four science classes! Heh. I have been so drained of creative juices that while I think about fic ideas or where I want to go with my current works in progress, I have no energy to write or even the inclination to do so.

I did early voting today and I got a tune-up and change of parts on my moped. And studying, always studying.

There are a lot of moving parts to Prime Time Desserts and I want to finish not only the four months preceding the 2015 round but also the off months in 2015-2016. It's fun to procrastinate on when I need a break from studying.

I've also been watching new shows on Hulu. I'm adding both Gotham (mostly for the women) and the Flash to my rotation, along with Selfie for John Cho. Of course, this means between the shows I already watch and the new ones I've added from this fall, I am falling behind on show watching. At least there are moments on the weekends I can binge watch episodes.

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