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No keen squid cravings today, who knew. But I could murder a salmon filet. If I had one and a pan and a knife om om om.

But I don't.

Recipe Friday
Something I cooked recently:
Pistachio and Raspberry Brownies

This recipe, guys, seriously - I have to stop falling for untested, ingredient-substituting recipes, because I am a sucker. There's cocoa powder in the list of ingredients and not in the procedure. The bake time is wrong, wrong, wrong - I don't think they tested it with eggs instead of chia seeds. It needs to cook longer and slower than they say. And with some foil over the top to stop the nuts from burning. I read the comments before I baked, saw that people had them come out runny, and dumped in a bunch more almond meal and the mysterious cocoa (which from the photo looks like they made some kind of glaze out of? IDK) until I got a suitable looking texture, then baked.

Having said that, they taste great and seem to be keeping great. And I'll make them again. Because sucker.

Something I'm idly planning to cook in the future:
The River Cottage’s Vegetable Bouillon (a.k.a. Souper Mix)

In my eternal search for stock I don't really want to make and skim and ugh, this seems like a flavour base type thing that I could try. With no garlic or onion. (Leeks are so great! I eat all the leeks!)

Something I have concrete plans to cook soon:
Random balls of varying degree of FODMAP suitability and dubious health eating advice:
Pumpkin No Bake Energy Bites
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Energy Bites
Choc Crackle Peanut Protein Balls


Who am I kidding? I'm gonna buy a big bag of potatoes, make a ton of gnocchi and this:
Focaccia Bari-style.

That is why I bought one of your fancy American ricers after all. Heh heh heh heh. Not sure why the sinister laugh but it feels right. Probably because I read this: These 25 tweets from someone who is “definitely not a wolf pretending to be a man” are comedy genius


Yes. Those damn sugars.
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I’m not talking about bad service or food poisoning or poor ambience, I’m not talking the worst KIND of food, I’m talking straight up the worst-tasting single meal you’ve ever put in your mouth and then kept eating.

I’ll start: New Orleans airport, 2015, a Subway meatball sandwich. I can’t even describe to you how terrible it was, there was no single identifiable part that was awful, it was simply a sack of dreadful from the gummy bread to the cold meatballs. Especially since the previous evening I’d eaten amazing boudin at one of the nicest restaurants in the French Quarter. But I was so hungry and my flight was delayed but “boarding any minute” so I couldn’t leave my gate.


from Tumblr

new year's

Dec. 8th, 2016 02:40 am
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I keep forgetting to mention -- we will not be holding New Year's Eve at chez Faultless Pajama this year, because we will be out of the country! (It's a birthday year that ends in 0 for me, so we're taking a big trip: 3 days in Hong Kong, 14 days cruising through southeast Asia, 2 days in Singapore.) The best prices were over Christmas/New Year's and not over my birthday week, weirdly enough, so we're leaving next week. (OMG I am so excite.)

We plan on bidding 2016 good riddance somewhere far away from here, but will be back hosting again next year. :)


Dec. 8th, 2016 03:56 pm
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Insta Rec
I wrote a Supergirl fic of necessary hugs: Lights Will Guide You Home (Kara Danvers/Daisy Johnson, General) and guess what, [personal profile] monanotlisa wrote a beautiful and adorable coda for it: Hide Away in Daylight (Kara Danvers/Daisy Johnson, General) Everything is squishy hugs and nothing hurts.

The State of Me
Oh, man, I don't know if it's the prednisolone taper, but I'm so woozy and full of fogs. It might be that my GI tract got so inflamed that I couldn't absord oral meds, so now I'm basically re-establishing my Pristiq and other meds all at once? I'm foggy and I have a concentration window of about two minutes, and my balance is kind of fucked. Not very me at all. To be fair, my suffering is not great. But I feel like a balloon animal. Maybe a dachshund. Maybe a giraffe?

Oh, but [personal profile] lilacsigil has just come back from the street to tell me that the cafe that makes the great salt and pepper squid has it on their specials board today, so I am getting squiddy with my lunch. I have such fish cravings since I've been sick. Fish and nuts. All the oils. Get in my body, oils. And squids.

NaNo Round-up
I'm picking through the scattered debris of my NaNo adventure to see what actually happened in that weird month.

- Finished the POI Five Things fic, though one of the parts is decidedly odd with only some good bits. The good bits might sprout something better, though, so I shall see. Total word count: 31,767.
- Finished the POI Sentinel/Guide fic, though I think it needs some fleshing out in parts. I quite like this one, actually? It's iddy as all get out and has lots of hugging and touching and bonding. I think, once I've got my Yuletide sorted, I'll work on this one. Total word count: 16,229
- Wrote one chapter of the Bucky fic. It was a weird but necessary chapter. 7266 words, taking that fic to a total of 62,044, holy shit.
- The Supergirl fic of necessary hugs, which I've already posted. (2032 words)
- The POI fixit fic is where it got weird and throw-words-at-the-wall-ish. I'm a little scared to look. I had a fever. 13,828 words, some of which may not be consecutive or legible.
- Last minute desperation words, Harold Finch competence porn. 2602 words. I want to finish this, because it's fun, and because I like exploring Harold's hidden skillsets.

Activist Links
From [personal profile] china_shop:
Here’s What I’m Telling My Brown Son About Trump’s America
A sad but also hopeful essay, and this got me:
But listen, love, because I need to remind you of something and I need you to remember it extra well over the next four years: This is our street. It is our street. So when you feel that rumbling pushing up through your palms, I want you to press them flat against it, and do not be afraid to hear everything.

From [community profile] thisfinecrew:
Boycott These Companies: boycotting companies that support Trump

From [personal profile] newredshoes:
Speak Up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment

Self-care and soothing
- This twitter thread about a comicbook store helper and a tiny new Supergirl baby gay made me cry with happiness and wish there'd been this kind of visibility for me in the eighties. It's so important. (Please don't kill Maggie, please don't kill Alex, please.)

- From Buzzfeed, Ocean's Eight is looking like the best movie thing that's ever happened omg: Based On Set Photos It Looks Like “Ocean’s Eight” Will Be The Greatest Movie In The History Of Movies

- Journaling Practice - Peony and Parakeet is a art-journalling blog I'm fond of, and she posted about being an introvert and an artist, which is something that I clicked with. Her blog is a good, thoughtful, mindful kind of place for art stuff.

- From [personal profile] umadoshi, (Almost) Every SFF Adaptation Coming to Television and Movie Theaters!
This is a weird and amazing list of things. And oh, wow that Camelot procedural series. It will surely be terrible and I will watch the crap out of it.

- Chocolate Box is running again this year! Schedule at [community profile] chocolateboxcomm.

- [community profile] fandom_stocking too, has sign-ups going: Sign-up Post

Squid ETA: It was delicious but a Pharmacy Board inspector showed up, which seems like an odd coincidence. Will investigate further tomorrow.
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I can only echo Victoria P. and bemoan the fact that AO3 was down for quite a while, so it's even harder than usual to gauge whether anyone liked what I penned down as a follow-up fic:

Hide Away in Daylight (3245 words) by monanotlisa
Fandom: Supergirl (TV 2015), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), DC Cinematic Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Rating: General Audiences
Relationships: Kara Danvers/Skye | Daisy Johnson
Characters: Kara Danvers, Skye | Daisy Johnson, M'gann M'orzz, Alien Entity, Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer
Additional Tags: Minor Alex Danvers/Maggie Sawyer, Fluff, Domestic Fluff, Aliens, Canon Related, Episode Related, Hurt/Comfort, Comfort, Crossover, Crossovers & Fandom Fusions, Cuddling & Snuggling, Domestic, Warm and Fuzzy Feelings, Feelings, Female Relationships, Female Characters, Canon Character of Color, Fix-It of Sorts, Food, Humor, Kissing, Protectiveness, Romance

Hat-tip to [personal profile] st_aurafina, who introduced me to the beauty of a fluffy take on Kara/Daisy -- you should read both chapters of her tale first and then segue into mine. My story is not as good as hers, but it gets the job done. :)

I wouldn't call it a reboot....

Dec. 6th, 2016 11:59 am
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So. The Mummy. aka, the new Tom Cruise action flick. Which they keep calling a reboot of the one with Brendan Fraser in it. Um. No? No, it doesn't look even remotely like a reboot. It looks like another movie featuring a classical monster, and that is, in fact, how the studio is billing it - the Universal Monsters, aka, their classic monsters like the mummy, the wolf man, frankenstein, the invisible man, etc.

It sure as fuck has NOTHING to do with any movie that featured Rick and Evie. Not even a little. I'll stick with the awesome librarian and her slightly crazy-reckless husband, thanks.

On the other hand, separate from my disgruntlement over calling it a reboot when it's NOT A REBOOT it's just another monster movie, my Stargate inner fan is facepalming that the new mummy is female and apparently named Ahmanet - which pronounces exactly like Amaunet. Dear Tom Cruise - you are not Rick O'Connel. You are also not Daniel Jackson. You might, at best, be a random SGC military grunt in what is starting to sound like a messed up crossover. XD

Nope. I definitely can't watch that movie. Not even a little. I would be utterly disappointed in all the main characters, basically, because TC is not Rick and Sophia is not Sha're and the blonde main female lead opposite Tom Cruise is definitely not Evie. In short, this sounds like a terrific bore to me - oh yay, generic monster action flick. =P No thanks.

(on the other hand, Rick and Evie up against Go'ulds would be AWESOME.)

Edit: and then I made the mistake of watching this monstrosity and oh god, there's a reason I didn't watch the last Transformers movie and won't be watching this one. STOP. PLEASE STOP. PLEASE JUST STOP. I don't even like the new designs for them, jfc stop humanizing their looks, SO MUCH HATE JUST STOP. ...bleagh. I need brain bleach now.

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