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~1400 words, Sara Ellis and Sam Wilson gen, G-rated. For [community profile] intoabar 2015. With many thanks to [personal profile] mergatrude and [personal profile] princessofgeeks for beta.

Here on AO3.

Summary: Sam Wilson goes into a bar and meets Sara Ellis.

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Apr. 19th, 2015 12:44 pm
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So, I went to the local Target superstore this morning, because I had things to buy and I like merchandise with blocky mod patterns on it, and I ended up being followed around the store by a couple I eventually took to calling Dr. And Mr. Indecisive.

They were standing outside the store when I got there, and seemed confused about how to enter the store, or possibly they were arguing about whether they should go to Target? They argued about a lot of stuff. But I dodged around them with an eyeroll and went inside, at which point they promptly followed me. As if somehow I had made it permissible to enter.

Dr. and Mr. Indecisive (at one point one of them said to the other "You're a PHD! Pick a soap!") were visibly unprepared to be shopping at Target, even on a quiet Sunday morning. They argued about everything from the price of grills while I browsed in the garden section to whether they needed ziplock sandwich bags while I was buying new tupperware. (I love new tupperware.) They trailed me from garden to electronics to groceries, until I began to wonder if it wasn't some kind of game. Like, they pick someone to follow around Target on Sundays, and that's how they decide what they're going to buy.

It actually seems like kind of a fun game, but it's creepy when dudes follow women around stores so it'd have to be like, single-gender shop-stalking only.

I hope they were entertained by my purchases. I wonder what they thought I was going to build with a bag of flour, a watering ball, and four small tupperware sauce cups.

1981 / Orphan Black, 3.01

Apr. 18th, 2015 10:30 pm
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We're getting the first real thunderstorm of the season right now. As far as Midwestern thunderstorms go, it's nothing much at all—however, the dog I've been looking after for a couple of days is freaking out and insisted that we go down into the basement. (This dog will normally not so much as set paw on the basement stairs.) I'm now sitting in a basement, watching Orphan Black, eating some biscotti, and editing a conference paper.

My Saturday nights are so glamorous.

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Challenge #548: premature

Apr. 18th, 2015 08:11 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] dw100. Challenges are posted roughly once a week.

Challenge #548 is premature.

The rules:
- All stories must be 100 words long.
- Please place your story behind a cut if it contains spoilers for the latest season.
- You don't have to use the challenge word or phrase in your story; it's just there for inspiration.
- Please use the challenge tag 548: premature on any story posted to this challenge.

Good luck!
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It's no secret that I didn't care for Fringe season five. Before this, I'd watched it once--while it was airing. Until now, I hadn't purchased season five and I'm a completeist. But a rewatch is a rewatch. I'm going to do my best to stay objective and not let this devolve into a hate-watch. For all I know, there are fans out there who thought this was the best season yet.
 photo ad428c3f-7aa9-49fe-b015-3bf58082b776_zps918ghxhy.jpg
After Fringe was renewed, TV Guide interviewed the executive producers, Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman, asking them what the fans should expect from this abbreviated final season.
"They are coming!" Can we assume that the "they" is the Observers, and you're lining up with what we saw in 2036?
J.H. Wyman: Yes.
Are you going to stay in the current timeline, or will we see some flashing forward and backward next season?
Wyman: Well, let's say that basically 2036 is extremely important to Season 5. It's crucial, but having said that, everything that you have seen in Fringe from Season 1 all the way to 4 is really, really, really, really important to what's going on in Season 5, and 2036 is part of that. It's a 13-episode sprint; there's no filler episodes. It answers some very bold questions. It culminates with a very satisfying type of crescendo that really is so important for the fans, that's the biggest thing. That's the only thing that's really important is to make sure that they feel absolutely satiated.

Emphasis is mine. That word, "satiated," bothers me. And what a strange criteria to choose when planning your final season. Here's one more quote.
Now that you know this will be your final season, what are you guys doing differently in your approach?
Wyman: The main concern is in no way shape or form are our fans going to be let down. That makes us feel really good that they're going to be able to see a conclusion that is emotional, that is epic, that is going to make sense, that they can emote with and go through our characters and watch them on their final journey and put this show away in a manner that is worthy to all the hours they've invested in our characters. The only thing it does is make the pencil be a little bit more sharp, that's all.

"Make the pencil be a little bit more sharp." So, they plan to make the writing crisper? More thoughtful? Better planned perhaps, since this is it. There will be no more. Well, let's see how they did, shall we?

Writer: J.H. Wyman
Director: Jeannot Szwarc, Miguel Sapochnik
Originally aired: September 28, 2012

Synopsis: Just as Olivia is liberated from her Amber prison, they are betrayed and Walter is taken prisoner by the Observers. They manage to free him but not before he is harshly treated and had his mind probed by Captain Windmark. When Walter puts on the Transilience Thought Unifier, the tech that Olivia had ambered herself to protect, they discover that his recent memories have been wiped, along with the plan for defeating the Observers. Etta suspects that her grandfather's memories were destroyed during his ordeal, and that they will never be retrieved.

Most Memorable Quote:
CAPTAIN WINDMARK: But there is no hope... for you. Nothing grows from scorched Earth. You seem much more interesting as a human being - than as a vegetable. But, quite frankly, all things being equal, I don't mind which one you end up. The choice is yours.

A.V. Club
IGN review
Photo Recap at Pop Culture Nexus
Future Shock Blues - EW. That EW title is my review in three words.

Strangely, I'm working on something. But it's not done.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.

1980 / Elementary, 3.20

Apr. 17th, 2015 12:35 pm
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I loved the Star Wars movies as a kid, and had as many of the Extended Universe novels as I could acquire via the lone, tiny book shop in my hometown. (So many Mara Jade feelings! I'm pretty sure that whatever about the rest of them, I still have the Thrawn trilogy books sitting on a shelf somewhere in my parents' attic back home.) Then my fourteen-year-old self felt horribly betrayed by Phantom Menace, to the point where I didn't watch the rest of the prequels, and it's not like I've really been enamoured by anything of J.J. Abrams' that I've ever seen... but the new Star Wars trailer is sort of intriguing to me. I mean, a woman holding a lightsaber? Possibly diverse protagonists? Han and Chewie apparently back on the Millennium Falcon?

I may end up spending next Christmas watching this. Ugh, dammit.

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Season Five Rewatch Schedule

Apr. 16th, 2015 11:31 pm
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Here it is. We'll begin tomorrow--which I realize is already today for some of us. I'll get the post up as soon as I can find the DVDs and watch the episode. We'll continue with two episodes a week which will have us finished by the end of May.

April 17 – 5x01 - Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11

April 21 - 5x02 - In Absentia

April 24 - 5x03 - The Recordist

April 28 - 5x04 - The Bullet That Saved The World

May 1 - 5x05 - An Origin Story

May 5 - 5x06 - Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There

May 8 - 5x07- Five-Twenty-Ten

May 12 - 5x08 - The Human Kind

May 15 - 5x09 - Black Blotter

May 19 - 5x10 - Anomaly XB-6783746

May 22 - 5x11 - The Boy Must Live

May 26 - 5x12 | 5x13 - Liberty | An Enemy of Fate

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