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Aug. 29th, 2014 10:03 am
china_shop: Newbie reading (Newbie reading)
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Published things I've read in the last couple of months
Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer
The Emperor's Soul by Brandon Sanderson
I Don't Know Where You Know Me From by Judy Greer
A Natural History of Dragons by Mary Brennan
Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Suzanna Clarke
Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett (re-read)
Witches Abroad by Terry Pratchett
Dirty Politics by Nicky Hager
Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie (re-read)
Maybe Next Time by Jennifer Crusie (re-read)

Currently in progress
We Have Always Fought by Kameron Hurley (I may have stalled on this)
The News: A User's Manual by Alain de Botton
The Humans by Matt Haig

My kindle has changed my life; last year there were swathes of time when I didn't have an answer to "what I'm reading" beyond fanfic, and even my fic consumption was sporadic and distracted. I wrote. Now all the crevices in my life are filled with other people's words and worlds (and, okay, crosswords).

I'm enjoying it but ambivalent nonetheless.

Yesterday's awesome crossword clue
One plays a small part in a downfall. (8)

Answer )

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Aug. 28th, 2014 08:29 pm
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Aaaand I'm moved. It actually went really smoothly for a moving day--I woke up stupidly early and spent the bulk of the day packing, then friends came over and neatly moved it all over to the new place. Unpacking is going to be a fairly epic undertaking (I got rid of so much stuff, how do I still have SO MUCH?) but I can start that tomorrow, because I've already been moving stuff for about twelve hours. I found my glasses, contact solution, and toothbrush, the rest can wait till tomorrow.

I think this is going to be grand.

[admin post] Admin Post: Deadline Today!

Aug. 28th, 2014 02:18 pm
lady_krysis: Cropped photo of the promo poster for The Losers with Aisha, Jensen & Pooch & text that reads: 'The Losers' (The Losers - group)
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Today's the day, folks! The 2014 Ante Up Big Bang will go live in about 10 hours.

All bang and complement creators should have their finalized and complete work in the Ante Up: Losers Big Bang 2014 AO3 Collection. Please take a look at the notes about posting and a posting tutorial to ensure that your friendly mods can properly link everyone's fanworks with the correct team.

If you're having any trouble, please Contact a Mod ASAP.

We're almost there! Go teams go!

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Aug. 28th, 2014 09:28 am
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Moving day has arrived! I mean, I've technically been moving stuff over for more than a week, but this is the last morning of waking up here. I still have stuff to pack and go through and throw away, so I will go get to that as soon as I finish this cup of coffee.

I'm still a bit sad--I've lived in this house longer than anywhere else since leaving my parents' place--but the new situation will be really good, and even if Tesco weren't tearing this place down I can't afford to live in it anymore, so something would have had to happen. And it's kind of cathartic to have a proper clear-out every now and again. I've gotten rid of a LOT of stuff. Which is also interesting, to see what I've collected, what I've held on to, what other people have left in my house.

New housemates are going away for the weekend (which is why I'm finishing up the move today, rather than Saturday) so I'll have some time to get unpacked and settled without being in anybody's way, which will be nice. Also to have some real downtime after all this being busy. I can finish reading Hild and get started on Fool's Assassin.

Just a little more packing to go.

Question: Avengers and the Enneagram

Aug. 28th, 2014 05:12 pm
china_shop: Sam in casual wear, laughing on the phone (Default)
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I'm still wrapped up in reading about local politics, and also communicatively stunted, and also engaged in offline activities like going to the gym and making lemon honey and doing endless crosswords and reading, but I'm going to try to post more, starting with this:

Can anyone point me to an enneagram analysis of the various Avengers and associated characters, including Peggy and Sam?


disclaimer: I suck at memes

Aug. 27th, 2014 09:35 pm
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Domesticity meme, from Tumblr -- I am a LOT more likely to do these if it's here. :)

Choose either Charles/Erik or Sam/Steve and one of these, and I will see about possibly rambling (I need to warm up the writing muscles again, they have atrophied in the last year and a half!):

  • big spoon/little spoon
  • favorite non-sexual activity
  • who uses all the hot water
  • most trivial thing they fight over
  • who does most of the cleaning
  • what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue
  • who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working
  • who steals the blankets
  • who leaves their stuff around
  • who remembers to buy the milk
  • who remembers anniversaries
  • who cooks normally?
  • how often do they fight?
  • what do they do when they’re away from each other?
  • nicknames for each other?
  • who is more likely to pay for dinner?
  • who steals the covers at night?
  • what would they get each other for gifts?
  • who kissed who first?
  • who made the first move?
  • who remembers things?
  • who started the relationship?
  • who curses more?
  • what would they do if the other one was hurt?

(PS: If anyone has a Sam/Steve icon, or can point me to a resource for one, I would greatly appreciate it. :D)

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Aug. 27th, 2014 09:30 pm
healingmirth: Delahoy from the Unusuals, unimpressed (unusuals - delahoy)
[personal profile] healingmirth
If you'd asked me last week, yes or no, whether I knew The Three Musketeers, I would probably have said yes. I'm finally watching The Musketeers this week, and nope! Never mind the fact that it took me like five minutes to come up with Aramis's name, minutes filled with me repeating "Athos, Porthos, and..." in my head, over and over again. Like, not a single thing has hit me with an oh-yeah or uh-no moment, neither plot nor characterization.

I tried watching the first episode a couple weeks ago, and it just wasn't working for me, but now I'm really enjoying it, and will probably finish the series this weekend. Is the fandom going to make me angry? The most kudos'd complete fic is Athos/OFC...

I am way behind on tonight's SYTYCD, but I have just yelled OH, FOR FUCK'S SAKE, TYCE followed shortly by OH MY GOD SHUT UP, NIGEL.



("Hey Ricky you're so great. If you were older we could date." -Jesse Tyler Ferguson, everyone.)

Femslash exchange letter

Aug. 27th, 2014 08:25 pm
kate: Tessa (a reaper) from SPN, smiling (SPN: Tessa)
[personal profile] kate

SPN - Ellen/Mary, Jo/Anna, Ruby/Lillith, Dorothy/Charlie, Charlie/Jo, Abbadon/Naomi
SGA - Teyla/Elizabeth, Teyla/Kate, Teyla/Sora, Elizabeth/Kate, Teyla/Cadman
Bend It Like Beckham - Jess/Jules
Buffy - Willow/Tara, Buffy/Faith, Darla/Drusilla
Arrow - Nyssa/Sara, Sara/Felicity, Helena/Laurel, Sara/Sin, Thea/Sin, Helena/Felicity
Firefly - Inara/Kaylee, Inara/Saffron

Who's watching SYTYCD?

Aug. 27th, 2014 08:06 pm
kate: Kent draped over Neil's back, after Neil's stabbed him in the back (metaphorically) (SYTYCD: Kent and Neil)
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What the hell just happened? There was Nigel's broken nose comment, then the dead silent auditorium, and suddenly we've skipped ahead a little to the three of them laughing... did Nigel's joke bomb SO BAD that they had to cut the audience reaction? Or did Jesse Tyler say something inappropriate for TV?

Spindolyns are wonderful things

Aug. 27th, 2014 06:30 pm
darthneko: Spock knitting ([fandom] knit purl logic)
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...wait, you say - what's a 'spindolyn'?

Spindolyns are, according to the website, a "no-drop, self supported, fun spinning tool". It's like the hybrid cross of a drop spindle (sans the drop part) and a supported spindle. Like a tahkli spindle and a top-whorl spindle got together and had babies. Wonderful, easy to use babies!

I ordered my first one about a month ago. I ordered a second one recently. Best of all, all you need is one base, and then as many spindles as you want. The lady who makes them is also very prompt, the design is her own, and I'm totally in love with them.

two pieces of a spindolyn

This is the spindolyn and a travel base. The base, on the left hand side, is made to be held between the knees, which means I can spin sitting on the couch, sitting in bed, basically sitting anywhere, nice and comfy without having to lean forward or otherwise clear space in order to drop the spindle. The actual spindle part (on the right) drops that long metal bit at the bottom into the matching tube on the base, and this supports it and holds it while it's spinning.

Best of all? All of the tension is controlled entirely by you. Unlike a wheel, or a drop spindle, there is nothing creating tension or weight on the yarn as you spin - it is entirely controlled by your handful of roving and how far away from the spindle you're holding it. This makes it BEAUTIFUL for spinning those really persnickety slippery or short draft fibers.

More pics of the pretty )

Seriously, I'm in love with this thing. SOOO easy to use, and yes it's slower than a wheel, but for those fibers that are giving me fits on the wheel it is so much better. I'm planning to spin all the bamboo on the spindolyn, in alternating handfuls of that light teal, a dark teal, and a burnished gold, which I'll then Navajo ply into a worsted triple (as the previous batch of yarn I spun from it was a chunky worsted weight (two ply of the thicker wheel spun stuff) and this is for completing a project with that yarn. Won't be the same (navajo vs barber pole) but I think it'll look fine.

take me to the river

Aug. 27th, 2014 05:49 pm
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re-thinking an exercise from my education:

when I was in the seventh grade, my multi-age grade 6-8 class went on an extended field trip; divided into two groups, the Haves and the Have-Nots, we spent a weekend mimicking c19th farm life. I was one of the Haves, and we were bored; the Have-Nots had to do hard work, but they had a lot more fun. Reflecting on the trip, I'm not actually sure what the lesson on socioeconomic class division was supposed to be. I remember concluding, with my friends, that it meant that it wasn't such a bad thing to be poor - and as our families were relatively poor, it wasn't a bad thing to have reinforced that money can't buy happiness. But looking back I'm struck by the way we were set up to overlook systemic oppression. Of course most kids are going to have more fun doing vigorous playful outdoor work than sitting quietly in an empty room. Cyclical poverty isn't like that. You don't get to go home, and it's not fun working for low/no wages when you're an adult with skills that deserve to be fairly valued. They taught us the wrong damn lesson, and likely lessened some of my classmates' tendency to empathize with the righteous anger of the exploited; we were Have-Nots too, for a weekend, and it was nothing to get upset about. 100% certainly it reinforced the blindness of all of the kids who were Haves, myself included, to the real benefits we gained through our various race/class/gender privileges; we were all of us white.

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