I'm in Texas!

Jul. 23rd, 2014 01:30 pm
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So, I'm in Texas again. This means a few things have changed that I'd forgotten about.

Traveling. Wow - you CAN get out of practice! I had a hard time sleeping on the plane, even though it was 5:45am and I had only gotten two hours of sleep the night before. The woman I'm working with a lot had some really awesome tips, though, so I'm excited to try those out.

Hotels. Ugh, this hotel is nasty! But I need my stays to get my status, so I will live with it. Also - status depends on stays (or nights, but fewer stays than nights) so I'll be switching hotels for the two nights I'm down here. That should get me status fairly quickly - I was further along than I thought when I checked (same with my airline - if this keeps up I should at least get to the middle tier this year, which is a huge relief).

Diet. Everything here is breaded or served on bread, so the only thing for me to eat is fresh fruit and vegetables. Which is great! And I forgot how lousy I feel when I'm not eating those on a regular basis (I feel GREAT today! \o/). So going to have to get my diet at home back in gear. More veggies! Less crap!

TV. There's not much to do in a hotel room alone at night. I had work to do last night, so I put the TV on and used reruns of Arrow and Supernatural (ugh, an episode I hated) as background noise. Then I watched the SPN pilot on Netflix as a palate cleanser (each time I see it, it gets more and more stilted, like the weight of the following seasons shows how much J2 has grown into their roles and were just feeling their way around back then - also, the plot holes bug me more each time). So not so much with the palate cleansing, but it was still fun to see wee Jared and Jensen.

I'm eating lunch right this sec, but I'm working away at my same old place, in between doing the other three stressful sorts of work things. Those things will all be done by COB today, which means I'll be able to watch dancing with no interruptions or stress! And then a full day of work tomorrow before I can get back home where my nephew and sister are spending their days cooking. We're going to a chef's table for lunch on Friday, whee!

Behind on the dwircle, sorry if I've missed anything. Probably won't catch up until next week (this weekend is full of the nephew, including a 3 hour trip home (6 hours round trip) so he can cook dinner for everyone with us as sous chefs). Hope everything is good with you guys!
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Who has ten fingers, two thumbs, and a California Driver's License? That's right; this girl!

Took the written four weeks ago (with the kind DMV clerk scribbling "PERFECT!" across the sheet) and finished with the practical today: Yes, California does make you retake the whole thing, no matter how long you have had your foreign license.

To be fair, in my case it was a reasonable request -- I didn't drive often even when I had a car in Germany, and in the United States I had no car for longer than a week since 2012. And this one comes with a great perk: I get an Identity Card that I can use for air travel and for getting drinks in Portland, Oregon, where a bunch of doormen at bars and lounges won't let you in with anything but a passport...which just so happens to be the document that is not particularly wise to take along on a trip to a watering hole.

Next step: car purchase. If any of y'all have recommendations for small, compact hatchbacks, hybrid or gas, let's hear 'em!

New comm: mcu_onyourleft

Jul. 23rd, 2014 05:31 pm
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After weeks of preparation (all my fault! I have been as flaky as filo!), [personal profile] mergatrude and I would like to announce a new comm for Sam Wilson/Steve Rogers fanworks and links: [community profile] mcu_onyourleft!

See profile page for posting guidelines and comm rules (minimal).

Spread the word! Let the linking begin!

Thanks to [personal profile] teaotter for the gorgeous banner and [profile] mergatude for all the CSS magic.

the Lioness roars

Jul. 22nd, 2014 07:21 pm
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I don't know if you've been following the news that's coming out of Wiscon's absolutely horribly handling of reports of sexual harassment and a predator in the community -- if you haven't, the Geek Feminism wiki has a timeline of the incident(s), as usual -- but one of the reports of sexual harassment that is in the process of being so horribly mishandled came from my dear friend Elise Matthesen, aka the Lioness, aka [livejournal.com profile] elisem.

Elise is one of the most massively talented artists I know; she makes jewelry, although with her talents and her aesthetic, really it should be called "wearable sculpture". She's amazing, and I've been fantastically lucky enough to get a few jewelry-making lessons from her. (Honestly, the lessons were incredibly valuable, but really, the experience of sitting her down in front of our supply bins, handing her things, and saying "here, I want to see what you make out of this one!" was way more awesome.)

She obviously feels it necessary to skip attending and selling at Wiscon for at least a year (and really, who can blame her). Wiscon historically is responsible for about a third of Elise's annual income, through her jewelry sales; up until now it's been her major annual in-person sales event, and although she's investigating other cons to sell at, those cons won't be the ones where she's built up a huge network of friends and fans.

If you'd like to support a fierce, courageous person who is being shat upon by people who should've had her back (why no I don't have strong opinions about this why do you ask), take a few minutes and look over Elise's for-sale list and the (not-yet-included-in-the-master-list) New Shinies (which, omg, SO GORGEOUS), and see if something speaks to you. (She does warn that she will be on a retreat throughout August, so she will not be shipping between July 29 and the beginning of September.)

And if your disposable income has mostly been disposed, I'm positive she would adore it if you look at her ArtLog of Things [She] Has Made, find something that speaks to you, and make some kind of art (fiction, poetry, drawing, painting, etc) that's inspired by it, then show it to her. I know the experience of art in conversation with other art is something she holds dear, and she's sometimes more proud of the fact she can inspire other artists than she is of the things she has made herself.

"Broken Toy"

Jul. 23rd, 2014 10:05 am
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"Broken Toy" by angstytimelord
PAIRING: one-sided Master/Doctor
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 19: Toy.

Has just been added to Doctor Who gen stories page of the Doctor Who Slash page.

Crossposted to Chance's Archive.

Free Kindle Books.

"Stormy Weather"

Jul. 23rd, 2014 09:54 am
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"Stormy Weather" by angstytimelord
PAIRING: past Jack/Doctor
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 7A: Stormy night.

Has just been added to Doctor Who gen stories page of the Doctor Who Slash page.

Crossposted to Chance's Archive.

Free Kindle Books.


Jul. 22nd, 2014 05:50 pm
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As predicted, the first thing I did was scratch like hell, the second thing I did was pop my wrist, and the third thing I did, before I even left the exam room, was wash my hands. Having the drain removed was gross and fascinating (and grossly fascinating) and as usual, the person taking out the stitches couldn't believe they'd only been in for a week. (Usually Ehlers-Danlos means very poor wound healing and very bad scarring; my doc is baffled that I seem to have gotten the super-fast healing instead.)

My hand promptly swelled up to twice its size (I look like I have mittens on), which is expected, and I have to wear a compression sleeve for the next two weeks to keep it from swelling too badly and help keep it bent for better healing, but I can type two handed again (albeit slowly, for limited periods, and with my left hand's fingers not quite obeying me), and between being able to scratch the bits of my arm that have been itching for the past week and being able to wash my hands and apply lotion to the itchy bits, things are much improved.

Dreadful update

Jul. 22nd, 2014 03:53 pm
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Dreadful is staying at the vet overnight tonight because they can't get a urine sample from him and they really need one to run tests on, especially because, to quote the vet, my cat is "acting weird". She then went on to clarify that it's "good weird", but still weird. Basically, his blood glucose level today was much lower than they expected it to be. So, it's possible that he's going to be the kind of cat whose diabetes can be controlled just with food.

We went back to scritch him a bit in his cage and the vet tech said he'd been "angry eating", which is also a good sign. He's definitely way perkier and more himself today than he was yesterday.

1889 / Teen Wolf, 4.05

Jul. 22nd, 2014 12:01 pm
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A guy mansplained the Cistercians to me the other day—a guy who knows that I'm working on my doctorate in medieval religious history. Was I aware that the Cistercians had been heavily involved in agriculture? (This is like asking someone, I don't know, who works on colonial America if they knew George Washington had been at Valley Forge.)

Sometimes I think that if I ever do get to the end of this program, I should also get a Certificate in Poker Face.

ETA: Oh fuck me, I've officially spent too long over here. Programme. Programme.

Teen Wolf, 4.05, I.E.D. )

2x06: Earthling

Jul. 22nd, 2014 08:37 am
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That was...not very good. They basically ripped off "Space" from The X-Files, which was one of the worst episodes of the entire series--and that's saying something. "Space" at least had Mulder as an astronaut fanboy to recommend it. The best scene of "Earthling" is the teaser, which is brave in its total cruelty. I also liked watching Walter doing science with his chalk boards and his equations. Walter and Peter playing with tinker toys was fun, too. Naturally, the special effects are much better than "Space," but it is 2009.

 photo d83a269f-feb9-41af-a2dd-671642562abe_zps01514050.jpg

Writer: Joel Wyman and Jeff Vlaming
Director: Jon Casser
Originally aired: 5 November 2009

Synopsis: The Fringe Division investigates the death of a man who inexplicably disintegrated into ash. We find out why Phillip Broyles got divorced and that Fringe science isn't just an American problem.

Most Memorable Quote:
OLIVIA: So could he have been dosed by something?
WALTER: Yes, it's possible. But before we can determine cause, we need to find some way to transport Mr. Dancik's remains back to my lab. So, um... Well, Peter, I'll need a Dust Devil.
PETER: (unbelieving) A vacuum cleaner?
WALTER: Yes, you're right. Well, we'll need several.

From the Met website, here's Luciano Pavarotti singing Una Furtiva Lagrima, from L'Elisir d'Amore by Donizetti, the aria Walter was listening to while he worked (though not the exact version, which was sung by Mario Lanza--thank you, Fringepedia).

No. But I have a sexy one for "Space." Well, never mind then.

(no subject)

Jul. 22nd, 2014 11:33 am
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Why is so much 00Q fic so bad? Half the ones I try to read are all mushy and sappy and cutesy. James Bond does not do sappy and cutesy. Especially not Craig!Bond. Connery!Bond did groan-worthy one-liners, but he didn't do cutesy. Roger Moore!Bond did flirtatious and suave, but not sappy and cutesy.

It's because half of 00Q fandom have never watched a Bond movie other than Skyfall, isn't it? (You can tell by how the "Alec Trevelyan/006" they keep sticking in fic bears zero resemblance to the guy Sean Bean played in Goldeneye, sometimes to the point of being named "Alex Trevelyan" instead)

Also, why does Felix Leiter never show up? I know I'm biased by virtue of being a book fan who ships Bond/Felix, but come on, guys, he was in two of the three Craig bond movies. Throw me a bone here and give him a cameo once in a while.

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