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Jul. 28th, 2016 05:01 pm
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My family came to visit! And I graduated. That was cool. They met the boy and we took Porridge on a steam train and then we went and had adventures in Scotland and Norway and Germany. I was sad to give them back, and now am home and so very tired. But tomorrow will be some catching up, and Former Flatmate J comes to visit on Saturday.

I haven't gone through all the pictures (though some are on Facebook) so make no promises, but I will at least try and get a picture of my fancy Doctor hat and all that up soon.
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I’ve adopted a new meme/slogan, which is whenever we see something unbelievable at this conference, I turn to an imaginary camera and deadpan say, “Nashville.” I had a mental “Nashville.” moment when I saw the military cargo jeep retrofitted as a barbecue catering truck. Like, I want it to cater the next party I throw, but…Nashville.

I also saw a genuine Trump bumper sticker on a van this morning. You don’t see those in Chicago and I had a moment of horror before I thought to myself, oh my god, it’s a TRUMPER STICKER.

We’re headed for a fascist nationalist state, but at least I got one good pun out of it.

I scouted out a run trail for myself yesterday, which I had hoped would take me down to the river and let me run along it, but no such luck; instead I just had to run along one side of a cement retaining wall the whole way. I had also hoped to run across the river where googlemaps showed a bridge, but the bridge turned out to be a freeway, and I feel like I am not yet ready to go running on the freeway, even at four in the morning.

Anyway, don’t listen to FitBit; it says I ran 2.94 but I know I did 3.16, which is what it was telling me I did before I told it I was running. I thought I’d tweaked my stride but apparently not?

High humidity also fucks with the Fitbit’s stair counter, so it thinks I climbed like 30 flights of stairs. Oh Fitbit, you poor confused baby.

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Jul. 27th, 2016 05:04 pm
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I actually really love the "Buffy is torn from heaven" S6 plotline, although it's wound around a lot of Spike/Buffy stuff that I'm sorry just squicks me. Her little descending musical line in OMWF is the best bit of the entire set, and one of the top memorable moments from the show for me. It drives home the truth that grief is not for the one lost but for the ones left; you can tell yourself, as Willow does, that your beloved one somehow needs your distress, but you'll be wrong. The dead are fine; it's the living who suffer pain.


Jul. 27th, 2016 10:37 am
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So, after about 4 years gafiation I've been getting back into fandom stuff. It turns out I'm still really, really into Prince of Tennis. And now also into Haikyuu!! (And a ton of other stuff, but these are the big two.)

I'm trying to get more content for these series into my life, so if you have any recs for people/blogs I should follow on Twitter, Tumblr, and (wishful thinking) LJ/DW, please let me know! Or if there's a Sekrit New Platform everybody's moving to.

I've got to know some cool new people via SASO but I'm hoping to meet even more. And maybe find some people that I fell out of touch with. If you tried to get in touch with me during my offline time and I didn't get back to you, I'm sorry. I was fine, just burnt out, I guess. No worries if you'd rather not hang out any more.

My contact info for all these services is here: https://prillalar.dreamwidth.org/511604.html

Kdrama rewatch

Jul. 27th, 2016 07:00 pm
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I watched about half of Attic Cat, a drama from 2003 about a young unemployed woman and a law student with gambling debts who, via a series of misadventures, end up sharing a rooftop apartment. But the law student has an infuriating absence of self-awareness, impulse control or respect, and it's one of those shows that seems intent on illustrating the couple's chemistry by showing them arguing a lot. So... now I'm revisiting Big, which is a bodyswap drama starring Gong Yoo (of Coffee Prince fame). Unfortunately, it's about a student teacher and the newly-arrived-from-the-US high school student who bodyswaps into the teacher's fiancé's body (leaving the fiancé presumably trapped inside the student's body, which is in a coma), so ot1h, ethical issues ahoy. Otoh, Gong Yoo gets to play a bratty 17-18yo in an adult body, which is adorable (and hot). Also, I'd forgotten that a third of the way through, there's a "1 year later" jump, which mitigates the power imbalance a little. It's still doomed to have an unsatisfying ending though, because there's really no good way out of this set-up.

Other than watching Kdramas, I'm mostly coughing and failing to communicate with anyone. I've left the house exactly twice in the last 6 days, both times to have lunch with the boy.
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No, I didn't found it -- I don't have a lot of energy for building fandom these days, what with my job and my health coming first.

[community profile] pokestop

But I'll be happy to contribute! Will be posting some tips and tricks and charts there, methinks; can't imagine that the majority of folks reading this journal are interested in the details of how exactly to evolve your Wartortle, or how to effectively stack a Pokémon Gym with your squad and no other Team around, or how to level up on your own like there's no tomorrow.
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Paprika Baby no.1 is starting to ripen! #sam-gardens #crosspost

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