Challenge #623: force

Oct. 1st, 2016 08:20 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] dw100! Challenges are posted approximately once a week.

Challenge #623 is force.

The rules:
  • All stories must be 100 words long
  • Please place your story behind a cut if it contains spoilers for the current season
  • You don't have to use the challenge word or phrase in your story; it's just there for inspiration
  • Please include the challenge word or phrase in the subject line of your post
  • Please use the challenge tag 623: force on any story posted to this challenge
Good luck!

Code push tomorrow!

Sep. 30th, 2016 11:02 pm
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We are planning to do a code push around 21 hours from now, at approximately 6pm Pacific time on Saturday, Oct 1.

Here's a partial list of changes that will go live with this push, apart from the usual minor tweaks and bugfixes:

  • Selective Screening, a new feature that lets you screen comments from a particular user.

  • Two new journal layouts with one theme each: Gold Leaf/Elegant Notebook and Venture/Radiant Aqua.

  • Six new themes for Heads Up, and seven new themes for Corinthian.

  • The minimal spacing between line elements in the list of success links on Foundation pages has been restored.

  • Punctuation marks in message subjects will no longer be overescaped.

  • The admin pages for the translation system are now hidden from anonymous viewers, to avoid scaring unsuspecting search engine users away from the site.

  • The text messaging feature has been removed from user profiles.

  • The email notification worker is now less likely to misbehave.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!
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Posted on tumblr via on September 30, 2016 at 08:20PM

RT [personal profile] eyebrowofdoom:

I learned today that Kassie/ethrosdemon died on 27 September 2016.

It sounds there won’t be any kind of public memorial type stuff happening. Information (there is very little) is here:

ETA slightly more info here

I knew her originally from Buffy, then later Lotrips, then CW (Smallville/Supernatural) - she was a key early founder of fannish infrastructure in the Supernatural fandom. Did not know her well but always enjoyed exchanging comments. She was sharp and hilarious, and her fic (both fan fic and published pro fic) was wonderful.

I’m also feeling sad about the dispersal of the livejournal fandom diaspora and how we have not been able to maintain anything like the kind of cohesion we used to have there. Feel like there is almost no one left on deck to do the kind of public mourning we used to do. IF I DIE, YOU GUYS HAD BETTER NEVER STOP POSTING ABOUT ME FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU (ok?).

ping @sharpestrose

Ethrosdemon was really nice to newbies like me back in the day, and we were talking US culture and politics on her LJ just last month.  I’ll miss her. Also, not a memorial:

Yuletide Letters Database

Sep. 30th, 2016 06:10 pm
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The yuletide letters database is up and running for 2016. You can find it at

The letters database mirrors the contents of the Letters Spreadsheet but may be easier to view on some devices than the spreadsheet is.
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I ran the French Fry Invitational this morning, which I realized also LOOKS like a french fry as well as involves running past a 24-hour hot dog stand. I didn’t do the loop at the end I normally do, because I didn’t need to pick up any fries and/or be tormented by the smell of hamburgers cooking, so I just went an extra block instead. 

It’s a pretty perfect 5K, and I’m actually proud of my 11-minute first mile there, given a reasonable portion of it was uphill. I think next week I’m going to rearrange my playlist so that I run a full mile before walking. 

We’ll…we’ll see how that goes. 

Next week I also need to do some runs in the evening; in October I’m doing the Rosehill Cemetery “Crypt Run” which is a nighttime run through one of the oldest cemeteries (and I believe the largest) in Chicago, and I’m definitely not used to running in the evenings. Time to get a little practice in…

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Today’s entry in my daily origami calendar, the Kangaroo, is potentially the absolute worst example of an origami diagram I’ve literally ever seen. Not even because it uses scissors; I don’t mind judicious use of scissors in origami, though I don’t prefer it. It’s more that it uses a totally unnecessary series of folds AND THEN compensates for a poor base fold by using scissors to create EVERY IDENTIFYING FEATURE, even the tail.

So, it’s fairly obvious today’s Kangaroo I folded was not from the calendar, I just had to share the terrible calendar image because WOW. I was so annoyed by the calendar sheet that I went out and found a proper Kangaroo diagram and folded that instead. And mind you, it does look a little like a velociraptor who’s had his arms removed, but it’s remarkably stable and also good practice hood-folding.

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