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Oct. 22nd, 2014 04:04 pm
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I have been a busy bee and will continue to be so for the rest of this semester. Spring semester classes are now available for viewing so I planned out my schedule. Yay, four science classes! Heh. I have been so drained of creative juices that while I think about fic ideas or where I want to go with my current works in progress, I have no energy to write or even the inclination to do so.

I did early voting today and I got a tune-up and change of parts on my moped. And studying, always studying.

There are a lot of moving parts to Prime Time Desserts and I want to finish not only the four months preceding the 2015 round but also the off months in 2015-2016. It's fun to procrastinate on when I need a break from studying.

I've also been watching new shows on Hulu. I'm adding both Gotham (mostly for the women) and the Flash to my rotation, along with Selfie for John Cho. Of course, this means between the shows I already watch and the new ones I've added from this fall, I am falling behind on show watching. At least there are moments on the weekends I can binge watch episodes.

No matter how bad things are...

Oct. 21st, 2014 11:24 pm
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...I will always take pleasure in using this icon.

Greetings from Germany; I am alive. "Well" would be stretching it a little, but the visa interview could presumably have gone worse, because at the end the clerk told me I would receive my passport back "by Tuesday at the latest." Which would be excellent, for Wednesday just so happens to be the day scheduled for my flight back.

If this were Twitter, I would obviously hashtag this #phew.

Of course, then rode the ICE train to my home town, and the family situation is what it is. Cut to protect from terminal illness tales )

random stuff

Oct. 22nd, 2014 09:02 am
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The Headstones have announced their new album, and the promo vid is adorable like they're revelling in... not fandom exactly, but fandomishness? Or some quality that I associate with this part of fandom, anyway. Also, it's acoustic this time, so they haven't futzed with Hugh's voice like they did on the last one. Track list )

ION, I read Ancillary Justice and enjoyed it very much and am now reading You Are Not a Gadget, which is non-fiction about the internet and humanity, and I didn't realise until I was 25% in that it was written in 2008. So. Historical document. Also, a bit more philosophy of mind than I was expecting. Still, some good stuff too, like:
The central mistake of recent digital culture is to chop up a network of individuals so finely that you end up with a mush. You then start to care about the abstraction of the network more than the real people who are networked, even though the network by itself is meaningless. Only the people were ever meaningful.
And that was written before tumblr took over the world!

Today is sunshine and zumba and lunch with a friend and physio and {The Good Wife and Kdramas} with another friend. \o/

I started My Name Is Kim Sam Soon and am not yet hooked but getting there.

3x06: 6955 kHz

Oct. 21st, 2014 02:55 pm
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6955 kHz

Writer: Glen Whitman, Robert Chiappetta
Director: Joe Chappelle
Originally aired: 11 November 2010

The science team investigates mass amnesia among shortwave radio operators on the same frequency. Against Walter's wishes, Peter continues to re-engineer the Wave Sink Device components needed by Secretary Bishop. Bolivia continues her subterfuge and strengthens the emotional bond Peter has developed toward her.

Most Memorable Quote:
BOLIVIA DUNHAM: If you knew that only... one of our worlds could survive and if it was up to you, and you alone, to defend your side... You'd have no choice, right? I mean, you would have to do what you had to do... no matter the cost to protect... our world.
PETER: There are billions of innocent people over there... just like here... people with jobs, families, lives. I got to believe there's another way. And whatever my part in all of this is... I got to believe there's another way. There's always hope, right?

Episode transcript
AV Club
Polite Dissent
Pop Culture Nexus

Note in comments if you know of any.


Oct. 20th, 2014 10:46 pm
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A no good, very bad last week.

A no good, extremely bad day.

Cranky Kate is cranky about everything. Nothing is right. No one posted a fic I actually want to read and everyone everywhere is being stupid, on purpose, JUST TO ANNOY ME.

I'm so tired. I'm so sick of this job and this client and nearly everything.

/pity party

Now I've annoyed myself. Bedtime. Hopefully whatever this is passes tonight. I hope you are all doing much, much better than I am right now. ♥

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