Omg you guys!!!!

Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:06 pm
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Guess who was behind me in line at security tonight!!!

You'll never guess.




And she was fucking awesome.

teeth stuffs

Feb. 23rd, 2017 06:33 pm
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Two things about aging teeth, one you knew and one you probably didn't. nothing too icky, just 'huh, that's... logical, I guess. )
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The boy and I just spent a week in Ngakuta Bay in the Marlborough Sounds, reading, swimming in the sea (avoiding stingrays), getting bitten by insects, and playing Scrabble. It was divine, largely for the absence of news sources, but also because of excellent weather and the aforementioned activities.

Books consumed:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
The Cloud Roads by Martha Wells
Bonk by Mary Roach (hilarious, but incredibly cis-het focused)
A Year and a Day in Old Theradane by Scott Lynch (short story)
Deadline by Mira Grant

Apparently it was SFF season! I enjoyed all of them very much and am about to fail to say anything further about them. Book reviews are hard.

Now reading Blackout by Mira Grant.

Art rough - The Emperor

Feb. 23rd, 2017 10:58 am
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So, yeah. Art. The thing I haven't really been able to coherently do for ages. I got myself on the pen and ink doodling track this year with the calendar thingys, but I literally can't count the last time I sat down to just do ART for myself, full color and everything. I've made a few pieces in the last year, but they were all bookcovers done at the request of friends and family. Zero inspiration or drive to do any pieces for myself, or just for the fun of it.

Enter the Adderall, which my body is acclimating to like I'm a bone dry sponge and stimulants are a drop of liquid in a bucket, but it's still vastly better than with nothing. I'm awake, I have focus, and the motivation is sort of slowly rearing its head up and opening an eye, like, oh, is it spring now? Are we done hibernating? Maybe?

I'm trying not to push it for fear it vanishes again, but here... have a little something I worked on the other night. I freely admit I'm partially tracing - I don't have Pandaren proportions or features down pat yet, and I'm out of practice with just about everything, so I slapped some game screen captures and a photo of a generic caucasian man together to get proportions to sketch over, then filled in all of the details over top. Rough sketch is something like 3"x4" at 300 dpi, which was still very small for working on details, so now I've enlarged it to 9"x14" and will be redrawing, but at least I have rough lines and some general color flats to work from.

Art! No, really, I drew something! )
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Working on some fic set closely in the GPF and the timeline seems a little unclear. As I understand it, unlike the events leading up to it, the final usually has a full day off for the men between the short and free programs. For example, the schedule from 2016 [PDF]. But is that necessarily always the case?

From the anime, this is how I understand the timeline:

timeline )

Have I missed anything? Is this your understanding too? Would you find it jarring for fic to assume the short and free programs happen on consecutive days instead?

Isn't it Friday yet?

Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:36 am
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The weekend of sick came back for round two yesterday, when I rolled over to shut off the alarm and my stomach promptly tried to rebel via a wave of acid reflux. UGH. Called in, stayed home, ate mashed potatoes all day. Managed some nice homemade beef stew for lunch (90% veggie, butternut squash and carrots and potatoes and mushrooms with a bit of stew beef thrown in) and told the boss sure, I'm doing better, I'll be in tomorrow.

Woke up at 11:30pm, pretty much lost all of dinner, crawled back to bed and went to work today anyways. Stomach is made of dumb and stupid and argh. So far I've had a piece of toast and am nursing a room temperature ginger ale to try to shut it up.

Yesterday, being a sick day, was spent doing nothing productive. My dragon and I did go farm our spectral moose mounts on WoW via a million tons of archeology in Highmountain. Yay, moose mounts! Then we went and tackled the Hellfire Citadel raid in Tanaan Jungle back in Draenor, just the two of us. I think we ran it on LFR once during Draenor? I don't remember most of the bosses or any of the tactics. =P

Given we're 10 levels higher but only in PvE gear from questing right now, it's probably the highest level thing we have a chance of duoing. We made it through the first four bosses okay, though the trio of the High Council involved a lot of death. We tried it as tank/dps a few times, and could get down to the last one (usually the blademaster) before the damage over time tick just flattened us. DPSx2 was even worse, and then we tried tank/heals and even popping all my healing cooldowns I couldn't out heal the damned damage over time. Finally resorted to a guide, figured out we needed to do the three in a different order, and managed it with my dragon tanking her heart out like a boss and me healing like a mad fiend. I realize other people solo this shit because they're epic mythic raiders, but we're NOT raiders and this felt so damned bad ass and awesome! We did it!

Now we're stuck on Kilrogg Dead-Eye and I'm not sure I can button mash hard enough in DPS to clear the adds fast enough. We gave up yesterday, but I've got the time lock on the raid instance extended so we can keep working on it.

Also, randomly, Medibang Paint is my new favorite iPad drawing app, and jfc, it can enlarge a picture draw in it to twice its size, with no drop in resolution, with little to no pixelation from it. That's better than Photoshop can do! Now to take a current rough sketch with rough colors and do it up properly. Also to continue writing on the fanfic bits I keep picking away at during the commute. It feels so nice to be creating again.

(no subject)

Feb. 23rd, 2017 03:08 am
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Finished the three seasons of The Blacklist on Netflix. I'll see if season 4 is on Hulu. I should be able to finish season 1 of Supergirl on this leg of my trip because I have that downloaded from Netflix.

There are a lot of new to me movies on Netflix that I'm watching. Yay for downtime, I guess. I've also kept busy in other ways.
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I feel like I'm teetering on the edge of getting sick, but my body can't quite decide if it's got a cold or a flu or not. I've got a slight dry cough, sore ribs, general malaise—nothing bad enough that I can justify slacking off work to myself, but just enough that I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate.

At least today's batch of sadness scones turned out much better.

Elementary, 5.14, Rekt in Real Life )

Supergirl, 2.13, Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk )
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U and I went out with DW and one other person to walk not very far out a very quiet Seaview Trail. It was not clear that we'd even make the 12-species minimum* but eventually we did, and one of the species was golden eagle. Two of them, in fact, since we decided that the first bird could not possibly have flown all the way around Vollmer peak before the ravens began mobbing what we saw, when it gave up and flew off, was also a golden eagle. They breed around the next peak south (Sibley) but I'd never seen one over Tilden. But that wasn't even bird of the day, because in the Bot Garden U spotted two varied thrushes, a male and a female, right at the northern fence. None of us had seen varied thrush this year although we'd heard them a few times, so that was kind of a relief. An uneven list: )

The amount of water everywhere was astonishing. The ground is saturated, every trail has a rivulet beside it, and all the rock faces in the Bot Gaden were dripping. We also saw a tiny blue butterfly that I'll take Al's word was a silvery blue.

Have a rushing creek pic from deep in the Botanic Garden. Wildcat Creek )

I frequently reblog bird pics on tumblr, and a surprising number are of corvids, often ravens. Everyone likes ravens. Anyway, I've often looked askance at the way they are depicted in art, because they never looked like that to me, in the air or perched. But today, when one was diving at the eagle, it looked exactly like the artistic depictions I'd wondered at, which was really cool all by itself.

*This is the fewest species DW says she's ever seen/heard during a trip she's led, the joke being that if we see 12 species or fewer we get our money back.

Three notes on US politics

Feb. 22nd, 2017 01:12 pm
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I've tagged this post; on Dreamwidth you can filter -- either for or against a tag.

1. I've looked around for a summary with facts and figures for the calculated plan to profit off deportations of immigrants, versus photo collages of unclear origin or unsourced information (note, I never doubted the truth of, say, US Uncut's claim; all I want is evidence). I know it's more of a tabloid, but I'm thankful to Salon for this piece. It provides a great pivot:

President Trump’s plan to round up the undocumented will be wonderful for private prisons

2. As I discussed yesterday with one of the people I met at a Silicon Valley - type gathering, US Republicans' inactivity now is easily explained. After all the Republicans have, for decades, tried to limit access to anyone not White and Wealthy -- access to education, access to the already-patchy welfare net, and of course access to voting:

Do voter identification laws suppress minority voting? Yes. We did the research. (WP)

3. Many people have weighed in on The Milo Issue (I refuse to learn how to even spell his last name). The folks reading this blog likely all agree on a few things: that it's sad it took claims of pedophilia to finally look harder at this real-life troll; that he exemplifies how in the eyes of conservatives women, trans people, and immigrants are not worth protecting; that Simon & Schuster dropping him now proves the matter was never about Free Speech after all, but *content* that conservatives found appealing...or not so. But I'll bring up an article that adds what I've privately thought: that his substantive comments in this instance were so personal as to not be particularly disturbing, except of course they were in these United States and their discourse:

What we'll tolerate, and what we won't. (

Do Lays A Flavor

Feb. 22nd, 2017 03:45 pm
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Do Lays A Flavor:

GUYS IT’S BACK. Lays is once again soliciting for flavor suggestions at . I’ve already turned in my ode to the hot dog potato chip. Go ye and suggest a flavor! (Then reblog this or comment and share your flavor so we can cheer you on.)

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