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My gift to [personal profile] monanotlisa for [community profile] fringe_exchange!

Vid embedded under the cut, 4:00, mildly NSFW? )

Downloadable (and also watchable) here at my dropbox.

This has slight changes from the version I posted on the comm (in addition to just adding credit for the footage used), having repeated a scene bugged me...among other minor things. Version one is still available here though!
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I clearly am juggling too many things to keep to a daily schedule for sketches and studies, but here we are with a run at rim lighting. Finished this a couple days ago, and I'm surprisingly still satisfied with it.

Fringe. Peter. G.

Fringe - Study: Peter Bishop )
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Now that I have gotten this out of my brain, I feel far less restless and obsessive. I also feel like my inner smushball is showing and it's keenly embarrassing. Poor J had to sit through days of my flailing at him and being all I don't do smushy stuff. I'm not a smusher. I work out. He told me I'm probably overly concerned about the romance because the penis to vagina ratio is atypical for me. I laughed. I also suspect he is right. I haven't fallen so hard for a non-poly hetship in ages.

Frequently, I am my own worst enemy. (Illustrated best perhaps at how the Snarry Games deadline is looming and I appear to be drawing the hardest thing possible.)

It took me a full day to find a song that didn't make me cringe or have entirely the wrong overtones, but I persevered and used up a lot of credits on eMusic. Decided finally on the Bon Savants, whom I highly recommend. Band name aside, extra metacookie points for the lead vocalist actually being a scientist, at MIT even. :3 Clips used from throughout season one.

Between the Moon and the Ocean
Fringe. Peter/Olivia. 3:10 runtime.
Come on lets make good haste up to my favourite place. We'll watch the world spin around.

On YouTube

Or download as a mov (21mb).
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I foolishly thought that I could get through Fringe without shipping anything, but nope. When I broke, I broke hard. In lieu of drawbling for Porn Battle, I wrote instead. Drawing currently and taking my time to get the lighting right. I like this image. :D I'm also excited about all the things in my queue. So much fun stuff to draw.

Fringe. Peter/Olivia. R. 550 words. Pegging.
In the great big list of worst times to think of Walter, this holds the number one spot.

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