Mar. 4th, 2010

ponderosa: (people - hugh suitporn)
I'm feeling good this morning. Walked home from work the past couple days (in addition to going to the gym) so all the exercise has been nice. I did nothing after I got home last night except watch the White Collar webchat (thank you [personal profile] shadowhuntress!) with Blue and squeal and kick my feet and try not to develop an even bigger crush on Tim DeKay. :x

Had a productive morning, which is probably helping with the feeling good. Did some cleaning and sorting and also fixed myself some lunches to take to work for the rest of the week. Homework is starting to require more attention now that the semester is in full swing, but nothing overwhelming thankfully. My boss got a call from the woman looking over the rental app on our first choice place to verify my employment, so I'm hopeful that we'll find out in the next couple days if we got it. Moving again after only a year blows, but after this, unless J gets a job offer outside the Bay Area, we'll be able to stick in the same place for a while.

p.s. Haven't been commenting much due to reading sporadically, so just a general big wave hello to my corner of the internets. I love you. \o/

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