Mar. 31st, 2010

ponderosa: (ouran - puppylove)
Well, How to Train Your Dragon was adorable incarnate. It makes me so happy when Dreamworks does a good job with an animated film as I find their output so hit and miss in comparison to Pixar. Between that and Repo Men (prrr) that's it for me with movies until the job situation resolves itself. I have good prospects, including an interview coming up for the position I was most excited about amongst the slew of resumes I've sent out so far this week. Time to dig out the hair dryer and prepare to clean myself up for business casual.

Have yet to actually sit down and draw, but have been poking at fic, both finishing up some WIPs and also beta'ing the giant backlog of Blue's poor neglected stories. I also finally did laundry since the move, which means I can start putting clothes away, a prospect which shouldn't be as exciting as it is.

While my food is in the oven, I think I shall actually pop open Photoshop and see if I can paint something.

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