May. 5th, 2010

movies, yay

May. 5th, 2010 12:25 pm
ponderosa: (people - jdm is relative to my interests)
Night before last, J took me to see The Losers. I was appropriately fangirly. Usually J's ability to nail down my fav character and/or ship is spot on, but he failed this time around. Papa Bear eyecandy was highly satisfying (A+++ would buy again), but my weakness for snipers prevails in the end. So trashy and cheesy, but in all the right ways. If I had time to write, I'd be on that meme right now. Unf.

While we were getting snacks, we were chatting with the woman who was working concessions and she let us know that Iron Man is going to be opening on all three screens, so if we wanted to also catch Kick Ass there we'd have to do it this week. Seeing both had been the plan, but it was good to have the extra push to make sure we wouldn't miss it at that theatre. So last night, J took me to see Kick Ass and I'm a little glad we saw the movies in that order, because while The Losers might have gotten me all fansquealy, Kick Ass was a good movie.


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