May. 15th, 2010

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So I am catching up on blogs and news today to stave off the massive anxiety crush of So Much Shit To Do, Plus Homework and I keep seeing lots of chatter about the trailer release for Vivid's Batman XXX which seemingly parodies the 60 version ridiculously well (cbr interviewed the director). "We're going to basically follow the releases of the mainstream movies with Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern. We have a bunch of them, and they're going to be a lot of fun."

60s Batman is campy enough that a porn version seems not so cringe-inducing to me as say, any of the previous low-budget adult films parodying Batman. It's interesting to me as someone who produces and consumes a lot of fannish porn to notice how I feel about adult films that pull from the same source(s). I actually don't even really know /how/ I feel except an almost odd sensation of embarrassment, which is exactly how I felt years ago when I was heavily into PotC fandom and Vivid made Pirates.

Maybe it's a slight case of wishing for a level of quality (or style of sex/camera angles) that's just not going to happen in something aimed at the general porn-viewing audience. The costumes might be gorgeous, but the look of conventional porn stars in those costumes, and the acting for the most part is always going to be silly. I know that in many ways it builds from a tradition of intentional silliness (I will never be able to unsee Edward Penishands) but even so, I wonder if there is any time that a dialogue-laden attempt-at-plot adult film would ever feel Not Silly to me, or if at that point, the sex would seem, as it sometimes does in non-X-rated films, as extraneous and unnecessary.

Maybe it's my emotional connection on a fannish-level. I know I couldn't watch mainstream Captain America porn anymore than I could read non-con fanfic of Steve*. Yet I could probably make an exception for Thor.

I'm running out of time to think this out via post. All I've got left is perhaps wishing for Lucas Entertainment to do a lavish parody film to see if my reservations hold over when it comes to hot guys fucking each other. I mean, I've already squinted and considered what Matan Shalev would look like with a mohawk and tatts.

...and now predictably homework seems even less fun than it did a half hour ago.

* Honestly I could, but I have a very specific set of conditions when it comes to Good Guys in non-con.
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J and I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 at the Pixar campus with friends.

They have a beautiful campus and I forgot to take my camera. No photo inside the giant action figure box for me.

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