May. 23rd, 2010

ponderosa: (people - jdm is relative to my interests)
Dude, I've been so busy and behind on things that I completely missed that someone had paid to renew my DW account. And here I've had that whole "I swear it's going to run out any day now" feeling for weeks. Ha!

Thank you so much anonyperson! If you feel like anonyrequesting a doodle of something, drop a comment. \o/

And in case I haven't said it enough already: NO MORE HOMEWORK! WEEEE.
ponderosa: tdk joker with the bloody smile (batman - wildcard)
After driving home and running errands and forgetting to eat lunch and Not Having Homework, I am mentally all over the place. This has resulted in an afternoon full of not knowing what to do. It's torturous having a general sense of Free Time coupled with being too tired to do much of anything.

Consuming media seemed liked a good choice, but J and I just watched the season finale of Fringe and I am all omgomgomgomg over pretty much everything in it.

It seems that Fanime is next week and people I want to buy art from will be there. I'm not sure if I want to go just for that, even if their art makes me all weak in the knees.


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