Nov. 20th, 2010

ponderosa: (fringe - a sucker is me)
How has it almost been a month since I last posted? I've been around and reading, but with not much energy to actually speak up and say hello. I'm painting again today for my design homework. After this is just designing and painting a mandala. I am considering some sort of dalek-themed mandala. J thinks I should do something art nouveau, but it's the design phase that I don't have much time and energy for. Plus getting [profile] bluesoaring through two and a half seasons of Doctor Who while she was visiting makes me inclined to subject my classmates to more fan art.

I ended up not signing up for Yuletide for the first time in years. It feels...odd. Holidays will be busy at work, plus I'll have finals, and I'm doing some illustration work I picked up at Y-con, so it's best I didn't. At the heart of it though I think I didn't really know what to ask for despite Fringe being an option. Speaking of which, Fringe is killing me lately.

Although this bugs me: )

January is going to be interesting. Work will slow down immensely and I'll be done with classes. I'm considering taking a language to defer my student loans until J picks up some work again, but it'll definitely be different.

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