Jan. 30th, 2011

ponderosa: (people - rdj steady rollin)
I feel quiet these days. This is probably because I remember when I used to post at least every other day. I've been drawing, and making progress on the two paid gigs I'm doing (one of them is hopefully done by tomorrow, whee). I've also gotten myself a timeline for a lot of the other art obligations that have been woefully unfinished for months.

After J and I got all caught up and current with Doctor Who, he and I are now almost caught up on Psych. I suspect [personal profile] windsorblue will be simultaneously proud of us for finally watching more than bits and pieces and disappointed in me for my shipping tendencies. LOL me.

Another few minutes of working on this piece then I'll be sending it off for feedback. Then I shall make apple-cranberry muffins and possibly more fresh-squeezed OJ to help use up the ridiculous amount of fruit in our apartment. I am thinking more seriously about getting a food mill so I can make applesauce and pear butter.

Hi, internets.

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