Aug. 1st, 2012

ponderosa: tdk joker with the bloody smile (batman - wildcard)
Had a bit of an up and down day. Busy at work again with the ramp-up to our biggest selling product this month, and still trying to iron out performance issues on the team. Attention to detail, why so hard. D: Packaging test this week went better than I expected, so I am excited to do another test round and see if I really can reduce our non-degradable packaging material by another solid 30%.

Company/student BBQ for J's compnay on Sunday was pretty awesome. I had a great time and most importantly BBQ. Deliciousness. I helped with set up so my muscles were dead the next day from hauling bottles of water back and forth across the grass. We managed to get home not too late and then met up again with one of J's coworkers to see Batman. She had an adipose set as the background on her phone and we nerded out briefly together about Doctor Who. I enjoyed the movie, maybe not quite as much as TDK, but that could be my fangirl talking. I am extra in love with Gordon though, for reals so it might be time for another little Gary Oldman binge. :3 I'd like to see it again, I think, and also rewatch the other two so they're fresh in my mind.

I'm not quite ready to beg comment amnesty even though I still haven't responded to the comments on my last Snape/Harry fest piece, or the Avengers BB piece I did. I think I'm laboring under the assumption that time will magically reinsert itself into my schedule somehow!

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