Sep. 11th, 2012

ponderosa: closeup of professor snape (hp - rue the day)
Work this week is a serious chore. I fought hard to save one of my team member's jobs and get them transferred to a different position that's better suited to them instead of just let go and my thanks for this is a newly formed attitude problem. I am so irritated. I don't expect them to know I pulled their ass out of the fire, but I sure as hell expect them to recognize how close they are to not having a job and at least fake being professional about it. If I have to be bad cop again in tomorrow's performance reviews I'm going to strangle something. It's called probationary for a reason, omg. And then I came home and worked on this freelance gig I picked up for what has turned out to be a super picky client and I am just TIRED and it's only Tuesday. Blergh. I look forward to my check from Mr. Picky though since it's my goal to pay off my credit card by the end of the year.

So anyway, I stole this meme from [personal profile] elfin. I feel all quiet and hermit-like lately since most of my posts have been locked and all about other work related things, so ask me as many as you want and specify a fandom for questions like 2 or 19 if you're curious about something specific!

25 questions fandom meme )

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