Dec. 29th, 2012

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Back in 2004 I doodled Gimli in Pikachu's pose. Saw the Hobbit last weekend and felt it was time to bring this back. Dwarves! J colored it for me. Lineart here.

Lord of the Rings. Legolas & Gimli.

Gimlichu! )
ponderosa: (iron man - thinkythinky)
I have cards and things and a desperate need to finally make use of them. Also my mom gave me a TON of forever stamps and the postal service reinstalled the mailbox on the corner so it's a sign. If you want fun random things to show up in your mailbox, please give me your address! Comments are screened! If you don't know me very well but want mail anyway, tell me a little about yourself so I have something to write to you about. :D

...and if I had your address previously, I have probably lost it (and by probably I mean definitely) address book didn't import over and I am incapable of keeping a physical address book.

eta: YAY, keep em coming. Also, outside the US is no problem!

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