Jan. 14th, 2013

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For the sex pollen square on my [community profile] trope_bingo card. :D Had to pull this from the other post last night, since my original image had been saved out corrupt.

Not so much a kiss as John murmuring really filthy things to Rodney.... )

I still don’t understand your face, John, but I will count this as mildly successful.

John getting hit with sex pollen and being all “Hey, Rodney, mumblemumble-filthy-something-or-other” is possibly my favorite thing ever. Followed by the moment when Rodney stops sputtering and remembers he’s the toppiest ever.

Actually, I lie. girl!John is my favorite thing ever, but that I still haven't managed to draw.
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My gift to [personal profile] monanotlisa for [community profile] fringe_exchange!

Vid embedded under the cut, 4:00, mildly NSFW? )

Downloadable (and also watchable) here at my dropbox.

This has slight changes from the version I posted on the comm (in addition to just adding credit for the footage used), having repeated a scene bugged me...among other minor things. Version one is still available here though!

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