Jul. 27th, 2013

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I finally own a blender again. Berkeley is continuing to be chilly though so instead of smoothies I am making biscuits. I will probably break the blender in tomorrow after yoga.

This week kinda flew by. Thursday night we made sushi with friends, and last night, J and I went and saw The Wolverine. I really enjoyed it, a lot more than I expected since the trailers weren't really doing much for me. Ending credit scene though made me flail like crazy.

Drawing is on the agenda for today and tomorrow. I need to get from thumbnails to raw lines by next weekend on this comic, or else!
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I’d forgotten that I opened a google hangout with myself to webcam my hand for reference and then scared myself when I leaned back in my chair and was suddenly in frame again. I should probably head to bed and see if I can wind down to sleep sometime soon.

But four pages done on Team American Classic's Losers Big Bang Comic and only eight more to go. The sketches are a whole lot cleaner than I’d expected with how rough my thumbnails were. Having a team relying on me to get this shit done is pretty damn motivational, I have to say. It's also doing what I'd hoped in terms of being a good learning experience. While I have one printed fancomic to my name, all the others I've attempted I've failed at completing. Some of those have been because of having difficulty translating a very motion oriented script to static panels, but also some of it is simply not being very good at the thumbnailing stage. Doing several rounds of thumbnails for this has been difficult, but now that I'm at rough sketches it's helped so, so much.

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