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A handful of recs. I'm loving the bookmarking feature on AO3 so far. Recs may sound slightly more excitable than usual since they're roughly the main non-spoilery parts of my feedback to the authors.

Spy Game - Tom Bishop/Nathan Muir - Cloak or Dagger - Substantial and plotty and seriously everything that a fic in this fandom should be. Set immediately post-film, it feels like an extension of the canon, with a very organic shift to Tom's point of view and having to deal with the aftermath of the op. The fic has all the best things that I love about the movie, complete with glimpses at the nuances of Tom's training, Nathan's seemingly boundless secrets, and just the right amount of fill-in-the-backstory to make certain scenes even more powerful than they were in the canon. Also notably it doesn't skimp on the fact that they are spies and comes complete with all the intrigue that makes the genre so compelling. Just amazing.

Casino Royale - Bond/M - If Headaches Persist, Shoot Your Agent - This was fabulously fun from start to finish. Fantastic character voices. I found M particularly delightful, as she comes across with a lovely amount of wit and charm beneath the no-nonsense, unruffled exterior. Exactly as she should!

The Breakfast Club - Brian/Bender - Most Likely To - This fulfills all the things that makes Brian/Bender my ship of choice. The reminiscing and touching upon high school came in just the right amounts so as to be neither distracting nor trite. The slow progression of his relationship with Bender was a treat, and felt very natural, real, and believable! The format lent itself beautifully towards the story unfolding with a sense of anticipation. Gorgeous writing and characterisation all around.

Baccano! - Isaac&Miria - And Many More - This manages to capture the very essence of Isaac and Miria with the perfect combination of ingredients. The tone has all the fun and mischief of the way they approach the world and has their voices down pat. Not only did I have that all-too-rare experience of hearing their voices with the dialogue, but it was all so very vivid. The format setting the story up almost as a play worked beautifully to get me in the right headspace to read this. Total and complete awesomesauce.

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