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Pulled photos off my camera, finally.

We get western sun in through two windows in the kitchen. The huge one below next to our table, and a small one that's set between the fridge and the counter. The bathroom and bedroom also get afternoon sun, and the window in the bedroom is equally big as the one in the eat-in kitchen. So. Much. Sun. \o/ Even on overcast days so far, the light has been just pouring in. I love it.

So much sun that leaving things on the table like, oh, a butter dish, is inadvisable. Despite not being in the hills, we can actually see some of the bay, and have a little thumbnail view of the Golden Gate. Amusingly, there is a telephone pole that lines up almost perfectly with it, so it looks like the cabling is just part of the pole. The tangent it creates drives J crazy.

Small bathroom is small. The door practically brushes the toilet when it opens and there's zero cabinetry besides the medicine cabinet. The linen closet is directly outside the door, but I'm thinking about some sort of underneath the sink shelving or something because even though I don't need much in the way of toiletries, it's a little ridiculous.

Check out the adorable tiling though! There's also another random tile with a cute retro bubbly design in blue.

Our two foot long hallway. Which is just space enough for a little three-drawer dresser. I'd had a plant on it, but it didn't survive the temperature shock of the move. So, flowers! And in lieu of a photo, zombie ingenuity. Which besides being decorative is a good reminder that we have yet to devise a proper contingency plan for the new place.

The weird part of this apartment is that the wall that runs from the eat-in kitchen to the living room is slanted. It opens it up more, but it makes for trying to arrange desk furniture super awkward. J and I have managed something like a plus sign with our desks, so now we sit diagonally instead of having a T with a shared desk surface. I like it, but it means I can't glance over at what he's working on and it's harder to force him to endure stupid youtube videos off my screen.

Besides Auron who gets space on the nice bookshelf, these are the only figures I'm keeping out. ♥ Hughes's right arm is actually MIA in a box somewhere, but from most angles it just looks like he's getting cosy with Roy so I'm not in a rush to find it.

Our chaise is set up against the wall next to Hughes and Roy, which is behind the little workarea my desks form. I already miss the rest of our L couch which was just too big to move, but hopefully we can figure out how to get the sucker it over to [personal profile] nekofreak's so that I can visit it, aharhrh. Speaking of [personal profile] nekofreak, that's her. We'd just gotten back from seeing HTTYD, and she was snuggling in my dragon hoodie blanket. On the far wall is our main bookcase. It is packed full. You may also have noted that for the most part instead of legs, our desks use mini bookshelves and they are all full. I even just bought another one today to replace another set of the legs on my desk. So. Many. comics doujinshi art books.

Finally, the ridiculous tv. Beyond it, on the floor next to J's backpack, one might note our old TV, a.k.a. the DDR screen.

No shots of the bedroom yet as J is asleep in there, but thanks to what J likes to call the Berkeley Street Mall or "the sidewalk" I have a spiffy little vintage two drawer dresser. The top was scuffed, but that meant I found a new use for a fringed scarf I had been thinking about getting rid of.

Working on hanging things on the walls, and excited to bring up our big painting that's been at my mom's. :D

Just put two more boxes of sorted things up in the closet for long-term storage. Now all that's left to sort and cull is my sewing items/fabric. That'll be a hefty project, but it'll put me in a good place to start piecing together some of the things I have patterned and cut.
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