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J and I just got back from seeing Toy Story 3 at the Pixar campus with friends.

They have a beautiful campus and I forgot to take my camera. No photo inside the giant action figure box for me.

So I wasn't expecting a lot out of the movie, as Toy Story is actually one of my least favourite Pixar film and I found TS2 to be decent but not amazing (aside from the usual appreciation for the quality of their animation/lighting/etc)

I really, really liked this. Even moreso a couple hours later. I think the story was strong in all the right ways for continuing a franchise and could probably stand-alone, and things like the toy-world versions of situations they end up in were really imaginative.

The art gallery upstairs gave me that sense of feeling like wow, this is what I am going to school for and I know that I'm pretty good at it, and the maquettes and the concept art made me want to run home and work on all the 3d projects that I've hardly put time into without a single studio class. It did a pretty good job of reminding me of all the reasons that I'd like to work in the industry even though on a happiness level, I really enjoy my new/current job.

So... also... I shipped it. *facepalm* Even though I've known since forever that Woody and Buzz are prime examples of some of my biggest archetype weaknesses, I never cared even a bit. But yep, thinking about it I can even pin down the moment I went zomg, I am shipping this.

Oh me.
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