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Because of my work schedule coupled with J's school schedule (as of next week, not a problem, woo!), I've had to wait until Wednesdays to watch the week's H50 ep.

WHAT IS THIS REALLY. It's like too easy. How much kink fodder can they cram in each episode? IDEK BECAUSE I CONTINUALLY LOSE COUNT.

Chin Ho in a collar on his knees for like the entire episode? Explosivity aside... HOW AM I NOT SUPPOSED TO GO THERE?

D: I hope Danny/Chin D/s fic comes out of this.

Also, J tells me the yey GG nomination cake that is apparently Scott's fav Hawaiian cake is the "Triple Orgasm." I WASN'T EVEN GOING TO GO TO THE RPF SIDE UNTIL NOW. THANKS A LOT CBS.COM

This show is going to kill me.

Oh, and random job-related PSA: If you are ordering stuff to ship across the US via UPS or FedEX and you want it to arrive by xmas? Upgrade your shipping above ground to be on the safe side. :D

Date: 2010-12-16 09:18 am (UTC)
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Chin Ho in a collar on his knees for like the entire episode?

RIGHT? What the hell - we're only human! It's like the writers are purposely trying to reel in the slashers in order to ensure a second season and job security. Which, actually, is crazy enough it just might work.

(See, I was thinking h/c, but D/s would also apply. SO MANY OPTIONS.)

Also, car sex. Obviously.

And additionally, is it just me or does Kono always get the borderline Frank Drebin cop line? "Looks like this doctor's not making any more house calls." Groan.

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