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I've been a little run down this week due to the cold going around at the office. I think I am managing to fight it off, or at least my boss and I didn't get it nearly so bad as our coworkers since mostly I feel like this is a few days worth of allergies making me feel dehydrated rather than any sense of being /sick/. Regardless, I'm so glad I can come home and cosy up in my much more comfy bungee chair to push this site live. Especially since doing this sort of thing at the office drives me nuts. I'm used to doing web and design work freelance, which means frequent getting up and wandering around and not just trying to mentally force it for a straight 8 hours.

Or, you know, following links to epic things like this with the sound up all the way:

dono demoreel 2011 from dono et frenchman on Vimeo.

...which will probably not be all that funny unless you are a 3D person, but I assure you, it is hilarious if you are. This is the best demo reel ever, and the only one I've ever seen where keeping the sound on is worth it. Bitchin'!

And for a complete lack of segue, it has come to my attention that with a little trim in the back, my hair is at the perfect length to cosplay Roy Mustang again.
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