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Work has been downright crazycakes lately. Too much to do and more projects than I can manage reasonably. The seasonal (and primary!) component of my job has ratcheted up and I have a lot of VIP clients who I personally take care of so all those zillion projects are having to take a back seat. On top of this we're on a trial period with FedEx instead of UPS as our primary provider. Things had smoothed out on the shipping end until this week when the weather really screwed with deliveries. One day delays due to thunderstorms because planes arrive in TN for FedEx instead of PA for UPS means we're off to a poor start. Fuf. I'm not really looking forward to tomorrow.

On the flip side I've been dealing with so much design and packaging and pointless meetings that I'd forgotten how much I love the customer end of my job. One of my clients sent me an absolutely lovely card today and another has told me to keep an eye out for a gift. I await the day that cars and diamonds start showing up as thanks for my awesome customer service. :p

I hope that this weekend I can do some serious drawing.

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