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Here is my hasty letter, what what!

Yuletide 2015

I am ridiculously easy to please, so first and foremost, please write something that you will enjoy writing! My previous letters if you care to browse are in my yuletide tag.

General likes/dislikes:

Thematically, I gravitate naturally towards relationships built on loyalty and found/intentional family. Misunderstandings centered around a lack of communication more often than not frustrate me. Though they're not necessarily appropriate for each of my requests, a few tropes that I'm a complete and utter sucker for are: undercover as a couple; blanketfic/Canadian shack; bodyswap; and time loop/groundhog day.

If I had any shipping preferences, I noted them. I also really enjoy gen, so do what works for you. I won't be disappointed if a story isn't shippy so long as the characters care about one another! :D

I don't have many squicks, but infidelity in a romantic pairing can be touchy for me, so if you write something shippy for Spy Game that is set after Tom meets Elizabeth, I'd prefer if she isn't fridged or tossed aside without explanation. Infidelity in TTSS or Crimson Peak isn't an issue for me.

Yuletide 2014

Additional specifics on some prompts:


Just as an FYI, if you'd like to write something shippy, I will literally take Jim anyway and every way, though I like him best with Barbara or Barbara and Alfred if it's healthy, but I also love trash, and I'm all over Jim getting abused by Mooney or Oswald or anyone with an ulterior motive. Jim is pretty much my favorite archetype, so as long as he retains his stubborn determination to be good, it'll work for me. :)

Butch & Sundance

Augh, these two. One of the things I love most about the ship is that idea that Butch is really the only one who can really read Sundance, or that Sundance only is ever honest with Butch and Etta. I will literally read anything for these two, though I tend to like banter or quiet understanding between these types of characters.

The Musketeers

Constance in drag is A++, and I will be happy with any range of shipping from gen on up. Shipwise I'm partial to D'Artagnan/Constance and Athos/Porthos/Aramis, though I'm really not picky. I am totally for the idea of D'Artagnan getting pegged by Constance though, you know, teaching her how to fuck like a man on top of shooting and all. (Apparently leatherwork dildos were era appropriate as my evil twin with the history degree tells me, sooo... there's that if it interests you. :D) In this case, infidelity doesn't really squick me.

Trope Bingo 2013

au: college / highschool au: coffee shop locked in sharing a bed road trip
au: all-human au: other holiday au: magic in vino veritas / drunkfic
mind control au: daemons FREE

time travel sex pollen (McShep)
au: neighbors secret twin / doppelganger wingfic au: space au: band
fusion snowed in huddle for warmth fuck or die rivals to lovers

Kink Bingo 2012

kink bingo card image cardset1-229.jpg || row 1: | bondage (wrist / ankle restraints) | worship | scars / scarification | tickling | gangbang || row 2: | orgasm denial / control | temperature play | historical roleplay | ageplay | dirty talk || row 3: | hypnosis / mind control | spanking / paddling | wildcard (icon #43 contains: worship, masters doms slaves and subs, service, humiliation (situational), bodily secretions) | begging | fisting / stretching || row 4: | breathplay | phonesex / epistolary | shaving / depilation | pictures | oral fixation || row 5: | enemas | electricity | pervertibles | wet messy dirty | roleplay

Date: 2011-06-05 11:01 am (UTC)
stormcloude: peace (Default)
From: [personal profile] stormcloude
Hehehe, these things always look so interesting to me. Do you get to pick the squares or are they assigned?

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