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Over on Tumblr, the Sherlock BBC fandom has set up a Fitness Challenge. It was pretty much the nudge I needed to finally sign up for Fitocracy, and also the nudge I needed to go spend our REI dividend and get poles and new shoes for hiking. I ended up with minimalist shoes since a couple people on my flist are huge fans, and typically I run in Converse anyway. I ended up with a pair of Vivobarefoot trail shoes and they're lovely. We did a 6 mile hike with 3 of being steep hills and there was none of that needing to break in a new shoe or anything, and I am all excited to go to John Muir and ease back into trail running. :D

J and I rented a car and went to Yosemite for the day. I'd never actually been, and now that we're not living on the coast, it's such a brief drive that I expect we'll do more day trips in the future. We also met up with E yesterday evening to see Snow White. I enjoyed it, and OT3'd it, and seriously want some hotwrong Queen/SW. Sometimes though the problem with being so familiar with visual effects is that I (and J & E) end up dissecting a lot of the effects and not being quite as immersed. Avengers is still eating my brain though, that I doubt I'll dabble in anything fandomish for the movie. Mostly I came out of it wanting to run home and play more Diablo, hah. Since I'm playing mostly Diablo right now, I'm thinking I may cancel my WOW account until we get our internet fixed properly (it keeps dropping out and losing signal) which is...not good on a pvp server and for someone whose main is tank/heals. It's a pain in D3 to drop out here and there, but with someone else in the party keeping the instance going it's not nearly as frustrating. I'm pretty tempted to try and get DSL set up instead of cable, and run them both for a month to see if it's fast enough for our household.

Current Avengers watching tally is at a mere 3. Hopefully I'll be able to make it back in for a 4th showing at some point. Today I'm going to try and draw a bit, and later in the day we potentially have some friends coming into town. Plans are loose, but I do know if they make it there will be dinner at our favorite Pakistani place. Yum.

Date: 2012-06-03 04:47 pm (UTC)
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This all sounds like all kinds of yay! :D And eeee, barefoot shoes. :D :D :D I love mine SO MUCH.

I am really amused at the idea of Snow White leading to an urge for Diablo III. I'll have to see if it does the same for me. :D!!!

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