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J and I went to see Skyfall on Saturday. I am so dead. I hadn't spoiled myself for anything, casting included, so I had no idea Naomie Harris was in it. Be still my heart. And all the Bond/M interaction just slayed me. So hard. I almost asked for that this year in Yuletide and now I'm regretting that I didn't. I hope someone else did though, since I'm guessing the majority of fic that will come out of Skyfall is likely to be of the Bond/Q variety.

Sunday at NWSA was good times. I snagged the Feminist Ryan Gosling poster from our booth and took it back to the office. It's now up on our wall and has become Feminist Publisher Ryan Gosling. Currently it says: "Hey Girl. You're right. The Oxford comma /is/ important." I love it.

I also snagged a couple extra copies of books that were left over. If anyone would like a copy of Virgie Tovar's new book Hot & Heavy (an amazing and varied collection of essays by fierce fat girls) or F'd Up (which is an accessible feminist primer aimed at teens and written by a teen), just let me know and I will mail them to you! I only have one of each, so first come first serve.

Tomorrow I think we're going to aim for seeing Wreck-It Ralph. By virtue of birthday wishes I could probably drag J out to see Skyfall again, but if I wait for the weekend, we can watch it again at the speakeasy without a huge crowd. :D
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