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I hyper-extended my left thumb a couple weeks ago while um, rescuing a box of kittens from a pack of rabid wolves. Really though, of all the things, I was turning on my bike light. It was the LED kind that sits on my spokes and I was pushing with about the strength of forcing a tack into a wall, but ugh, if I knew I could possibly injure myself, I would've approached that motion in a completely different way. Lesson learned. Thanks, body. It finally mostly doesn't hurt, and later this week is my appointment with a specialist to make sure I didn't do any long term damage to the joint. Bluh. I had to put a hold on my Krav classes, so I ended up joining the rock climbing gym that my cubemate joined. No climbing for me anytime soon, but they've got a decent amount of machines and a bunch of other fitness classes at convenient times, so it's been nice.

I'm wrestling slightly with feeling stretched thin. Mostly it's that injuring my hand has affected my ability to sleep throughout the night. Add that to how the VFX class I'm taking continues to be difficult and mentally exhausting, and I'm using the weekends to rest and recover. I'm happy that I'm learning a lot, and there's only one month left before I get those hours back.

J and I have begun looking around at other places to live. As much as I like to bitch about my neighbors they're actually pretty okay when not practicing the same song over and over on a mildly out of tune guitar, but we'd love a bit more space and the ability to have a pet. I'd be happy with a cat, but J really, really, really wants a dog, so that severely limits our pool of options. We put in a rental app yesterday for a house that is 95% perfect and I'm really antsy about it. I just want to know now whether or not we're in the running! There's another apartment in the same area that seems promising, but we have extremely reasonable rent in an extremely nice neighborhood to live in, so it's tough to give that up only for the option to get a pet while everything else (no laundry, no yard) is a lateral move. Here's to hoping, and it's nice that we don't have a pressing need to move, so we can take our time looking.
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