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No more splint (except at night!) which is leading to my thumb aching more throughout the day, but I’m excitedly relearning how to use the spacebar and how to not be afraid of putting pressure on it.

Overall, I've accomplished a lot this weekend and feel like I'm getting back on track with everything and not as overwhelmed. I went to a spin class yesterday morning which will be going into my routine. It was great fun except for the fact that I haven't ridden my /own/ bike for over a month and oh god, so saddle sore, I can't even. Besides that I have a fic finished and off for a read-through, new arts that I’m no longer hating, and progress on my commissions/obligations. I’m also looking forward to my work week since exciting things are happening. :D

I am hesitant to catch up on SPN, mostly because I hate that I’ve become invested enough again that I don’t want to be disappointed. Buh. I should probably catch up on White Collar first, since that has a much smaller chance of disappointing me. J and I also went to see The Croods, which was much better than I was expecting (Dreamworks movies are so hit and miss with me) but I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, even if I couldn't ever divorce myself from picturing Nic Cage the whole time.

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