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Star Trek ITD

Seen it!

Was entertained, and despite being more recently into ST as a whole thanks to our DS9 rewatch, I didn't walk away as excited as the first reboot. I felt like the movie needed more quieter scenes to balance out all the Big Action Things, but still, had a good time and I still love the Uhura/Spock and the Uhura/Spock/Kirk. Needed more Kirk/McCoy though.

I had a tough time getting immersed I think because I could never quite divorce Benedict from Sherlock, which meant pretty much every scene I was just anticipating Sherlock-esque lines to follow the more analytical dialogue. Also I had just recently rewatched ST:V and so I was comparing the cast as a whole.

I'm curious to see it again at some point (maybe we will catch it in IMAX since we missed IM3 on the big big screen) and see if I can divorce myself from all that and watch it with fresher eyes. I will also have to ignore the other fannish part of me that was going "Mickey!!! :DDDD" when Noel Clarke was on screen.
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I came away with the thought of Spock and Spock having a conversation something along the lines of 'he died for us'. If I ever write fic for this series it'll be about something like that.