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I made enchiladas yesterday with sauce out of a can and it turned out pretty tasty, but they were even better today. The rice I'd made seemed super spicy when it was fresh but seems to have mellowed out overnight, too. I love cooking dishes that actually make decent leftovers, and I think I'll add these into my rotation of typical dinner foods a little more frequently. I haven't made them in several years, and not since I was cooking for more people than just two, so it was a nice change. Also next time I think I'll freeze some so I have a lazy microwaveable meal when I just don't even want to look at the stove.

After coming home from the gym I shaved my head again. I'd pretty much let my mohawk grow out on the top and then just kept trimming the sides and then eventually the back. My work bestie just got a new cut that's not quite an undercut but goes from pixie short on one side to chin-length bob on the other, and since my hair is so thick and grows so quickly, from some angles it was looking similar. I figured I'd just buzz it all down so that her new style stands out more, and this way by the time October comes around I'll have a decent length to spike up if I feel like cosplaying some Teen Wolf.

In big bang news, apparently I can't draw a kitten that doesn't look like a doll. Getting there, but getting there sloooowly. I've been doing all my sketches traditionally, and set up at the kitchen table, which makes me feel like I'm doing homework since that was my default spot when working on painting assignments. The only difference is that now I'm listening to Welcome to Night Vale instead of watching Top Gear. I'm pretty hooked on Night Vale. At first I felt like it was a little too absurdist, but I've really gotten into the rhythm of it now. It's making me want to try my hand at podficcing again, but I need to find a new piece I think I could reasonable tackle in after the last author I wanted to podfic never answered me about permission. The obvious solution is podficcing my own work, but that seems less exciting!

Date: 2013-07-17 11:13 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] cluegirl
I've been hearing about Night Vale, and admittedly somewhat curious. What's it about? Other than a radio host in a creepy town, that is? (Limited time for reading/tv/podcast stuff, you know how it is.)

Date: 2013-07-21 11:23 am (UTC)
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I've never tried to make enchiladas, but now I'm tempted. I do have a tex mex cook book that should have some. (I'm the fajitas or mince meat wraps person... which does not involve cooking as much as grinding cheese and cutting salad. Hehe.)

I miss my short hair. I've been growing it out now for over a year again and it's just gotten to the length where I can tie a pony tail again, but boy do I miss the short hair. I'm tempted every day to go back.

I'd never heard of Night Vale before! I'm a huge Mighty Boosh fan though, which is like the heavy bottom of the absurd iceberg, if that metaphor made sense in any way. :p Might give it a try. Do you like radio comedy, like the BBC call center one, or Cabin Pressure? CP is by far my favorite radio comedy... but then I don't know many and have never heard an American one. Can you recommend any?

Also, because I always chicken out before sending you an email (but since I'm already here)... do you do tattoo commissions? (In general, I mean, not right now, because I know you're busy with commissions! Just... in case I ever get around to doing that... *ahem* :p)

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