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Doodling kaiju in small cars, it's a thing.

So this conversation happened...

Wait. Are you seriously telling me that Trespasser went through the bridge, down south into San Francisco….and then up north to fucking Concord?

Also, the movie narration says that it got 35 miles inland. That barely even takes it to Vallejo, let alone Sacramento, let alone back down again to Oakland. Seriously guys, look at a fucking map before you let your Kaiju rampage nonsensically over the Bay Area.

Fucking tourists never know where they’re going. If I get stuck behind one more kaiju trying to drive a GoCar down Market…

Also, guys now that I have gotten to the cleanup phase I am SO EXCITED about the Losers Big Bang. It's turning out so much better than I'd hoped (best scriptwriters ever!)

I really hope I get both comics to the same level of polish by reveal time. This is likely, I think. I may have to submit with a few really sketchy pages and then keep working, but I may otherwise print out my digital drafts and start doing cleaner lines at work during my lunch hour. We shall see.

But mostly gah, Aisha is the best. I love her so much.

In other news, I really, really need to get caught up on White Collar. I had to take a break mid-season because of all the Elizabeth vs Neal tension but now I feel like I can wade back in. The set pictures of the new season are making me get all flaily about the show. I miss it dearly.
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I suspect this is what I looked like last time I drove around up there. >.>;;
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Okay, I have not seen Pacific Rim, but your sketch is completely adorable (I love the panicked reference to roadmap) but I have to admit that when I saw the title of your post I had to go back and grab a picture from a recent Fandom Secrets.


(F!S post #2414, item 5; dated 12 August)
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(so many bonus points. :p)
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