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Work has gotten busy but also exciting this week. My department has gotten the go ahead to do some really awesome shit with the flagship website. It took a while for me to get everyone around me to learn to disengage from the existing framework and workflow, but finally everyone is able to conceptualize that the content doesn't need to fit into such rigid formats and that means fun times ahead. Given that a solid part of my job is SEO means that after launch I'll actually be able to do fun things like A/B landing pages and making our content more keyword friendly. We'll also have the ability to set up a proper editorial workflow too.

I've been burning through the base content migration this week and ended up ahead of schedule, which on the one hand was fabulous, since we might need to archive less at launch, but it also meant I did nothing but source and sort stock photo assets. After 8 hours of that I am fried.

Doing all the content migration though (and having just started doing some spring cleaning on our backup drive) is making me consider scheduling out an attempt to actually get the giant backlog of ancient artwork up on my personal site. Given that the way wordpress handles media now it's not as daunting as it was the last time I actually looked at doing that.

I've been playing a lot more Guild Wars 2 this week and over the weekend since I've been a bit too tired to really focus on anything creative. It's been fun, though I still don't quite like it as much as I like WoW, but I'm really disconnected on WoW since most of the folks I used to run with don't play anymore, and I still haven't settled onto the server that my coworker plays on. I wish I could pinpoint what I find less satisfying about GW2!
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No more splint (except at night!) which is leading to my thumb aching more throughout the day, but I’m excitedly relearning how to use the spacebar and how to not be afraid of putting pressure on it.

Overall, I've accomplished a lot this weekend and feel like I'm getting back on track with everything and not as overwhelmed. I went to a spin class yesterday morning which will be going into my routine. It was great fun except for the fact that I haven't ridden my /own/ bike for over a month and oh god, so saddle sore, I can't even. Besides that I have a fic finished and off for a read-through, new arts that I’m no longer hating, and progress on my commissions/obligations. I’m also looking forward to my work week since exciting things are happening. :D

I am hesitant to catch up on SPN, mostly because I hate that I’ve become invested enough again that I don’t want to be disappointed. Buh. I should probably catch up on White Collar first, since that has a much smaller chance of disappointing me. J and I also went to see The Croods, which was much better than I was expecting (Dreamworks movies are so hit and miss with me) but I enjoyed it pretty thoroughly, even if I couldn't ever divorce myself from picturing Nic Cage the whole time.
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My VFX class is officially done with and I got my critique last night. I did a lot better than I thought I did, which was nice considering all the hurdles along the way. I have my follow-up appointment on Friday for my hand where presumably I will no longer need to wear a splint and get to move on to the physical therapy portion of this ordeal. There's hardly any pain now, thankfully, which means drawing (in photoshop) and gaming is something I can do for longer than just a few minutes at a time. I'm also hopeful this means I can actually work my sewing machine again, as all my costume bits are sitting there just waiting to be assembled.

Work got a bit busy quicker than I expected. Sales conference and then BEA is coming up, so getting all the marketing material ready for that falls on my department. We're thankfully ahead of schedule, so while it's a little stressful in the sense that there are hard, inescapable print deadlines, our end of things is in very good shape.

Summer road trip plans are tightening up, and both J and I have had our requests for time off approved. I'm excited between the road trip and Wincon to actually do two things this year. Hopefully next year we'll be able to plan for an international destination.
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This is the last weekend for me to final this project and then I can be done with this VFX class.

Did I work studiously all day? Ha. Did I lay in bed and watch the second half of S2 TWD instead? Yes. I hope the anon who prodded me a few weeks back is happy. :p I have to say I'm glad I fell behind and didn't have to wait for new episodes to get through the season. Also thank god I've already watched pretty much everything in Norman's filmography, it's refreshing to pick up old flames and not have to make bad film choices for the actors I'm currently crushing on!

..and then some tl;dr about Oz: The Great and Powerful which failed so hard on every level besides sparking endless complaining and discussion about its MANY problematic aspects today. )
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I hyper-extended my left thumb a couple weeks ago while um, rescuing a box of kittens from a pack of rabid wolves. Really though, of all the things, I was turning on my bike light. It was the LED kind that sits on my spokes and I was pushing with about the strength of forcing a tack into a wall, but ugh, if I knew I could possibly injure myself, I would've approached that motion in a completely different way. Lesson learned. Thanks, body. It finally mostly doesn't hurt, and later this week is my appointment with a specialist to make sure I didn't do any long term damage to the joint. Bluh. I had to put a hold on my Krav classes, so I ended up joining the rock climbing gym that my cubemate joined. No climbing for me anytime soon, but they've got a decent amount of machines and a bunch of other fitness classes at convenient times, so it's been nice.

I'm wrestling slightly with feeling stretched thin. Mostly it's that injuring my hand has affected my ability to sleep throughout the night. Add that to how the VFX class I'm taking continues to be difficult and mentally exhausting, and I'm using the weekends to rest and recover. I'm happy that I'm learning a lot, and there's only one month left before I get those hours back.

J and I have begun looking around at other places to live. As much as I like to bitch about my neighbors they're actually pretty okay when not practicing the same song over and over on a mildly out of tune guitar, but we'd love a bit more space and the ability to have a pet. I'd be happy with a cat, but J really, really, really wants a dog, so that severely limits our pool of options. We put in a rental app yesterday for a house that is 95% perfect and I'm really antsy about it. I just want to know now whether or not we're in the running! There's another apartment in the same area that seems promising, but we have extremely reasonable rent in an extremely nice neighborhood to live in, so it's tough to give that up only for the option to get a pet while everything else (no laundry, no yard) is a lateral move. Here's to hoping, and it's nice that we don't have a pressing need to move, so we can take our time looking.
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How to Succeed in Business
Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon but Crowley knows that Dean Smith is really Dean Winchester). Facefucking, deepthroating, shameless porn. Written for the SPN rarepair fest.
It's happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean Smith the most expensive drink he's ever had.

How to Succeed in Business )
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Bound and Determined inspired.

XMFC. Shaw/Erik. NSFW. Dubious consent, knifeplay, partner abuse, sadism, blood. Shaw is his own warning.

Crawling.... )
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Friday: After multiple recs sat down to watch the first ep of the The Following on Hulu. Ended up glued to the screen and having Feelings about Kevin Bacon for the first time in almost twenty years. Felt conflicted but was also reminded that Sebastian Shaw gives me Feelings, so thought it was a good time to finish reading Bound and Determined.

Saturday: Still awake at 5am because I was stupid and ended up STARTING OVER instead of just picking up where I'd fallen behind. Best worst decision of my life. Managed to do very little homework, but got my reference images shot and sorted and prepared. Was too stubborn to lay down for a nap and drew things instead. Also met up with [personal profile] verity and had a delicious dinner with talk of psychic wolves that is making me countdown to Friday. All the best things!

Today: Modeling and polishing the camera match for my shot and then maybe more drawing if I'm timely about it.

Various TV things: I've finally walked away from the bad relationship that was Hawaii 5-0. I had such a hard time quitting it even if it just kept sliding downhill and continually disappointing me in so many ways. My crush on the main cast and Ian Anthony Dale still holds, but the pretty is just not enough. I have the last two eps of White Collar waiting for me, but I wasted my Friday evening time as mentioned above with The Following. I am so completely hooked, and can't quite get over that it's full of my favorite tropes and archetypes in ways that I pretty much never actually SEE on screen. Arm flailing.

Also one of the artists I follow on Tumblr has been on a Trek kick and had started with DS9. I didn't watch it regularly at the time it aired, not like I had with TNG or Voyager or the first few seasons of Enterprise, so I've been putting it on as background noise. I think I've probably seen more than I thought I had. I still love Odo. Early season Bashir still makes me facepalm but I love him anyway. I had also forgotten how much of it was pretty much The Quark Show. I told him that if we ever did a Trek con, I'd totally cosplay Quark in a flashy jacket and J responded by giving me an eyebrow and saying it's only a matter of time before I draw Ferengi porn. I want to say that I'm pretty sure that's a line I wouldn't cross, but over the past two weeks it's become a lulzy pink elephant and now I CAN'T RULE IT OUT ENTIRELY. Sometimes I don't understand myself.

Art post in a sec....
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It is very hard for me to draw wolfed out Derek and not make him look like Wolverine with no eyebrows. Fffff. But then again, maybe that's why I like him? Stiles on the other hand is an absolute pleasure to draw, even if his fuzzy head is difficult. Next time I'm hoping to try drawing some Lydia or Scott.

Cross Your Heart )
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Watched the series finale of Fringe and I said on Tumblr that:

It's impossible to curl into a ball in cheap Ikea chairs

Oh god series finale I can’t even function right now. I’m too overwhelmed to even use a reaction gif.

I don’t even know if I’m satisfied or not. I just feel like I need booze.

Vaguely more of a reaction now. Spoilery. )

Going to curl into a ball on the bed now.
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My gift to [personal profile] monanotlisa for [community profile] fringe_exchange!

Vid embedded under the cut, 4:00, mildly NSFW? )

Downloadable (and also watchable) here at my dropbox.

This has slight changes from the version I posted on the comm (in addition to just adding credit for the footage used), having repeated a scene bugged me...among other minor things. Version one is still available here though!
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For the sex pollen square on my [community profile] trope_bingo card. :D Had to pull this from the other post last night, since my original image had been saved out corrupt.

Not so much a kiss as John murmuring really filthy things to Rodney.... )

I still don’t understand your face, John, but I will count this as mildly successful.

John getting hit with sex pollen and being all “Hey, Rodney, mumblemumble-filthy-something-or-other” is possibly my favorite thing ever. Followed by the moment when Rodney stops sputtering and remembers he’s the toppiest ever.

Actually, I lie. girl!John is my favorite thing ever, but that I still haven't managed to draw.
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Home from my third Krav class. HOLY CRAP I AM TIRED.

I have all these things to squee about, so hopefully by the time I am showered and fed I will manage more than this quick little "still alive" post!

eta: nope. ...my body is going to be so stiff in the morning. but at least this time there is minimal bruising? x_x
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Hawkeye (comics). Gen. Gift art for "know you're not alone" posted in the 2012 Yuletide challenge. Art is gen, but story is Clint/Cap written in amazing Kate POV. Text in the speech bubble is from the fic, by...anonymous until the reveal! Lineart here.

Merry (expletive gerund) Kwanzaa... )
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I have cards and things and a desperate need to finally make use of them. Also my mom gave me a TON of forever stamps and the postal service reinstalled the mailbox on the corner so it's a sign. If you want fun random things to show up in your mailbox, please give me your address! Comments are screened! If you don't know me very well but want mail anyway, tell me a little about yourself so I have something to write to you about. :D

...and if I had your address previously, I have probably lost it (and by probably I mean definitely)...my address book didn't import over and I am incapable of keeping a physical address book.

eta: YAY, keep em coming. Also, outside the US is no problem!
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Back in 2004 I doodled Gimli in Pikachu's pose. Saw the Hobbit last weekend and felt it was time to bring this back. Dwarves! J colored it for me. Lineart here.

Lord of the Rings. Legolas & Gimli.

Gimlichu! )
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[community profile] fringe_exchange went live today.

I got a giftfic of pre-canon Redverse John Scott and Olivia being badass!

I think I've read it ten times already. ;-;

Feelings everywhere.

Slowly making my way through all the other entries. There is so much good stuff, including fix-its and lots of Astrid, and it all just makes me ridiculously happy <3333.
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I just left the most rambly capslocky comment, and forgot to add OMG TITLE, but yes. The first time I ever heard this song it was immediately Victor/Logan in my head and oh, ohhh.

My shiny Yuletide present came complete with the delicious sort of amnesia-laden dubcon that is possibly my favorite of all tropes in the X-Men Origins fandom. It leaves me with tons of questions in all the right ways, where I want to know like burning what happens next, but it's still so very satisfying. sdflkjs. Victor, you magnificent bastard. :DDDD

Blood Sticks, Sweat Drips (1660 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
Rating: Not Rated
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Victor Creed/Logan (X-Men)
Characters: Logan (X-Men), Victor Creed

A stranger from Logan's past brings up unpleasant ideas about who he used to be.

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