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I'm a little sick of web developers not reading the emails I've sent.

Seriously guy, don't tell me what I sent you couldn't be used because I added a body tag into the file and there can't be two body tags. No shit. I also clearly wrote in my email that without the appropriate html framework, I needed to add a body tag to test the include, so to please move the defined classes to the appropriate tag.

Apparently I should have added: in the F'ing File Which You Did Not Provide where it obvious lives

Clearly when I woke up I put my rantypants on. I think my lunch hour will now be dedicated to reading porn.
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I feel quite boring lately. Work is less overwhelmingly busy, but even though the pace of my days is much slower the projects I'm in charge of are equally taxing mentally. Will probably start granting blanket access soon so I can just share in general about all the cool things I'm doing with bees. I'm sure the two online classes I'm taking probably aren't helping my energy level much. At least I get to paint that portrait of Tom Hardy this weekend?

Besides being so tired that I am frequently asleep at a ridiculously early hour (I don't even know why I'm still up...), I am doing yoga again. I've definitely lost flexibility since my last go around, but the strength gain is quite noticeable. I am also feeling very antsy lately in regards to creative things and I think I am learning how to appreciate and enjoy the things I draw, or at least view them somewhat more objectively and not getting obsessively hung up on all the flaws that most people don't notice and/or care about. It's interesting anyway.

Rambly entry makes it obvious I am sleepy. Time to make the husband watch an episode of SGA with me as I fall asleep...which usually involves me requiring a recap of 75% of the previous night's episode. Good times.
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How the hell is it October already?

So work is slowing down in the sense that my main job duty throughout the summer has dropped exponentially in the past few weeks. I am dealing with less than 5% of the volume I had been only two weeks ago. Also hardly any calls and hardly any emails which means I can catch up on the latter.

I am now in charge of a wholly different (and interesting) project dealing with bees, as well as doing a ton of design/illustration for holiday things. The design work is engaging and far more time-senstive and rushed than I'd prefer, but in the end the engaging part is far more important than whether or not my streak of perfectionism is happy with my line quality.

Fun things today brought to me by J:

1. the trailer for Sega's Captain America game. Punching and kicking shit, fuck yeah!
2. the TARDIS 'shopped into all the images on my iMac's default space screensaver. Hee.

And now I'm gonna do my homework. Hopefully most of it. Midterms will be coming up shortly, and holy crap I am counting down the days until I am done with classes.
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Yesterday at work I was able to leave early and get a rush appointment to get my tooth fixed. And it wasn't a kajillion bucks so rent this month is no longer in question. Woo.

Today at work was somewhat stupid though with a combination of overly successful email campaign + all the shit that didn't get done yesterday + running out of necessary inventory. I am looking forward to continuing to get Caught Up on Paperwork tomorrow.

Now I am going to draw until it is my bedtime! ...which would be more exciting if I didn't have to go to sleep in like an hour.

eta: so close to done with this pic I want to just force it, but I need to be up early. I like this one a lot though so it's a little torturous having to put it down! So glad that these kisspics are turning out to be the opposite of stressful. <3
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I am drowning in paperwork. This is my last busy week though and it's significantly less crazy than last week. This is good because apparently classes start today and I seem to have enough credits to graduate this semester. That certainly snuck up on me.
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If I pull four twelve-hour days in a row with no breaks I'm seriously going to go crazy. Couldn't go to the gym today either since I failed to eat. All my own fault and yet, not much option to slow down.

At this point, White Collar is the only thing keeping me sane.

My patience for customer stupidity is pretty high, but now that we're at our busiest and I'm essentially handling my entire division plus some, the entitlement factor of some folks is making me slightly less gracious than usual. Which somewhat irritates me further since typically heavy workloads and deadlines don't affect my performance negatively.

On the upside, I am bringing home a metric fuckton of awesome peaches and nectarines. If only I had time to entertain visitors and give some of it away!
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I have brought an obscene amount of work home with me tonight in preparation for tomorrow. Tomorrow officially starts the STUPIDBUSY portion of this month. After that though, it will be smooth sailing until the holidays. Whee.

Mr. Arms absolutely kicked my ass at the gym. Tomorrow I'm going to be lucky if I can pull on a shirt. Reverse grip DB bench presses are surprisingly hard. Compared to the last two weeks, I had a ton of energy so was able to really push myself. When I nail a set of bodyweight pull-ups I am fucking going out for margaritas.

In a final bulletpoint of pure happy, I did some sewing yesterday and got a waistcoat all stitched together and ready to mark up for where it needs some custom fitting. Compared to the last pattern I worked off of, this one is lovely and all that fabric and buttons I picked up ultra cheap a few months ago means I have so much flexibility in regards to lining. I missed sewing!
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Paperwork is so suck. I especially hate how it's tough to tell if certain things always go wrong with the same people, or if I've got a zillion other issues that I don't know about because most customers don't bother to call/email when things arrive damaged.

I want to be outside doing something!

Or rewatching White Collar.

Maybe I should go to the gym on my lunch hour instead of waiting until after work. @_@
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Normally Mondays are my "get shit together" day, where I get my paperwork sorted out and all the things prepped for the Really Busy days that follow. Not today. Today was zomfg do what you normally do in eight hours in a single hour, plus some. Chaos ensued.

But I survived! And I made it out of the office on time (mostly) without leaving too much undone and got to the gym precisely on time for Mr. Arms to kick my ass as usual. I'm completely worn out now but content. We mixed cardio into the weights and with that plus the running I can see that my stamina is slowly going up along with my strength. I love being able to measure my progress, although based on my energy level for the past couple weeks, I might need to consider that I'm not eating enough again with how frequently I've been managing to go to the gym. Food, such a pain in the ass for me, I swear.

I did enough computer work today that even though I want to do some drawing, my wrist could probably use a rest, so I'm going to grab my notebook instead and see about writing. I'm hoping not to have to fall back on drawing to make my bingo in kink bingo, but at this rate I have no idea if I'll finish any of these fics on time! The nice thing is that I've been reading more. AO3 is proving handy to keep open and try and read at least one fic/chapter while winding down for sleep.
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Worked an event in Monterey and so spent about 7 hours on my feet doing non-stop talking. I am So Tired. Stopped at my mom's to say hi and decided to just stay the night rather than drive all the way back to Berkeley. I have driven more this week than in all of 08 and 09 combined. I wish I were exaggerating. x_x

The event went fabulously. The boys at the coffee booth in the corner were quite fetching and I talked them into giving me a pound of beans. \o/ I also got former co-worker to work the event with me and she rocked per usual. She's much better at aggressive sales than I am, so that was extra helpful; she drew them in, and I got to do the conversational part.

The really exciting thing though is that I AM DONE WITH THE SEMESTER OMG. I turned in my short story this morning before I came down here and fweeeee. That I can spend a good chunk of tomorrow cleaning the apartment doesn't seem like it should be exciting, and yet I'll be glad to sort through and get rid of all the miscellany that we apparently waited until the last minute to move over. Also haircut, omg haircut. Want. Need.

Justin also moved the small computer desk into the bedroom and it's in a perfect spot for me to put the sewing machine on! I need a chair or small stool for it, but I'm prepped to start up all my cosplay projects that have been on hold. Fun times ahead!

Is it time for [community profile] kink_bingo yet?
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Recovering quickly from catching J's version of the cold that's been going around. Sleeping a ton, and did a crap job on my last week's homework because of it, but glad to be feeling better. Job things are looking good, although I'm running into the problem of likely hearing back from my second choice first, as they're looking to fill the position asap and my interview went really well.

Attempted to take photos of the apartment, but man, I need a wide angle lens. Will try again tomorrow. :3 I'm loving our kitchen to bits and have been cooking quite a bit. I baked an apple crisp tonight and it turned out delicious. Amusingly, after initially putting things away, the first time I actually cooked a meal I found myself knowing exactly where things were in which drawer and moving with familiarity in the space. I realised that the layout of sink/cabinets/stove is almost exactly like the layout of our friends' kitchen where we housesat every year for almost a month at a time. Go muscle memory.

Wondercon on Sunday was nice. One of our buddies had a table, so we got to chat and catch up a bit. Wish I'd been feeling less out of it so as to actually stay longer in general, but an hour in the artists alley wiped me out completely. Didn't find many goodies for myself since Fat Rabbit Farm didn't have any shirts in a colour I could remotely wear, and the artists I'd bought from last year didn't make an appearance, but found some cool stuff regardless. Glad we managed to get there in time to catch most of the Human Target preview. The episode is still making me all giddy, I can't wait to see it again. And JEH and Mark Valley, so adorable. I flailed. There even managed to be one relevant question from the audience, too. Mark was saying that through filming, despite pulling from various disciplines, Chance definitely has his own fighting style developing. I think that's pretty nifty. :D

More sleep for me now!
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Counted out my stash of dollar coin bullion to see about attending Wondercon both today and tomorrow. I ultimately decided to stay home today though and save myself an extra $15 to spend on artists who've stuck it out through Sunday. J's had a cold and while I'm pretty sure it's the same strain that I suffered through a couple weeks ago, I was feeling slightly iffy when I woke up today. Think it was mostly that I didn't get much sleep though (from the boy's coughing and worrying about the fact that he had to go to work at 4am, exhausted or not). After breakfast and coffee I'm feeling good, and glad I decided to only go tomorrow. As much as I want to swoon all over Jake Gyllenhaal, I am ambivalent about his movie, and my main draw is ultimately the Human Target crew.

I have a second interview lined up for this coming week, and while I'm not thrilled about a commute, before we moved away from the Santa Cruz area I was accustomed to one and the company is one I'm interested in working for.

Following multiple TV shows again and being current on them is not something I'm used to.

Fringe )


Finally: [community profile] kinked is a Kink Big Bang, running on DW. I highly encourage writers/artists to sign up! 10k words of any kink. With a big fat emphasis on ANY. Your kink is okay <3, and "[the] challenge is open to all forms of kinky eroticism, whether or not they include genital pleasure." I should also mention that it's not fandom-specific, original works are welcome too!
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Well, How to Train Your Dragon was adorable incarnate. It makes me so happy when Dreamworks does a good job with an animated film as I find their output so hit and miss in comparison to Pixar. Between that and Repo Men (prrr) that's it for me with movies until the job situation resolves itself. I have good prospects, including an interview coming up for the position I was most excited about amongst the slew of resumes I've sent out so far this week. Time to dig out the hair dryer and prepare to clean myself up for business casual.

Have yet to actually sit down and draw, but have been poking at fic, both finishing up some WIPs and also beta'ing the giant backlog of Blue's poor neglected stories. I also finally did laundry since the move, which means I can start putting clothes away, a prospect which shouldn't be as exciting as it is.

While my food is in the oven, I think I shall actually pop open Photoshop and see if I can paint something.
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Overcast again today, I'm hoping for at least a bit of sun on Monday. For the most part I handled winter pretty well this year, but my anxiety/depression the past six months has been relatively debilitating. Having a regular schedule again in terms of work, activity, and eating is helping a lot in terms of keeping me out of any really low swings. Still, I would like some more sun.

Work was stupidly busy, like non-stop busy. We nearly sold out almost two hours before closing if not for putting out some extra items. And I posted this to my twitter, but it's awesome, so I'm saying it again here. After I left the shop, in the little bushy tree right outside the door there was a hummingbird asleep in its nest. So amazing. Really wish that I'd had a camera and tripod to have been able to take a photo without disturbing it.

I have a lot of things to do on my days off this week, especially since I'm playing a little catch up after previously working six days, but of everything I have to do I think I'm most excited to sew. Finally went in to Stone Mountain and got myself some nice remnants to play with.

Tired now, phone is charging so as not to be dead, back to the realm of the living tomorrow.
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It was gorgeous out so I took my bike to work today. I need to oil my chain to see if it'll last a while longer before really needing fixing, but it wasn't too fussy on a midgear so that makes me happy. J keeps telling me it's going to rain again so I'm going to enjoy this weather while it lasts.

I finally got a membership at the Y the other day and went in after my shift. Since I work so close to downtown now, it's super convenient and as I'd hoped it would be is a perfect fit into my schedule. Can't wait to go again, although my legs are completely dead. Someone did not factor in the uphill biking immediately upon leaving. Or the dead batteries in the bike lights. Oops.

Pulled a beautiful shot and poured a perfect rosetta on a capp today, that was also happy making. I love the espresso we use, it's delicious. *_*

Last night J and I hung out with new people in one of those sorts of trial friend date things. They were chill and we all got along nicely so it looks like J's got a new pair of running buddies. As a bonus, they have kittens and want J to come over and feed and play with them in Feb when they'll be gone for a few days. Win!
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Today was pretty much my last day at the current workplace, and boy did that sneak up on me. Managed to get most everything prepped for other people to take over my responsibilities, but there are still a few things that I'll need to make sure are covered.

I have celebrated by torturing myself trying to draw something art nouveau. Polled on Y!Gallery for who I should draw, and by popular demand it turns out that I will be posting some Holmes/Watson tomorrow. Big surprise, I know. I've got the two of them pretty much finished, so now it's just detailing and texturing the frame/background. Oof. I <3 Alphonse Mucha, but my goodness do I find doing swirly ribbony cutout things difficult. Since I haven't worked on a single piece seriously since the semester ended, this was a good reintroduction and also got me prepped to do things with a better workflow (like, actually starting with thumbnails). I've been somewhat scattered and wanting to work on my base technical skills and do things that are forcing me to stretch artistically, but also not knowing where to start or what to work on. After this, I feel a lot more prepared to dig in to the outstanding commissions I have and not be so tied down to stylistic constraints on the ones that were fighting me.

yay drawing! \o/
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Saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday. While it's not my favourite Ritchie film (that's likely Revolver) and not the one I most desperately want to see copious amounts of fic for (Handsome Bob and One Two, I'm looking at you), it was delicious and fun and checked off every box on my Big List of Things That Make Me Squeeful. \o/ I expect I will see it again soon. Possibly I shall do so if the boys go see Avatar since I just can't muster up the enthusiasm even on a technical level to pay for it and I've heard nothing but suck about the non-technical aspects. I can gladly dish out another ten bucks for more RDJ and Law making eyes at one another.

So, this is not the post wherein I complain about how I (still) hate the AO3 warnings system, but rather the one in which I complain about how in my headspace "choose not to use archive warnings" equals "you are likely to find something horrible in this so you should skip it to be safe".

Authors in fandoms I know who are using this uh non-warning warning method, if there are hits on your stories without a comment to coincide, one of them is me clicking open everything in the list and then backing away from the ones that have this label. I don't know what it is since there aren't that many things that squick me as opposed to just things I don't care for, and most of those themes people don't typically warn for in the first place, but man, being told ahead of time that warnings ain't coming feels a whole lot like "there /could/ be a bomb in this room". Fuf. Vaguely sorry for the fake hits as the non-paranoid part of me had wanted to read your story but the paranoid part won out. Bombs are scary.

In other news, I floated my potential notice at work today. I've got an on-site trial at the new gig coming up, so I'll see how it goes and if the jump is permanent. Mmmcake.
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- Although I managed surprisingly well on cards last year, there's no way I'm going to manage this year. I'm slightly bummed about this, but I think I'll just resolve to send more random letters throughout the year as that's way more fun to receive.

- I made adorable cupcakes at work again. I wish I had an excuse to make them at home, or a whole lot more people to foist them off on.

- The last two episodes of Fringe made me all excited and giddy, even with a brief Not Sure If Want moment in there. I need to get over my tendency to want to fit things neatly in canon and just write the smushy porn that I want to write.

- There is absolutely no way to reply to an anon thread with you as the subject without a) being a dick, b) encouraging the drama, and c) being a dick. I replied anyway.

- There is absolutely no way to blog/tweet/mention replying to an anon thread with you as the subject without encouraging the drama and being a bit of a dick, but it made me laugh. Oh, people.

- I had this big complicated adventure dream with JDM in it last night. It was awesome. Then I had to get up and go to work, which was less awesome, even though our new brunch cook made me Huevos for breakfast.

- Speaking of our new cook, she's been teaching J how to make stuff. Including this awesome grilled tomato salsa which is downstairs right now, calling to me. She's the best.

- I severely need a nap, but if I sleep now I'll wake up at the time which I should be going to bed. Conflict.
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Attended a benefit dinner last night with J, maiki, and Susan for a non-profit that we've done a lot of work for. Materials that both Susan and I had designed were all over the place and it was really nice to see it all out and looking snazzy. Susan's done a lot to get their informational materials/reports looking clean and professional. I did the benefit's programs, invites, and carried over from last year was a set of promotional posters which I'm still proud of. The project, per usual, made me gnash my teeth at times, but I do enjoy working for them, and it was flattering when people whom I didn't expect compliments from told me they were impressed by the invitations in particular. :D Leading up I had this worry about the pagination on the program booklet since I worked entirely remotely and never saw a proof (or even had time to run one myself!) but everything turned out beautifully and typo-free. By this point, I've done enough recent work to have a solid design portfolio again, so with so few classes left ahead of me it's nice to have that in addition to what's shaping up to go on my reel.

I didn't mingle much, as J and I were introduced to some great people early on and there was no incentive to bother straying away from the interesting conversation to rub elbows with people outside my industry. It was somewhat fascinating attending something like this after so long, and also after now having worked on catering from the serving end! The appetizers, by the way, were awesome. I wish we offered some of them on our own menu, especially the warm cranberries and almonds in phyllo cups. Yum.

My shoes were remarkably comfortable. I haven't worn actual heels in forever and it's nice to confirm that my knee can handle hours standing around in 3" heels.
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Today was a ridiculously long day at work. It was just one thing after another with some new accounts and special orders needing attention. I didn't even get my deposit finished until a half hour before the bank closed. Squeaked that one in! I didn't finish everything, but got all the major stuff squared away. The amount of filing I have to do tomorrow though is epic, and I have an early morning dentist appointment.

On the fannish front: David Wenham rumoured for the Warcraft movie as Arthas? Yes please. *_* Gimme. I loves me some good boys gone bad.

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