Jan. 26th, 2010 10:27 pm
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As my squee a couple months ago would indicate, all I wanted from this movie was Kevin Durand with wings and a giant spiky mace.

Done and done. \o/

Sometimes I pity J in that he doesn't have an overwhelming giddy rush of yay to fall back on when plot elements wear thin. As we were leaving I was all "zomgsdlfjk WINGS. sldkfjslkj!!!" and he was all "I ate a carrot today. It was a 30 minute snack." True story.

zomg wings.

Also, I /know/ there are Legion prompts on Porn Battle. :x


Jan. 20th, 2010 11:02 pm
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Went with [personal profile] nekofreak to see Daybreakers. Even though I knew all the parts that were vaguely jumpy, I still jumped. Oh, my shame.

I <3 Frankie even more this time around. Guh. sdfljs.

In other news, I've been prompting for Porn Battle IX: Dressed to the Nines and skimming the other prompts while doing so. I used to think I just didn't care about crossovers at all, but after finding myself writing them here and there, I guess it's more that they're hit and miss for me and I tend to require at least something in common between the fandoms. When characters from different fandoms get paired together usually I'm just nothing but bzuh, and then sometimes I am all yay Tony Stark! GIMME , and then other times my brain ACCIDENTALLY comes up with things and then they don't get out of my head. Like Jecht/Hermione with Jecht as the new Quidditch star. I don't know why, but I want it. Probably it is the many opportunities for hotwrong. Oh, me.

In summary: Frankie = ♥
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I went in expecting horrorvamp 30 Days of Night style entertainment and not much else. Only with Ethan Hawke brand hotness instead of Josh Hartnett brand hotness. (I'd forgotten it also had Sam Neill, for extra <333 points.)


vaguely spoilery squee )

Not perfect by far, but this is me biting my fist and needing a moment. sldfkjsl.

J and I also drove through Napa today (somewhat by accident, but it was fun.) We saw cute baby sheep! Oh, and pretty scenery. We circled down towards the Marin Headlands, and came back up through Sausalito and I DON'T EVEN CARE BECAUSE OMGVAMPIRES.

So much nice costuming. Sam Neill rocked his wardrobe. Guh.
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Saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday. While it's not my favourite Ritchie film (that's likely Revolver) and not the one I most desperately want to see copious amounts of fic for (Handsome Bob and One Two, I'm looking at you), it was delicious and fun and checked off every box on my Big List of Things That Make Me Squeeful. \o/ I expect I will see it again soon. Possibly I shall do so if the boys go see Avatar since I just can't muster up the enthusiasm even on a technical level to pay for it and I've heard nothing but suck about the non-technical aspects. I can gladly dish out another ten bucks for more RDJ and Law making eyes at one another.

So, this is not the post wherein I complain about how I (still) hate the AO3 warnings system, but rather the one in which I complain about how in my headspace "choose not to use archive warnings" equals "you are likely to find something horrible in this so you should skip it to be safe".

Authors in fandoms I know who are using this uh non-warning warning method, if there are hits on your stories without a comment to coincide, one of them is me clicking open everything in the list and then backing away from the ones that have this label. I don't know what it is since there aren't that many things that squick me as opposed to just things I don't care for, and most of those themes people don't typically warn for in the first place, but man, being told ahead of time that warnings ain't coming feels a whole lot like "there /could/ be a bomb in this room". Fuf. Vaguely sorry for the fake hits as the non-paranoid part of me had wanted to read your story but the paranoid part won out. Bombs are scary.

In other news, I floated my potential notice at work today. I've got an on-site trial at the new gig coming up, so I'll see how it goes and if the jump is permanent. Mmmcake.
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I'm not fuckin intentionally trying to be fucking spammy, but OMFG.

HD Redband trailer for All Saints Day! )

omg boys. Boys with their Da. Finally. I am less D: about the protege than I was in all the years prior to actual filming.

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J and I went to see district 9 today. I'm a little torn. It was very good for the most part, but maybe I'll make a spoilery post about it later. For now...


Oh, Kevin Durand, please continue with the hotass. Unf.

I don't even care if it's probably going to be a shit movie. )

If the internet doesn't supply me with Michael/Gabriel fic when this movie comes out, I'm going to have to lodge a formal complaint.
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Earlier today I almost had a "no one yells at me" moment similar to the evil twin's, but while rationally I understand the written exchange in the retail log, emotionally I am less than happy with the tone of it. Particularly when my comment was left in the intent to be constructive and seek the root of the problem rather than merely addressing the symptom. My feathers will be less ruffled tomorrow I'm sure, but it made the decision a whole lot easier to apply for another job today. It would be doing pretty much exactly what I do now which I love, and hopefully with more hours and spiffier perks. I cross my fingers.

After work yesterday, J and I saw Up. I can't even pretend to be a robot anymore. :( My superpower to callously watch the most heart-wrenching films has abandoned me and now I get all sniffly over everything. I had no idea what to expect out of Up based on what I'd seen at Wondercon, but as usual, I wasn't disappointed. It was lovely, both visually and emotionally. I'd happily see it again.
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Because he loves me, J took me to see Wolverine again.

Gambit's eyes bothered me more this time since I was not so distracted by Sabretooth. Also, Deadpool, but I'm hoping a whole movie for him will retcon things. Ryan Reynolds = ♥

That said, my gripes are still minor and the Logan/Remy hit me a whole lot harder. I mean, sure, I know that I completely project the Sabretooth and Wolverine flirting, but good lord, I really don't need much of the slash goggles with Gambit. Nice stick, indeed. Am extra happy now that the evil twin is helping me finish my Logan/Remy fic. Guh.

I find it somewhat hilarious that J has had pretty gnarly sideburns for a few months now and he just recently buzzed his head again. I know it's just that hot weather has cropped up, but I like to think he loves me that much.

I...I should be asleep since I open the cafe tomorrow, but I think I'll write, just a little.

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So here's my belated Trek post. I saw Star Trek on Friday afternoon its opening weekend. I was blown away. They did such an amazing job, and especially to treat the reboot as they did where it just opens up so much potential...I am excited.

Blather and shipping and all the spoilery stuff... )

...in other news, if it's true that the guy who played George Kirk is going to be Thor, I am a little flaily. Crossovers! Yespls.

I just read this Cillian Murphy/Ruth Negga fic by [personal profile] jackandahat on [community profile] chromatic_fanfic and it is smoking hot. Breakfast on Pluto RPF skirtporn is win. There is another one, with pegging, which I've tabbed open for later. slfkjs.
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Item the first: Internet! Ridiculously fast internet, even.

Item the second: Wolverine! I figured I didn't care how many helicopters got taken down by a not quite fastball special as long as there was some Gambit action, but oh, omigod. My fangirl is off the charts. I can't believe I'm working a split shift, as all I want to do is DRAW. I've always loved Sabretooth and now with Liev's version in my head, I have extra stars in my eyes. The hotness is killing me. So much so that it's taking a lot of effort to type in sentences.

As I mentioned in my frantic twitter while exiting the theatre, it's like they made this movie for me. ;-; I'm so happy I didn't pay any attention to the screener gossip. sdflkjg.

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