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Hey, some non-Mark Sheppard centric fanart! How about that. Been posting mostly job hunt related things under lock lately, but life is evening out a bit and there's a bit of a lull before the holidays make my days busy again, so I am properly crawling out from under my rock again.

This is for Amber, who commissioned me a billionty years ago for something completely different. Luckily these two I can draw. :D

Teen Wolf. Kate Argent/Chris Argent. Sibling incest implied. Visual spoilers for Season One.

The Devil on Your Shoulder )
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I'm recovering from a two week run of insomnia which has been less than fantastic. If I hit another patch again in the next two months it'll be time to look at my options.

I finished up one of the two illustration gigs I've been working on. The other I am still wrestling with. The lack of direction and feedback is seriously draining and at this point I need to say fuck it and try and stop caring about how shitty I think it looks and just get it done. Blah.

Here's a link to the one I did finish:

Pin-up art for Yaoi911

Doing artsy stuff at the day job right now. Did a t-shirt design and now I'm working on a vehicle wrap. It's fun but a little mentally exhausting.
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Burning through my homework for this week, so hoping to get several of these finished up. :D

Thank you Girl of Avalon for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Pirates of the Caribbean - Jack/Elizabeth )
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As requested, anywhere but on the lips. ...I considered smut, but opted for more smoosh. :)

Thank you [personal profile] anshin for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Marvel - Steve/Tony )
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Started spending way too much time on this one so had to stop myself. Will probably polish this further since I like a lot of elements in it, but until then...

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] anime_gal22 for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Gundam Wing - Duo/Heero )
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Flitting between drawing the kiss commissions, doing my homework, and replying to email/comments today. Being pretty successful so far, yay!

Thank you, [personal profile] stormcloude for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Supernatural - Sam/Dean )
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This was only slight deadline fail.

A gift commissioned by [personal profile] accioslash for [insanejournal.com profile] dementordelta, of a scene from Delta's fic The Place in the Dark.

Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R.

In the Fire-lit Shadows [commission][NSFW] )

Happy belated birthday, Delta! I hope you had a great day!

...and on-time birthday wishes to [personal profile] blue_soaring, even if her present will be equally late.

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