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One guess as to what I finally got around to watching.

Screwing around on my day off feels pretty marvelous. Sketched some linework yesterday, then came back to it today. Overworked this and should've saved it out about twenty minutes ago, but pleased to be painting again. Think I'll work on something more linebased next!

Sherlock (BBC) )
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Trying to get back into the habit of sketching or doodling at least a little something each day and I'm looking forward to Saturday when I'll actually have time to draw.

Today's Sketch - in which I'm still not over the novelty of worgen. )

I kept working on it past this point, but didn't do much beyond pull back away from such a close up.

In related news, my main guild keeps having spats of mini-drama since our leader does not have the best motivational skills. I like helping level a smaller guild--I swear that I am single handedly going to earn the critter kill achievement-but man, I think they're a little too focused on raiding and I don't have the time to be more than a casual player. The other guild I'm in is nice enough, but it's also fairly large which means it's not easy to get to know people without being around a ton. I end up playing on the normal server where J's and my main were originally, but I find that I miss being on an rp server which is a holdover from how much rp I used to do when I was actively mudding. Then again, I don't feel bad about having a stable full of fannishly named pets on my non-rp hunter. Hah.

And now that I have rambled enough to want to log in for a quest or two before I crash, I have to drag myself back a bit more tedious design work.
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One last doodle for the evening. Counting this one as my daily sketch (picking /that/ little experiment up again) as I went more painterly on this. More doodles tomorrow when half my day isn't spent doing last minute shopping!

For [personal profile] muccamukk via [personal profile] healingmirth.

Marvel - Steve as Nomad )
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Evil twin loves me and not only writes hot Peter/Olivia for the crossdressing slot on her Kink Bingo card, but also sends me Victor/Logan animal play tidbits all day. I ♥ it when our fandoms are aligned. I also ♥ Kink Bingo. Now um, if I could only get cracking on more slots on my card. Instead, I draw! Besides commission things, today I've been working on a Greed/Kimberly piece and more Fringe fanart, but I took time away from those to fool around with painting techniques and a slightly different base palette than I'm accustomed to using. Fun times.

X-men. Gambit. G.

X-men - Study: Gambit )
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I clearly am juggling too many things to keep to a daily schedule for sketches and studies, but here we are with a run at rim lighting. Finished this a couple days ago, and I'm surprisingly still satisfied with it.

Fringe. Peter. G.

Fringe - Study: Peter Bishop )
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Went to my weekly workshop and polished up what was going to be a daily (weekly?) sketch. Sabretooth was the focus, but then I started adding Wolverine. I had rudimentary lineart for him but liked the look when I did a silhouette test, so left it that way. :D

X-men. Wolverine&Sabretooth. G.

X-men - Wolverine/Sabretooth - Inside Out )
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Gundam Wing. Assorted. G.

J has been doing a drawing a day for over two months now. No matter how tired he is, he does at least a tiny sketch. I'm inspired by him and giving it a go. Earlier tonight at the wacom workshop at school I was working on an anime styled Commissioner Gordon. I feel like I've forgotten how to draw in an anime/manga style lately, so once again I'm going back to my roots. Pretty happy with the results so far!

Gundam Wing - Heero, Duo, Trowa - Daily sketch )

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