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Instead of writing up a post about our adventures in Washington, I used my time to knock a bit of art from my to-do list. Pretty fair trade, I think.

A quasi redraw of a pic that I don't think I ever actually posted.

Supernatural. Sam/Dean. Just some sleepy cuddling.

Cold Light of Morning... )

Also at AO3 or on Tumblr.
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Bound and Determined inspired.

XMFC. Shaw/Erik. NSFW. Dubious consent, knifeplay, partner abuse, sadism, blood. Shaw is his own warning.

Crawling.... )
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Hawkeye (comics). Gen. Gift art for "know you're not alone" posted in the 2012 Yuletide challenge. Art is gen, but story is Clint/Cap written in amazing Kate POV. Text in the speech bubble is from the fic, by...anonymous until the reveal! Lineart here.

Merry (expletive gerund) Kwanzaa... )
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Back in 2004 I doodled Gimli in Pikachu's pose. Saw the Hobbit last weekend and felt it was time to bring this back. Dwarves! J colored it for me. Lineart here.

Lord of the Rings. Legolas & Gimli.

Gimlichu! )
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Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NSFW.

Gateway Motel.... )

This is practically a redraw of a 2007 piece. I've been rewatching S2 to remind myself of the good times.

I may need to lighten the piece later. My laptop's gamma is all over the place.
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This season is killing me in a not good way, but I made it through the second half of season 4 for Bobby, I can tough it out again for Crowley. I will say that it's at least putting me in an interesting headspace for going back and enjoying early fandom fics though.

Supernatural. Crowley/Castiel.

To fall so far and rise so high.... )

In addition to this pic, I've also contributed to two of the [community profile] snape_potter Big Bang fics! They're both teen Harry though, so you'd need to be a member to read and comment.

So far I am loving my new job. It's starting off slow task-wise, which is somewhat expected, but obviously all the free time is going to good use. :D
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Hey, some non-Mark Sheppard centric fanart! How about that. Been posting mostly job hunt related things under lock lately, but life is evening out a bit and there's a bit of a lull before the holidays make my days busy again, so I am properly crawling out from under my rock again.

This is for Amber, who commissioned me a billionty years ago for something completely different. Luckily these two I can draw. :D

Teen Wolf. Kate Argent/Chris Argent. Sibling incest implied. Visual spoilers for Season One.

The Devil on Your Shoulder )
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So there's this AU fic on AO3 where Bobby is a History/Theology Professor and Crowley is a twink Marketing major, and I obviously have zero self control. I drew some gift art for it ostensibly to practice drawing manga style again, since let's face it, that would make for an awesome manga. Mostly though twink!Crowley. I couldn't stop trying to picture it. I should just give in and make myself a new SPN icon, since it's still not out of my system. Sam/Dean is up next time though, and possibly some Steve/Tony if the pic starts to cooperate properly.

Supernatural. Bobby/Crowley. For the fic Mixing Education with Pleasure by [archiveofourown.org profile] orionthe_hunter.

Fanart for Mixing Education with Pleasure by revolutionjack )
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I'm sure that I'll get off this Mark Sheppard kick eventually, but until then, I will take full advantage of the drawing mojo. I haven't drawn fanart gifts in a long time for fic, I feel somewhat dumb and nervous about it. Silly, I know. Ffff. My weekend is looking all kinds of busy and I'm hoping I can finish up some of the other WIPs that are giving me puppy eyes. I am so ready for work to slow down again. There was a film crew out today so the office was mostly empty and thank goodness since that meant I actually got caught up on things. SO TIRED OF PAPERWORK.

Leverage. Nathan Ford/Jim Sterling. For the fic Man With a Plan by [archiveofourown.org profile] ifreet, which is some utterly brilliant pre-canon fic.

Fanart for Man With a Plan by ifreet - NSFW )
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Because this is really what I wanted out of s7e01.

I think I have this out of my system now for the time being so I can actually draw OTHER THINGS. x_x Also I wasn't going to do another facial, but [personal profile] blue_soaring twisted my rubber arm.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Moar facials.

New Day, New Deal - NSFW )
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Shockingly despite it being QUITE WARM at 9 in the morning, there is a breeze and I'm not dying of heat. Instead, I have made arts. I have a dual boot iMac and typically run in OSX, but then I remembered that my WIN7 install actually has CS5 on it (versus CS3) and so now I am screwing around in it and it is SO DIFFERENT. I started just doing a quick and dirty practice piece using a screencap from Burn Notice and then ended up with this.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Chains?

Ye of Little Faith )

p.s. there is prompting going on over here
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Been wanting to draw this for a while now. :3 Worked a little too long on it I think, but since drawing time is limited I'm glad I got it out of my head anyway!

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Facials.

Smile, Buttercup (NSFW) )
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After Loki hijacked my first image, here is the actual frost bondage I had intended to draw. Chains of Ice ftw. I feel now as if I should draw kinky K/T fanart for all my favorite DK skills. Thank yous and credit to the husband for doing the base painting. :D

Thassarian(/Koltira), not explicit but NSFW anyway. )
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So I started this for a Thassarian/Koltira pic and then Loki happened and I couldn't get a singleglove made from ice out of my head. I shall finish up the Death Knight porn later this week! :3

Thor/Loki, not explicit but NSFW anyway. )
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One guess as to what I finally got around to watching.

Screwing around on my day off feels pretty marvelous. Sketched some linework yesterday, then came back to it today. Overworked this and should've saved it out about twenty minutes ago, but pleased to be painting again. Think I'll work on something more linebased next!

Sherlock (BBC) )
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I have an unrealistic deadline for a project at work that is completely draining me of all energy. The day-to-day tasks have fallen off so that's at least one thing, but ugh. I'm a pretty stupidly workaholic employee in the first place, so it says a lot that I'm really hitting my limit here. I'm going to take my two weeks before my assistant leaves for uni and I need to worry about looking for someone to replace her. I'm also going to take a couple days in the coming week since I've been putting in so much OT. If things go splodey, it will not be my fault as I've already voiced my severe apprehension about rushing the timeline on this whole thing.

I tried working on some commission stuff today and got some linework done. I need to step back from it a bit though, especially since I'm completely unfamiliar with the subjects. Taking a break from that I skimmed the feed for the art blogs I follow, and I found a piece by Joshua Middleton that I liked a lot. I wanted to try and emulate the colouring style (quasi master copy, woot). I ended up redrawing a super old bit of fanart that I'd sketched out in like 2003 so I wouldn't have to think a lot about subject/pose. Of course I ended up having to since the original is so wonky, but well it saved me a lot of preliminary work. :3 But man, can I possibly do something other than profile pieces? Apparently not.

Gundam Wing - Duo/Heero - Reminisce! )
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I actually have a three day weekend (well 2.5 day weekend since there's a crapload of emails I need to respond to) so I'm hoping to get more drawing done so I stop feeling so f'ing rusty. After next week the day job starts getting slower and slower, plus I've got 2 weeks vacay to take at some point in October or November.

To celebrate all this miraculous free time, I bring arts! [personal profile] msilverstar posted a bunch of lovely Viggo pics so I did a quick sketchpaint off the profile one.

Aragorn sketchpaint portrait )

So very rusty!
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Hay look a fanart.

Been staring at a lot of Paul Richard's stuff lately. After ten minutes of doodling chibis with low levels of success, I opened up one of his portrait sketches and started over with the same flat colors swatched and less cutesy. Even staring at his work for inspiration, I still didn't push things as far as I would've liked! As my twitter feed can confirm, I gave up somewhere around the shirt collars. Given that I spent all day doing design and/or painting, I'm glad I at least spent enough time to doodle something for myself. Perhaps next time an H50 doodle or something. :3

Psych - Shawn/Lassiter )

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