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Subject relevant to the snack I just had which was completely delicious.

Yesterday J and I caught up with one of our best friends who'd moved to NZ for a few years and is now back in the States. We met his fiance for the first time and went to lunch together. She was tons of fun. We ended up taking them to Berkeley Bowl to find some fruits that are typically harder to find like cherimoyas. It's always a good reminder of how spoiled we are living here when we have so much availability for produce. Anyway, I'm trying to finish projects today. Here's to hoping I manage to cross one of my list. I did take a break to draw what's going to soon be some 5'x5' wall art for our living room, which crosses off the preliminary part of one personal project!

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Been modeling recently so did a speedsculpt on a head, then a quick fifteen minute paintover to work on lighting. Hoping to get some substantial modeling done over the weekend, although odds are I'm going to have to spend all my time with illustration.

Original - Portrait speedsculpt/paintover )
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Gideon is one of the main characters in the historical novel [personal profile] blue_soaring is writing. He ended up with a resemblance that I wasn't aiming for originally, but I like it. Drew this pretty quickly and extended the canvas downwards so the anatomy is a bit crap, but I learned quite a bit fooling around with this, especially as far as painting hair goes. Also I shocked myself once I realised I drew this in about an hour. Level up!

Original. Gideon. PG.

Gideon )
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I have absolutely nothing to chatter about.

Concept art for my character sculpt... )

Been wanting to play things, but ogame is about all I have time for. It's nice being able to queue up things and then just sit back and wait as my empire grows stronger.
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I have a creature design and modeling class this semester. Our first assignment followed standard procedure and had us doing a bunch of thumbnails. I did about 50 thumbnail sketches in silhouette form last week and tried to stray from humanoid since that's something I tend to draw naturally. We narrowed down our silhouettes in class to two and so my homework was to take those and further develop them. I went the concept art route as it was the easiest way for me to come up with features. Creatures aren't something I find at all comfortable to work on, especially since I tend to like horror/grotesque art over fantasy/alien so I really had to push myself here. Ended up doing one humanoid figure since that was one of the thumbnails my teacher suggested, but I'm far more likely to do one of the others. Tomorrow in class, I'll pick finals and then need to draw up the underlying muscle structure and properly narrow down skin/surface type and all that fun stuff. I wish I had started actually painting before this afternoon, but once I know which creature I'll be modeling, I can go in and do something more detailed.

Creature Design concept sketches )
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I haven't drawn a catboy in forever.

Was doodling and playing with more cartoon styles (WS) and eventually reverted a bit more to my own style. I don't know what the market is for amputee catboys in skirts who like to eat mice, but here's one for ya'll. His name is Frankie. :3

Original. Frankie. PG-13. Amputee. Crossdressing.

Frankie's Still a Mouser )

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