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Only two-ish more weeks of the mind-numbing liberal arts classes that I hate and then I can focus more of my spare time back to artsy crafty funstuff. Which holy crap do I need to. I have so many things to finish it's not even funny. No more artwork commitments until my slate is entirely clean, and even then maybe not.

Late last night I made a cake. It was pretty damn good, but I used too much liquor and I like the sponge cake recipe I used last time more than this one. Next time when I adjust my recipe and it comes out awesome I am going to decorate it lovingly and call it the F-You Cakeshop cake. Pictures when I do. :D

Tonight my spare time is devoted to going to see a movie. Will hopefully report back in a few hours with squee.

So~o huge foofy beards are hard to draw. This one's staying a sketch. Am trying to make more use of my art:unfinished tag so all this crap doesn't just linger and die a lonely death in my drive's scrapped folder.

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Doodled today because my renders in mental ray were choking my computer and taking forever.

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Two weeks left in the semester, going crazy.

Finished up the latest image for my regular illustration gig. I sketched to celebrate.

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ipa = love

Nov. 11th, 2009 11:01 pm
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Worked a bit on my Logan/Daken pic. Note to self: please explore range of facial expressions beyond grumpy or snarling. In the middle of said drawing, I may have chugged a Butte Creek IPA, which, if anyone knows my alcohol tolerance means that I have a very slight buzz. Still not as good as a Speakeasy Big Daddy, but yum regardless.

IJ's [insanejournal.com profile] porn_battle is over and I miss it already. There was a Kadaj/Roy Mustang prompt that seemed terribly shiny until I actually tried writing it and ended up with something that felt like a thinly veiled Envy/Roy. Oops. Eked out a Victor/Logan though, which was nice. Shall get the lot cleaned up and properly posted on my site when I am not slightly tipsy.

Happy to report that I feel caught up on my schoolwork again, in no small part because I got a ton and a half done on my creature modeling today in class. I also managed to resubmit my Yuletide to fix up my offered fandoms and add a couple more. Tomorrow I'll probably write up my Santa letter, although I seem to say mostly the same thing each year. Gwee. Yuletide, it's like the best part of the holiday season next to leftover turkey.

Although I'm not drawing a ton, I find myself missing not having a place to art dump. I realised that with DW's shiny new subscription filters that I could just set up a tag that people can avoid if they want and then I don't have to worry about feeling like I'm spamming everyone with doodles and WIP things. So, fair warning, if you follow me on DW and don't want to see sketches and junk and wip things, you might want to tweak your subscription settings to avoid the art:unfinished tag that I'll be using. I won't be crossposting art dumps to IJ or to my site.

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