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So many good things. \o/

Batman - Batman/Gordon - Quiet for prompts phone call, emptiness, forgiving
Oh the atmosphere in this. It's everything I love about the ship.
Jim used to wish for quiet nights, back when he had Barbara and the kids to come home to. Maybe he should have moved to Chicago with them, but Gotham weighed him down enough to anchor him here. And of course, there were other reasons.

White Collar - Peter/Neal - The storm I've been needing for prompt 5 years later
I've been avoiding a lot of Peter/Neal for fear of infidelity, so imagine my glee in finding such a lovely and hot fic for them.
Peter didn’t ask who taught her how to pick locks and she didn’t look at him pointedly and didn’t say what they’ve been both thinking: he was missing Neal.

Sherlock Holmes 2009 - Mary/Irene - A Secret She Can Keep
As noted above, I tend to shy away from infidelity, but when it cuts both ways, apparently I am all over it. Particularly lovely language in this as well.
She has spent too long watching her husband and his friend solve crimes to be blinded by such an obvious disguise. The curve of the lips and the smooth jaw are familiar from the photograph on Holmes' desk.

ETA: And a second Mary/Irene fic by the same author Passing for the prompt crossdressing which is possibly even more hot, but my kinks are showing. Also, I'm now officially sold on this ship. Seriously. Guh.

Baccano! - Dallas/Eve - Not Like a Fairy Tale
This would be the other type of sibling ship I love, full of hotwrong and delicious, delicious badtouch.
She's everything. But...

Also, per usual, everything [personal profile] blue_soaring has written which so far is:
rdj/hugh on a marvel photoshoot
holmes/watson in prison
rdj/tony stark to make me finally keymash over actor/character slash
holmes/watson rimming. Obvious trend, much? :3
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Too tired to really do much of anything else, I have spent my day off reading. The result? The following recs from Porn Battle IX: Dressed to the Nines.! Hooray!

Apparently I have a lot, so let's start with Fringe!

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - a hole in you and me that keep us together for prompts skin, tie, shirt
Fantastic tone, excellent Olivia characterisation, and so easy to picture for them.
They meet somewhere in the middle, always in the middle, too much baggage for his place or hers.

Fringe - Walter/Astrid - Grades and Extra Credit for prompts roleplay, new words
This fic has singlehandedly convinced me on the hotness of this ship.
Her eyes are angrily slits at this point, her lips pressed thin. “Late for class, neglecting your work. What am I to do with you?”

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - A Minor Adjustment for prompts genderswap, secret (excerpted in the comm, link is to the full fic)
Extra note: This is really awesome genderswapping. It doesn't ignore the identity issues in favour of the hot.
"Well, I like you being a woman, too," Peter murmurs, and Olivia is glad neither Walter nor Astrid can see the knowing grin he gives her, "but I'm trying to look on the bright side."

Fringe - Nick/Olivia - I see nothing in your eyes for prompt partners
Proof that it doesn't matter how long a fic is to have a lot of impact and a lot of HOT.
"Ever break the rules before, Agent Lane?"

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - Daring for prompts handcuffs, challenge
This is the best handcuff fic I've ever read, particularly because the feed into the (awesomely consensual!) kink as more than just restraints and it makes the situation extra scorching.
Kneeling on the bed with her arms behind her back, work shirt half-unbuttoned, and her hair wild around her shoulders, Peter thought she might be the sexiest creature on the planet.

omg what

Sep. 2nd, 2009 06:20 pm
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[community profile] death_bingo! How very appropriate for several of my fandoms. Yes.

Apocalypse square? Extra win.

My death card. )
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Brought to you by [personal profile] bessemerprocess:

You know those old Pornbattle prompts you saved, because they were awesome, but you couldn't figure out how to make them porny? The kink_bingo squares you thought should totally be written for BFFS? All the prompts with a / where you wanted a &?

DETOX is the challenge for you. June has been a porn heavy month for the flist, and the twitterites talked me into doing something about it.

-You can use any prompt you want.
-Turn the prompt into something Gen. No steamy scenes or porny plots! Tell me about Best Friends and Crazy Antics.


Runs for one short week up until the 22nd. ^_^
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I managed to write some Smokin Aces' Darwin/Hollis for [community profile] random_fic_is_random. That was satisfying as I still haven't gotten the pairing out of my system. Today's Picture #11 is pinging me, but I'm not sure for what.

I failed to realise that it was the first of the month already (last week, where did you go?) so I didn't finish my image for [community profile] come_shots. I have a good start, so it'll just be a late submission for the theme.


And now I have more fun, via my shiny new kink bingo card... )

My to-do list today consists mainly of graphics work, drawing stuffs, and going to the hobby store to pick up dice for the campaign that Tim is starting. Fun. :D

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