ponderosa: tdk joker with the bloody smile (batman - wildcard)
I had the overwhelming urge to draw some Nightwing so finished this up recently.

Batman - Bruce/Dick - Mortar )
ponderosa: tdk joker with the bloody smile (batman - wildcard)
Spam! Wrote this not long after TDK came out but never posted it. Since the evil twin just wrote Joker/Scarecrow with similar elements, I knew I had to post it as the same time as hers or I'd never do it. Team Porn does Arkham. Arharhrh.

The Frayed Ends
Batman. Batman/Joker. R. ~1000 words. Nolanverse. Violence.
Darkness gathers into a swarm around them and Bruce doesn’t want to let the bastard take one more goddamn breath.

Read Me. )
ponderosa: tdk joker with the bloody smile (batman - wildcard)
I think I had about a day to breathe after getting back from con, but that's being generous. Finished up part two of the big design gig I've been working on, and have been catching up and refining my class projects. Today I worked opening shift for the first time in about a month and it was ridiculously busy, but that just meant I hardly felt the hours go by.

So, I've been playing a bit over on IJ's [insanejournal.com profile] porn_battle. The drabble tally, so far:

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Stryker/Victor, always about Logan

Baccano!, Fermet/Czeslaw, the mental torture is worse than the physical

Commercials, Mr. Clean/Scrubbing Bubbles scrubbers, raw

Batman: The Dark Knight, Batman/Jim Gordon, night visitor

On a completely different note, anyone who works, lives, or has ties to Oakland and who are interested in community news/blogging/local journalism and activism, OaklandLocal is hosting a meetup on Nov 16th downtown. There are some very inspired folks with great ideas involved in the site, so if you've got any inclination, please consider checking it out!

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