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How to Succeed in Business
Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon but Crowley knows that Dean Smith is really Dean Winchester). Facefucking, deepthroating, shameless porn. Written for the SPN rarepair fest.
It's happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean Smith the most expensive drink he's ever had.

How to Succeed in Business )
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Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NSFW.

Gateway Motel.... )

This is practically a redraw of a 2007 piece. I've been rewatching S2 to remind myself of the good times.

I may need to lighten the piece later. My laptop's gamma is all over the place.
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Flitting between drawing the kiss commissions, doing my homework, and replying to email/comments today. Being pretty successful so far, yay!

Thank you, [personal profile] stormcloude for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Supernatural - Sam/Dean )
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Basic heat I can deal with for the most part, but this humidity thing has got to go.

And now here's the first of the not-drabbles that I took like a month ago. Aharhr. For [personal profile] stewardess who asked for a Tremor brother(s)/a Winchester brother(s). Weaponry.

Last Call
Smokin' Aces/Supernatural. Jeeves/Dean. R. 1900 words. Non-con of the unwanted groping variety.
A thousand successful hunts and more wounds than scars, and this is how it was going to end?

Read me. )
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Team Porn rides again. Ordealsverse, in which the boys suffer for Blue's love of UST and my love of torturing Dean with hilarious predicaments...

A Nice Day to Start Again part one and part two
He Ain't No Prince
Not the Only Man She Sees

and now...

The Seldom Seen Kid
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~10,000 words. Co-authored with [personal profile] blue_soaring
"You get all the best curses."

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