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I have an unrealistic deadline for a project at work that is completely draining me of all energy. The day-to-day tasks have fallen off so that's at least one thing, but ugh. I'm a pretty stupidly workaholic employee in the first place, so it says a lot that I'm really hitting my limit here. I'm going to take my two weeks before my assistant leaves for uni and I need to worry about looking for someone to replace her. I'm also going to take a couple days in the coming week since I've been putting in so much OT. If things go splodey, it will not be my fault as I've already voiced my severe apprehension about rushing the timeline on this whole thing.

I tried working on some commission stuff today and got some linework done. I need to step back from it a bit though, especially since I'm completely unfamiliar with the subjects. Taking a break from that I skimmed the feed for the art blogs I follow, and I found a piece by Joshua Middleton that I liked a lot. I wanted to try and emulate the colouring style (quasi master copy, woot). I ended up redrawing a super old bit of fanart that I'd sketched out in like 2003 so I wouldn't have to think a lot about subject/pose. Of course I ended up having to since the original is so wonky, but well it saved me a lot of preliminary work. :3 But man, can I possibly do something other than profile pieces? Apparently not.

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Started spending way too much time on this one so had to stop myself. Will probably polish this further since I like a lot of elements in it, but until then...

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] anime_gal22 for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

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Two weeks left in the semester, going crazy.

Finished up the latest image for my regular illustration gig. I sketched to celebrate.

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Gundam Wing. Assorted. G.

J has been doing a drawing a day for over two months now. No matter how tired he is, he does at least a tiny sketch. I'm inspired by him and giving it a go. Earlier tonight at the wacom workshop at school I was working on an anime styled Commissioner Gordon. I feel like I've forgotten how to draw in an anime/manga style lately, so once again I'm going back to my roots. Pretty happy with the results so far!

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