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I keep forgetting to post this. I'm sure [insanejournal.com profile] dungeons_master has forgotten they even left me a prompt. Which was, for the record: Snape/Harry, skinnydipping ^^;

The Briefest Touch
Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R. 575 words.
This was their life now, simple, quiet, free to swim naked in the middle of the day should they wish it.

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ponderosa: closeup of professor snape (hp - rue the day)
This was only slight deadline fail.

A gift commissioned by [personal profile] accioslash for [insanejournal.com profile] dementordelta, of a scene from Delta's fic The Place in the Dark.

Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R.

In the Fire-lit Shadows [commission][NSFW] )

Happy belated birthday, Delta! I hope you had a great day!

...and on-time birthday wishes to [personal profile] blue_soaring, even if her present will be equally late.
ponderosa: closeup of professor snape (hp - rue the day)
Although I didn't get a chance to go to Azkatraz, I did make it to the WtP Snarry Meetup. I've always loved that cons let me put faces to names, but it was equally great meeting a bunch of new folks. Everyone was absolutely lovely. ♥ Sadly, a few things ran together so I couldn't head back in tonight for one last hurrah. To make up for it, I post this... I drew it rather last minute to have some goodies to bring with, and between this post and the last, it would appear that I am way enamoured with stringing saliva. I apologise for nothing.

Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. PG.

SS/HP Azkatraz 09 )

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