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Counted out my stash of dollar coin bullion to see about attending Wondercon both today and tomorrow. I ultimately decided to stay home today though and save myself an extra $15 to spend on artists who've stuck it out through Sunday. J's had a cold and while I'm pretty sure it's the same strain that I suffered through a couple weeks ago, I was feeling slightly iffy when I woke up today. Think it was mostly that I didn't get much sleep though (from the boy's coughing and worrying about the fact that he had to go to work at 4am, exhausted or not). After breakfast and coffee I'm feeling good, and glad I decided to only go tomorrow. As much as I want to swoon all over Jake Gyllenhaal, I am ambivalent about his movie, and my main draw is ultimately the Human Target crew.

I have a second interview lined up for this coming week, and while I'm not thrilled about a commute, before we moved away from the Santa Cruz area I was accustomed to one and the company is one I'm interested in working for.

Following multiple TV shows again and being current on them is not something I'm used to.

Fringe )


Finally: [community profile] kinked is a Kink Big Bang, running on DW. I highly encourage writers/artists to sign up! 10k words of any kink. With a big fat emphasis on ANY. Your kink is okay <3, and "[the] challenge is open to all forms of kinky eroticism, whether or not they include genital pleasure." I should also mention that it's not fandom-specific, original works are welcome too!
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Just got back this morning from visiting with [personal profile] blue_soaring and attending the SPN con in Vancouver. I only cared about a single autograph, so the rest of the time I just got extras of Blue's stuff signed for her. I got all the actors aside from Jared and Jensen (who were too behind schedule) to draw stick figures. I think Alona's was my favourite, mostly because she very adorably went "you mean like a four year old's drawing?" and then the stick-gun she drew just ended up looking like a dildo. Misha's was rather hilariously awkward as he tried converting a letter. Alas, Blue's going to have to post those because this is the sole autograph I took home with me...

From here on, stick figure Bobby's gonna guard my Macbook Pro porn. I very briefly considered changing its name from War Machine to something else, except...it's silver and black and always has the best name in the listing whenever I'm on a public network.

All in all, it was an experience. I've never been to that sort of convention before. I will post my bad prom photo badass photo op once I scan it and eradicate that horrible cloudy backdrop in Photoshop, aharharhr. I encourage everyone to get Blue to post her photo ops too, since I talked her into getting air guitar and exorcisms. Fun.

Gotta say that the next time I spend 20 hours on a train I am going to be much better prepared for it, but J and I met some interesting folks. Boarding the train in Seattle for our return trip was like a life saver after a week of adequate coffee. Thank you, Zeitgeist. *_* The best cappuccino I had while in Vancouver, I watched the barista add milk to a pitcher that still had hot milk in it. I cringed.

Home again though and busy with all the things that piled up after a week's vacation. School starts for J this week and my online class begins tomorrow, but I at least have until next week before my on-campus classes start.

Still a little wtf about the Marvel thing. Still a little tired. Cons are hard work. Hi.
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I... I am sort of stupidly excited about the Snarry Meetup this weekend. Also nervous.

Anyone attending from whom I could a) bum a ride to the East Bay afterwards or b) crash in their room for the night? That way if there is like moving into the bar or whatever post-meetup I don't have to hightail it before the trains stop running. ^^

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