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Recovering quickly from catching J's version of the cold that's been going around. Sleeping a ton, and did a crap job on my last week's homework because of it, but glad to be feeling better. Job things are looking good, although I'm running into the problem of likely hearing back from my second choice first, as they're looking to fill the position asap and my interview went really well.

Attempted to take photos of the apartment, but man, I need a wide angle lens. Will try again tomorrow. :3 I'm loving our kitchen to bits and have been cooking quite a bit. I baked an apple crisp tonight and it turned out delicious. Amusingly, after initially putting things away, the first time I actually cooked a meal I found myself knowing exactly where things were in which drawer and moving with familiarity in the space. I realised that the layout of sink/cabinets/stove is almost exactly like the layout of our friends' kitchen where we housesat every year for almost a month at a time. Go muscle memory.

Wondercon on Sunday was nice. One of our buddies had a table, so we got to chat and catch up a bit. Wish I'd been feeling less out of it so as to actually stay longer in general, but an hour in the artists alley wiped me out completely. Didn't find many goodies for myself since Fat Rabbit Farm didn't have any shirts in a colour I could remotely wear, and the artists I'd bought from last year didn't make an appearance, but found some cool stuff regardless. Glad we managed to get there in time to catch most of the Human Target preview. The episode is still making me all giddy, I can't wait to see it again. And JEH and Mark Valley, so adorable. I flailed. There even managed to be one relevant question from the audience, too. Mark was saying that through filming, despite pulling from various disciplines, Chance definitely has his own fighting style developing. I think that's pretty nifty. :D

More sleep for me now!
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Had fun times today with the online course modules Not Loading. After much swearing I have managed somehow to participate in the crappy discussion posts for all my classes and also submitted something resembling feedback for the other people in my writing group. Considering how much I loathe my classes this semester, I'm trying very hard not to bitch about it 24/7. I'm also trying very hard not to think about how I have a midterm in two days and feel completely unprepared for it. But one more semester of art history and that stupid color and design class that I've been avoiding and I'll be dooone.

The rest of today is devoted to packing (t minus one week, omgwtfbbq), and finishing an illustration (drawing by hand even, shock), and willing this perpetual sinus headache away.

Oh, and being just a little bit fangirly that Mark Valley and JEH are going to be at the Human Target panel at Wondercon on SUNDAY, which means they will be there on the ONLY DAY THAT I CAN GO OMG. <3333 Sunday suddenly is not just for last minute artist alley deals! WEE.

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