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Catching up on a billion things during my time off. Including lots and lots of TV. My brain is still like 90% Pacific Rim/Max Martini&Idris Elba, but Almost Human hits so many buttons for me. The carguments might even be better than early H50.

I have two more days off, and tomorrow I'm hoping to poke at my site a bit. Since AO3 is being slow it's giving me the kick in the butt to actually catch up with posting stuff on my personal archive. Also maybe I will do some much-needed sewing so I can put the machine away!

Almost Human - Dorian/John sketch )
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Trying to get back into the habit of sketching or doodling at least a little something each day and I'm looking forward to Saturday when I'll actually have time to draw.

Today's Sketch - in which I'm still not over the novelty of worgen. )

I kept working on it past this point, but didn't do much beyond pull back away from such a close up.

In related news, my main guild keeps having spats of mini-drama since our leader does not have the best motivational skills. I like helping level a smaller guild--I swear that I am single handedly going to earn the critter kill achievement-but man, I think they're a little too focused on raiding and I don't have the time to be more than a casual player. The other guild I'm in is nice enough, but it's also fairly large which means it's not easy to get to know people without being around a ton. I end up playing on the normal server where J's and my main were originally, but I find that I miss being on an rp server which is a holdover from how much rp I used to do when I was actively mudding. Then again, I don't feel bad about having a stable full of fannishly named pets on my non-rp hunter. Hah.

And now that I have rambled enough to want to log in for a quest or two before I crash, I have to drag myself back a bit more tedious design work.

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