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Watched the series finale of Fringe and I said on Tumblr that:

It's impossible to curl into a ball in cheap Ikea chairs

Oh god series finale I can’t even function right now. I’m too overwhelmed to even use a reaction gif.

I don’t even know if I’m satisfied or not. I just feel like I need booze.

Vaguely more of a reaction now. Spoilery. )

Going to curl into a ball on the bed now.
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My gift to [personal profile] monanotlisa for [community profile] fringe_exchange!

Vid embedded under the cut, 4:00, mildly NSFW? )

Downloadable (and also watchable) here at my dropbox.

This has slight changes from the version I posted on the comm (in addition to just adding credit for the footage used), having repeated a scene bugged me...among other minor things. Version one is still available here though!
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[community profile] fringe_exchange went live today.

I got a giftfic of pre-canon Redverse John Scott and Olivia being badass!

I think I've read it ten times already. ;-;

Feelings everywhere.

Slowly making my way through all the other entries. There is so much good stuff, including fix-its and lots of Astrid, and it all just makes me ridiculously happy <3333.
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After driving home and running errands and forgetting to eat lunch and Not Having Homework, I am mentally all over the place. This has resulted in an afternoon full of not knowing what to do. It's torturous having a general sense of Free Time coupled with being too tired to do much of anything.

Consuming media seemed liked a good choice, but J and I just watched the season finale of Fringe and I am all omgomgomgomg over pretty much everything in it.

It seems that Fanime is next week and people I want to buy art from will be there. I'm not sure if I want to go just for that, even if their art makes me all weak in the knees.

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Too tired to really do much of anything else, I have spent my day off reading. The result? The following recs from Porn Battle IX: Dressed to the Nines.! Hooray!

Apparently I have a lot, so let's start with Fringe!

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - a hole in you and me that keep us together for prompts skin, tie, shirt
Fantastic tone, excellent Olivia characterisation, and so easy to picture for them.
They meet somewhere in the middle, always in the middle, too much baggage for his place or hers.

Fringe - Walter/Astrid - Grades and Extra Credit for prompts roleplay, new words
This fic has singlehandedly convinced me on the hotness of this ship.
Her eyes are angrily slits at this point, her lips pressed thin. “Late for class, neglecting your work. What am I to do with you?”

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - A Minor Adjustment for prompts genderswap, secret (excerpted in the comm, link is to the full fic)
Extra note: This is really awesome genderswapping. It doesn't ignore the identity issues in favour of the hot.
"Well, I like you being a woman, too," Peter murmurs, and Olivia is glad neither Walter nor Astrid can see the knowing grin he gives her, "but I'm trying to look on the bright side."

Fringe - Nick/Olivia - I see nothing in your eyes for prompt partners
Proof that it doesn't matter how long a fic is to have a lot of impact and a lot of HOT.
"Ever break the rules before, Agent Lane?"

Fringe - Peter/Olivia - Daring for prompts handcuffs, challenge
This is the best handcuff fic I've ever read, particularly because the feed into the (awesomely consensual!) kink as more than just restraints and it makes the situation extra scorching.
Kneeling on the bed with her arms behind her back, work shirt half-unbuttoned, and her hair wild around her shoulders, Peter thought she might be the sexiest creature on the planet.
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- Although I managed surprisingly well on cards last year, there's no way I'm going to manage this year. I'm slightly bummed about this, but I think I'll just resolve to send more random letters throughout the year as that's way more fun to receive.

- I made adorable cupcakes at work again. I wish I had an excuse to make them at home, or a whole lot more people to foist them off on.

- The last two episodes of Fringe made me all excited and giddy, even with a brief Not Sure If Want moment in there. I need to get over my tendency to want to fit things neatly in canon and just write the smushy porn that I want to write.

- There is absolutely no way to reply to an anon thread with you as the subject without a) being a dick, b) encouraging the drama, and c) being a dick. I replied anyway.

- There is absolutely no way to blog/tweet/mention replying to an anon thread with you as the subject without encouraging the drama and being a bit of a dick, but it made me laugh. Oh, people.

- I had this big complicated adventure dream with JDM in it last night. It was awesome. Then I had to get up and go to work, which was less awesome, even though our new brunch cook made me Huevos for breakfast.

- Speaking of our new cook, she's been teaching J how to make stuff. Including this awesome grilled tomato salsa which is downstairs right now, calling to me. She's the best.

- I severely need a nap, but if I sleep now I'll wake up at the time which I should be going to bed. Conflict.

omg fringe

Sep. 18th, 2009 11:58 pm
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I don't really have time or energy to say anything interesting, just aah and squee and I love everyone on this show so very much. :x

also maybe eventually I will have to cave and write a bit of olivia/rachel
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Meme time! On the heels of having clearly forgotten how to write drabbles as everything so far just wants to be fic. I'm going to have to brutally retrain myself. :p

As stolen from [personal profile] makishef

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Fringe
2. Battlestar Galactica*
3. Supernatural*
4. Flight of the Conchords
5. Dexter

* Note that if you want to chatter at me in the comments, keep in mind that I still haven't seen the last 4 episodes of BSG and the last 4 of SPN and I remain unspoiled. :3

FotC is clearly the ringer... )
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I clearly am juggling too many things to keep to a daily schedule for sketches and studies, but here we are with a run at rim lighting. Finished this a couple days ago, and I'm surprisingly still satisfied with it.

Fringe. Peter. G.

Fringe - Study: Peter Bishop )
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Now that I have gotten this out of my brain, I feel far less restless and obsessive. I also feel like my inner smushball is showing and it's keenly embarrassing. Poor J had to sit through days of my flailing at him and being all I don't do smushy stuff. I'm not a smusher. I work out. He told me I'm probably overly concerned about the romance because the penis to vagina ratio is atypical for me. I laughed. I also suspect he is right. I haven't fallen so hard for a non-poly hetship in ages.

Frequently, I am my own worst enemy. (Illustrated best perhaps at how the Snarry Games deadline is looming and I appear to be drawing the hardest thing possible.)

It took me a full day to find a song that didn't make me cringe or have entirely the wrong overtones, but I persevered and used up a lot of credits on eMusic. Decided finally on the Bon Savants, whom I highly recommend. Band name aside, extra metacookie points for the lead vocalist actually being a scientist, at MIT even. :3 Clips used from throughout season one.

Between the Moon and the Ocean
Fringe. Peter/Olivia. 3:10 runtime.
Come on lets make good haste up to my favourite place. We'll watch the world spin around.

On YouTube

Or download as a mov (21mb).
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I foolishly thought that I could get through Fringe without shipping anything, but nope. When I broke, I broke hard. In lieu of drawbling for Porn Battle, I wrote instead. Drawing currently and taking my time to get the lighting right. I like this image. :D I'm also excited about all the things in my queue. So much fun stuff to draw.

Fringe. Peter/Olivia. R. 550 words. Pegging.
In the great big list of worst times to think of Walter, this holds the number one spot.

Read me. )

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