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J illustrated a little 99 cent iphone/ipad app called the Hippogriff Cookbook and it's starting to get some reviews out in the app world.

There's a fun one on 148apps.com here which says:

The Hippogriff Cookbook is interesting, because while you could cook the recipes using the substitute (Muggle) meats, I feel like that’s not the main point of this app... ...the app’s text is extraordinarily funny, especially for Harry Potter fans, and it’s almost worth reading just for the laughs. The recipes are a bonus, but I feel like just owning and reading the app is the main attraction.

It's pretty much a functional mini-cookbook with a comedic slant (and beautiful design). The recipes really do work so it reminds me a little of the oldschool Pern cookbook I had back in the day, but more fun and with some sly allusions to HP. :) The guys who wrote it are fabulous and clever, and one of the authors, Ben, really /is/ composing a Star Trek opera. I'd love to see them get more hits and downloads, so please pass on the link or rec if you're interested!
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I've read a lot of fic in the last month. Quite possibly I have read more than in the whole eleven months prior. I feel that some recs are in order.

Doctor Who - But Know Not What We May Be by [personal profile] jessalae - Eleven/River Song - pegging, spanking, emotion manipulation.
Doctor Who - Rory and the Plastic Cock by [personal profile] fierceturtle - Rory/Amy/Eleven - strap-ons.
The Royal Tenenbaums - There Are No Teams by [archiveofourown.org profile] sophiahelix - Gen fic focused on Ari & Uzi.
The Prestige - (W)hole by [archiveofourown.org profile] zeldadestry - Alfred Borden - sibling incest.
Harry Potter - Body and Soul by a mystery author - Snape/Harry - time travel, EWE.

Full recs for the above. Stories are from Kink Bingo, Yuletide, and Snarry Swap... )

More later. :D
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Apparently I am feeling the HP vibe lately when it comes to trying to draw.

Got the day off so did this redraw as a study. Trying to get back into the groove of painting so I can get other things finished. Overworked it a bit and should've worked smaller for longer since I'm not too keen on the overall shapes particularly of his hair. Still...Lucius, yay!

Harry Potter. Lucius Malfoy.

Harry Potter. Lucius Malfoy. )

And here's the side by side with the original drawing from 2004. Six years, omgwhut? )
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Sketched a Hermione/Pansy kiss ages and ages ago. Had it in my WIP folder for a few years. Decently happy with this for a quick study.

Harry Potter. Hermione/Pansy. Kissing. Underthings.

Harry Potter - Hermione/Pansy kiss )
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I was invited to join [livejournal.com profile] bottom_draco's Fairy Tale fest. The reveals were today and this was my submission. I knew the prompt was left for the squick factor, but I couldn't resist the urge to draw a micro fetish pic.

Harry Potter. Hagrid/Draco. NC-17. Micro.

Up the Stalk and Down the Pole - NSFW )
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I keep forgetting to post this. I'm sure [insanejournal.com profile] dungeons_master has forgotten they even left me a prompt. Which was, for the record: Snape/Harry, skinnydipping ^^;

The Briefest Touch
Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R. 575 words.
This was their life now, simple, quiet, free to swim naked in the middle of the day should they wish it.

Read me. )
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This was only slight deadline fail.

A gift commissioned by [personal profile] accioslash for [insanejournal.com profile] dementordelta, of a scene from Delta's fic The Place in the Dark.

Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. R.

In the Fire-lit Shadows [commission][NSFW] )

Happy belated birthday, Delta! I hope you had a great day!

...and on-time birthday wishes to [personal profile] blue_soaring, even if her present will be equally late.
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Although I didn't get a chance to go to Azkatraz, I did make it to the WtP Snarry Meetup. I've always loved that cons let me put faces to names, but it was equally great meeting a bunch of new folks. Everyone was absolutely lovely. ♥ Sadly, a few things ran together so I couldn't head back in tonight for one last hurrah. To make up for it, I post this... I drew it rather last minute to have some goodies to bring with, and between this post and the last, it would appear that I am way enamoured with stringing saliva. I apologise for nothing.

Harry Potter. Snape/Harry. PG.

SS/HP Azkatraz 09 )

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