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I've had a crazy couple of months. I still have every intention of posting about our road trip, but between that and last weekend in the Tahoe forest, most every ounce of my free time has been recovering from all the travel and also all the mental energy I've been using up at work.

I went to lunch with [personal profile] mrkinch on Friday, which was super lovely, and the perfect thing to force me out of the office and start my weekend. I'm on half-day Fridays now for the summer, but my department just relaunched our imprint's website. It was a pretty huge undertaking, and we essentially managed a complete overhaul and significant migration of content in a little over three weeks. I didn't sleep much this last week and ended up working a lot of overtime, but shockingly it wasn't really a stressful project. There's a lot more to do as far as migration and optimization in the weeks and months to come, but overall, it was a damn successful launch.

House-hunting for J and I is on a bit of a pause. My mom has finally gotten into a headspace to move and spoke with a realtor for a spot appraisal, so finding a property with an in-law or two homes on a single lot is back on the table. I went down to her place yesterday to help clean out the house and it went a hundred times better than I expected. We got one and a half rooms completely cleared, and now there's really only one more room and the garage that needs a ton of work to sort through. Because of the remodeling that she did a couple years ago, the main living and family rooms are essentially just bookshelves full of books and papers which will be easy to box up and/or shred. I'll probably end up going down every other weekend to continue helping clean and box things up, but aside from the loft in the garage which is going to need J's help, I think she and I can do the house ourselves, and then look at hiring someone to haul away everything that's in the barn and shed.

The week to come feels pretty excellent with no more mental space being taken up by managing such a large work project. With help from J, I also got around to modding my new bike helmet today, so that's one more thing off my plate!

I want a new bike now to match. In Iron Man colors. )
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Hawkeye (comics). Gen. Gift art for "know you're not alone" posted in the 2012 Yuletide challenge. Art is gen, but story is Clint/Cap written in amazing Kate POV. Text in the speech bubble is from the fic, by...anonymous until the reveal! Lineart here.

Merry (expletive gerund) Kwanzaa... )
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Finishing a Superman/Batman commission that's on a time limit. Gah. Almost done. Almost done! Signing up for this today somehow seems extra appropriate.

[community profile] superland Come be on my team! :D
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J and I went out for breakfast and now I'm hanging out at his work while he records some video tutorials. Coming to his workplace always makes me want to work on modeling/lighting again. I suppose I just need to find some fannish projects that I won't be ridiculously picky about to put my energy into. Happily I've been managing to spread my free time pretty successfully between writing, drawing, and gaming rather than being so tired like I had been that I end up with the gaming version of vegging out in front of the TV. Good times.

Ages ago [personal profile] helens78 prompted somewhere for Fury/Rhodey public sex...at least this is what my memory tells me. Whatever the reason, here is some public handjob porn!

Marvel. Fury/Rhodey. 1650 words. Sex in public. Handjobs. Hints of past Tony/Rhodey.
Fury always seems to know what's going on, with timing that verges on theatrical, as if he's got his finger on the pulse of the universe.

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So I started this for a Thassarian/Koltira pic and then Loki happened and I couldn't get a singleglove made from ice out of my head. I shall finish up the Death Knight porn later this week! :3

Thor/Loki, not explicit but NSFW anyway. )
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Doodled for Porn Battle.

Just a bit of kissing...and blushing. )

I am not prepared to go back to work tomorrow.
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As requested, anywhere but on the lips. ...I considered smut, but opted for more smoosh. :)

Thank you [personal profile] anshin for contributing to my toothfixing fund via:

Marvel - Steve/Tony )
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I made cake.

I had fresh raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries on hand.

There was really only one thing to do. )
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Did this inbetween the design work I took home over the weekend. Kink makes everything better.

Marvel. Daken/Bullseye. R. Bondage. Marking. S&M. And since I am failing on turning out any fic, this is for my "writing on the body" KB square.

Marvel - Daken/Bullseye - NSFW )
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And hopefully after this I have gotten Daken out of my system for the moment and can focus on other things which need finishing!

Marvel. Daken/Venom. NC-17. Tentacles. Size difference. Xeno.

Marvel - Daken/Venom - Asking For It - NSFW )

ETA: So another user on y! has told me Venom always gets people flagged because he apparently requires the anthro tag. I may have just died. I really hope that's not true and it's actually the Sci-Fi tag I missed. Alien symbiote ≠ Furry. XDDDDD
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After work I managed to go to Fry's to take back a faulty hdmi cable, to which I told the girl several times over that the connector was faulty...and she didn't listen and/or assumed I'd bought the wrong cable and just slapped a sticker back on it to reshelve it. *facepalm* I was too tired to further attempt to correct her assumptions. Luckily I was not too tired to make it to the gym and the comic shop. New arrival wall, I love you. I love you as much as I love Daken and his lack of morals and (multiple) daddy issues. :D

I have episodes of things to catch up on. This is vexing as I also have homework to do. I wallow in having made myself a new banner for my DW layout. I feel as if I wasted my evening but it was worth it. Segovia's Wolvie just makes me all flaily.
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Friday to Sunday I was ridiculously tired every night. Having only day off this week sucked hard. I console myself with all the extra overtime I'll have on my next check. Keeping on top of things surprisingly well, considering. Even drawing, shock. Which, uh, I'll post some stuff here soon, but here's new little quicky thing.

Marvel. Tony/Steve. NC-17.

yay, porn )
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Written for Porn Battle IX.

Bad Celebrity Influence
Marvel. Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan/Tony Stark. Steve Rogers/Tony Stark implied. NC-17. ~2500 words. Shapeshifting.
That sex tape was never going to be the same.

Read me. )
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One last doodle for the evening. Counting this one as my daily sketch (picking /that/ little experiment up again) as I went more painterly on this. More doodles tomorrow when half my day isn't spent doing last minute shopping!

For [personal profile] muccamukk via [personal profile] healingmirth.

Marvel - Steve as Nomad )
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Just a little something to get me in the groove for doing homework. Done without access to my usual brushes so there are several big things that make me go DDDD:, but I didn't want to spend more than an hour on this. Warmup means warmup, Pondy.

Avengers. Steve/Tony. G.

Steve & Tony Warmup Drawing )
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X-Factor #45: I feel late to the party, but... um... guh.

Oh, boys, finally.

So J went to the zoo today with his family. I stayed home and tidied things up and did some design work and then drew Victor/Logan for [personal profile] blue_soaring because she was feeding me tidbits of her latest fic. My image is way, way, smooshy in comparison, but I don't even care that it's fluffysmoosh, that's how hard I am crushing on them today.

X-men Origins:Wolverine. Victor/Logan. G.

X-men - Victor/Logan - The Union Forever )

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