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Instead of writing up a post about our adventures in Washington, I used my time to knock a bit of art from my to-do list. Pretty fair trade, I think.

A quasi redraw of a pic that I don't think I ever actually posted.

Supernatural. Sam/Dean. Just some sleepy cuddling.

Cold Light of Morning... )

Also at AO3 or on Tumblr.
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How to Succeed in Business
Supernatural. Dean/Crowley. Dean/Sam hints. Series canon AU (It’s a Terrible Life). Dubious consent (Dean doesn’t know Crowley’s a demon but Crowley knows that Dean Smith is really Dean Winchester). Facefucking, deepthroating, shameless porn. Written for the SPN rarepair fest.
It's happy hour and a stranger in a very nice suit buys Dean Smith the most expensive drink he's ever had.

How to Succeed in Business )
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Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NSFW.

Gateway Motel.... )

This is practically a redraw of a 2007 piece. I've been rewatching S2 to remind myself of the good times.

I may need to lighten the piece later. My laptop's gamma is all over the place.
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This season is killing me in a not good way, but I made it through the second half of season 4 for Bobby, I can tough it out again for Crowley. I will say that it's at least putting me in an interesting headspace for going back and enjoying early fandom fics though.

Supernatural. Crowley/Castiel.

To fall so far and rise so high.... )

In addition to this pic, I've also contributed to two of the [community profile] snape_potter Big Bang fics! They're both teen Harry though, so you'd need to be a member to read and comment.

So far I am loving my new job. It's starting off slow task-wise, which is somewhat expected, but obviously all the free time is going to good use. :D
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So there's this AU fic on AO3 where Bobby is a History/Theology Professor and Crowley is a twink Marketing major, and I obviously have zero self control. I drew some gift art for it ostensibly to practice drawing manga style again, since let's face it, that would make for an awesome manga. Mostly though twink!Crowley. I couldn't stop trying to picture it. I should just give in and make myself a new SPN icon, since it's still not out of my system. Sam/Dean is up next time though, and possibly some Steve/Tony if the pic starts to cooperate properly.

Supernatural. Bobby/Crowley. For the fic Mixing Education with Pleasure by [archiveofourown.org profile] orionthe_hunter.

Fanart for Mixing Education with Pleasure by revolutionjack )
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Because this is really what I wanted out of s7e01.

I think I have this out of my system now for the time being so I can actually draw OTHER THINGS. x_x Also I wasn't going to do another facial, but [personal profile] blue_soaring twisted my rubber arm.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Moar facials.

New Day, New Deal - NSFW )
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Shockingly despite it being QUITE WARM at 9 in the morning, there is a breeze and I'm not dying of heat. Instead, I have made arts. I have a dual boot iMac and typically run in OSX, but then I remembered that my WIN7 install actually has CS5 on it (versus CS3) and so now I am screwing around in it and it is SO DIFFERENT. I started just doing a quick and dirty practice piece using a screencap from Burn Notice and then ended up with this.

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Chains?

Ye of Little Faith )

p.s. there is prompting going on over here
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Been wanting to draw this for a while now. :3 Worked a little too long on it I think, but since drawing time is limited I'm glad I got it out of my head anyway!

Supernatural. Castiel/Crowley. Facials.

Smile, Buttercup (NSFW) )
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And now for my 2009 fic review...

I've never done this before! It's neat to see the full breakdown. I also wrote a lot more SPN than I thought I did.

Total stories: 30 (about 43,000 words)

Fandom Breakdown:

X-men - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF. Includes the longest story I wrote this year, which was 7200 words of Logan/Remy porn, and the second longest story, which was 4990 words of Victor/Logan/Remy. Total wordcount: 22,537.

Supernatural - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF, 1 of them a crossover (with Smokin' Aces). Most of these were written for the initial round of blindfold_spn. 4/7 feature John or Jeff, of the remaining 3, 2 of them are non-con featuring Dean. Cough. Total wordcount: 6,488

A Song of Ice and Fire - 3 stories total. All short pieces, all featuring Sandor Clegane. Total wordcount: 1,288

Batman (Nolanverse), and Smokin' Aces both got 2 stories out of me.

Fringe, CSI:Las Vegas, Boondock Saints, Baccano!, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, TV Commercials, The Prestige, Owly, and White Collar all got 1 story each out of me.

Kinks I wrote in 2009: daddykink, costumes, asphyxiation, corsetry, pregnant sex, watersports, tickling, pegging, spanking, double penetration, bondage, master/servant.

Turns out a lot of these were for porn_battle or blindfold_spn and I'd never properly cleaned up and posted to DW/IJ, but they're all tidied up now and posted at AO3 and my site. (Well, except for the White Collar one, since I wrote that last night.)

Roundup and links for all fics not posted on DW/IJ: )
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Basic heat I can deal with for the most part, but this humidity thing has got to go.

And now here's the first of the not-drabbles that I took like a month ago. Aharhr. For [personal profile] stewardess who asked for a Tremor brother(s)/a Winchester brother(s). Weaponry.

Last Call
Smokin' Aces/Supernatural. Jeeves/Dean. R. 1900 words. Non-con of the unwanted groping variety.
A thousand successful hunts and more wounds than scars, and this is how it was going to end?

Read me. )
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Just got back this morning from visiting with [personal profile] blue_soaring and attending the SPN con in Vancouver. I only cared about a single autograph, so the rest of the time I just got extras of Blue's stuff signed for her. I got all the actors aside from Jared and Jensen (who were too behind schedule) to draw stick figures. I think Alona's was my favourite, mostly because she very adorably went "you mean like a four year old's drawing?" and then the stick-gun she drew just ended up looking like a dildo. Misha's was rather hilariously awkward as he tried converting a letter. Alas, Blue's going to have to post those because this is the sole autograph I took home with me...

From here on, stick figure Bobby's gonna guard my Macbook Pro porn. I very briefly considered changing its name from War Machine to something else, except...it's silver and black and always has the best name in the listing whenever I'm on a public network.

All in all, it was an experience. I've never been to that sort of convention before. I will post my bad prom photo badass photo op once I scan it and eradicate that horrible cloudy backdrop in Photoshop, aharharhr. I encourage everyone to get Blue to post her photo ops too, since I talked her into getting air guitar and exorcisms. Fun.

Gotta say that the next time I spend 20 hours on a train I am going to be much better prepared for it, but J and I met some interesting folks. Boarding the train in Seattle for our return trip was like a life saver after a week of adequate coffee. Thank you, Zeitgeist. *_* The best cappuccino I had while in Vancouver, I watched the barista add milk to a pitcher that still had hot milk in it. I cringed.

Home again though and busy with all the things that piled up after a week's vacation. School starts for J this week and my online class begins tomorrow, but I at least have until next week before my on-campus classes start.

Still a little wtf about the Marvel thing. Still a little tired. Cons are hard work. Hi.
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Meme time! On the heels of having clearly forgotten how to write drabbles as everything so far just wants to be fic. I'm going to have to brutally retrain myself. :p

As stolen from [personal profile] makishef

Pick your five favorite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!

1. Fringe
2. Battlestar Galactica*
3. Supernatural*
4. Flight of the Conchords
5. Dexter

* Note that if you want to chatter at me in the comments, keep in mind that I still haven't seen the last 4 episodes of BSG and the last 4 of SPN and I remain unspoiled. :3

FotC is clearly the ringer... )
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Team Porn rides again. Ordealsverse, in which the boys suffer for Blue's love of UST and my love of torturing Dean with hilarious predicaments...

A Nice Day to Start Again part one and part two
He Ain't No Prince
Not the Only Man She Sees

and now...

The Seldom Seen Kid
Supernatural. Sam/Dean. NC-17. ~10,000 words. Co-authored with [personal profile] blue_soaring
"You get all the best curses."

Read Me.

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