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I've read a lot of fic in the last month. Quite possibly I have read more than in the whole eleven months prior. I feel that some recs are in order.

Doctor Who - But Know Not What We May Be by [personal profile] jessalae - Eleven/River Song - pegging, spanking, emotion manipulation.
Doctor Who - Rory and the Plastic Cock by [personal profile] fierceturtle - Rory/Amy/Eleven - strap-ons.
The Royal Tenenbaums - There Are No Teams by [archiveofourown.org profile] sophiahelix - Gen fic focused on Ari & Uzi.
The Prestige - (W)hole by [archiveofourown.org profile] zeldadestry - Alfred Borden - sibling incest.
Harry Potter - Body and Soul by a mystery author - Snape/Harry - time travel, EWE.

Full recs for the above. Stories are from Kink Bingo, Yuletide, and Snarry Swap... )

More later. :D
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And now for my 2009 fic review...

I've never done this before! It's neat to see the full breakdown. I also wrote a lot more SPN than I thought I did.

Total stories: 30 (about 43,000 words)

Fandom Breakdown:

X-men - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF. Includes the longest story I wrote this year, which was 7200 words of Logan/Remy porn, and the second longest story, which was 4990 words of Victor/Logan/Remy. Total wordcount: 22,537.

Supernatural - 7 stories total, 2 of them being RPF, 1 of them a crossover (with Smokin' Aces). Most of these were written for the initial round of blindfold_spn. 4/7 feature John or Jeff, of the remaining 3, 2 of them are non-con featuring Dean. Cough. Total wordcount: 6,488

A Song of Ice and Fire - 3 stories total. All short pieces, all featuring Sandor Clegane. Total wordcount: 1,288

Batman (Nolanverse), and Smokin' Aces both got 2 stories out of me.

Fringe, CSI:Las Vegas, Boondock Saints, Baccano!, Harry Potter, Kill Bill, TV Commercials, The Prestige, Owly, and White Collar all got 1 story each out of me.

Kinks I wrote in 2009: daddykink, costumes, asphyxiation, corsetry, pregnant sex, watersports, tickling, pegging, spanking, double penetration, bondage, master/servant.

Turns out a lot of these were for porn_battle or blindfold_spn and I'd never properly cleaned up and posted to DW/IJ, but they're all tidied up now and posted at AO3 and my site. (Well, except for the White Collar one, since I wrote that last night.)

Roundup and links for all fics not posted on DW/IJ: )

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